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Frequently Asked Questions
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If my child is enrolled in JC Options for trimester 1 and the governor allows schools to open back up can my child go back to their neighborhood school?
YES, your child can go back to their neighborhood school the next trimester. If schools are allowed to open up for all students in the middle of a trimester, you should plan to have your student finish the trimester in their current placement. Then when there is a new trimester you may change your child's placement. 
If my child enrolls in JC Options this year do I have to do it next year?
NO, your child does not have to do JC Options next year and they may certainly go back to their neighborhood school. 
I don't want my child online all day long. Are their paper/pencil options or off-line options?
YES, there is are currently a variety of options for all ages that are not 100% online. For K-8 there is a 100% paper/pencil option and for K-8 there is an option that is some online and some off-line (depending on the grade level). For grades 9-12 we can plan to have as many activities off-line as possible, but most of the curriculum tends for be online for the high school level.