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Mrs. Jackson "You stepping in to help me has meant the world to me and I'll forever be grateful for what you've done to help. Without your help and support, I wouldn't be graduating and my future opportunities would be greatly limited. Thank you for having faith in me and helping me do what I need to do in order to succeed in life after graduation. 
Another big thank you!!"
High School Student
"When my daughter went back to the regular school building after being in JC Options during COVID she was way ahead of her peers. I'm thankful she was able to be part of a robust learning program and keep learning."
Middle School Parent
"We are so thankful for JCO! Keep up the great work."
"My daughter recently began participating in Junction City's online school program (JC Online). We are new to online public school and had no idea what we were doing! Thankfully Linda Jackson, the JCSD Online School Coordinator worked very closely with us to ensure our set up was a breeze! From the start Linda answered every question I had, and was so pleasant to deal with. I can tell that she truly cares about the well being of every student she is working with. The online program that JCSD uses is very user friendly and after the first week, we felt like pros! I am so thankful that this is an option for my daughter. She is still a student of Laurel Elementary and gets to participate in any school activities that she wants to so that she can stay connected and keep up with her friends. It is a blessing, and a great program, ran by great people!"
Elementary Parent
"My daughter and I have had a very successful experience with the Junction City High School Online Study program.  We did online schooling through another school district for her freshman year, and it was a terrible experience for both of us.  Academic expectations and deadlines were not clearly laid out for her, and communication with the teaching staff was difficult and cumbersome.  This created unnecessary stress and a negative introduction to the high school experience.  
Since enrolling in (JC Online), she has done very well academically.  Academic expectations are clear, as well as deadlines and benchmarks that need to be met for each class.  We greatly appreciate the flexibility that allows her to do some of her education online, and some of it in the classroom.  The JCHS Online Program (JC Online) particularly shines in communication, both with the student as well as the parent.  On the rare times when either one of us have had a question or concern, there is always a staff member there ready to help and answer questions.  We would definitely recommend the Online Program as an educational option for any interested student. I am so pleased with how smooth the transition has been, and that whatever hiccups we have encountered along the way this year have been extremely minor and easily resolved."
Julie Nevue, High School Parent
(My son) "has been so happy and so have I. He wants to continue next year with you rather than go to Baker Academy like his older brother. Thank you so much for all your help in his schooling.  He was so discouraged and ready to quit before we started with JC Online and now if we stay on track he will finish the year early."
Elementary Parent
"This year our son had the opportunity to take online classes through Junction City School District with Linda Jackson and her staff.  First of all, we were very grateful to JCHS staff to help think creatively to find this opportunity for our son’s needs. We were also extremely appreciative for the extra time, ideas, support and flexibility by Linda and her staff to connect with our son and help him learn in the way he needed for his success.  We are excited that JCHS has expanded this opportunity for students and families which still offers a personal connection with high school staff, making a big difference in student learning.  We can’t thank Linda enough for her creativity, assistance and how much she truly showed she cares for our son and how he feels about school and his future!”

-Jacque Gerdes, High School Parent

Dear Mrs Jackson,

We are so pleased that our child is in the on-line school program (JC Online) there at Junction City High School. This affords us the opportunity for our student to be at home most of the time, but access to staff anytime during school hours and the opportunity to come to the school for academics or just a change of scenery. Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Dan along with the other on-line teachers have been helpful in making themselves accessible via phone or through the on-line system. The staff is approachable and have been very supportive to not only our child, but to us as well. We are thankful we got a hold of Mrs. Jackson prior to considering other alternative homeschooling options. Our ultimate plan is for our child to be a grad from JCHS. Thank you again JCHS for making this class possible.

Brandie McCune, High School Parent
"If it wasn't for JC Options my daughter wouldn't have graduated. I'm so thankful for the extra attention my daughter got from Mrs. Jackson.
High School Parent