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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can students redo assignments?
A: Please read the policy here, JC Options Redo Policy 
Q: If my child enrolls in JC Options this year do I have to do it next year?
A: NO, your child does not have to do JC Options next year and they may certainly go back to their neighborhood school. 
Q: I don't want my child online all day long. Are their paper/pencil options or off-line options?
A: YES, there is are currently a variety of options for all ages that are not 100% online. For K-8 there is a 100% paper/pencil option and for K-8 there is an option that is some online and some off-line (depending on the grade level). For grades 9-12 we can plan to have as many activities off-line as possible, but most of the curriculum tends for be online for the high school level. Paper-pencil curriculum requires a significant amount of parent involvement.

Q. If we are currently registered as a home-schooled family, but would like to enroll in JC Options. Are we still considered home schooled?

A. No. We are a public school program. Your student will be enrolled through their local neighborhood school and participate in the JC Options program. 


Q. Is my student required to participate in state testing through your program?

A. Yes. Like every other public school, we receive state funds to operate our school and therefore required to meet state requirements in reference to state testing. However, opting out of the state test is a right of all Oregon students.


Q. What are the graduation requirements for high school students?

A. Currently Junction City High School has a 26 credit diploma and some students use the state of Oregon 24 credit diploma plan. 


Q. I have a four year old who is already reading. Can I enroll my student at the age of four into JC Options Kindergarten?

A. Your student must be five years old prior to September 1st of any given year in order to enroll into  Kindergarten.


Q. Is it possible for my student to take an elective course at our local school?

A. Yes! JC Options students regularly have a customized hybrid education plan. Students regularly take electives or core courses at their neighborhood school at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. We encourage families to talk directly with the JC Options director for more information.


Q. Can I participate in middle school sports, high school sports, or other activities at my student's neighborhood school?

A. Yes! Student's in the JC Options program can participate in any of the after school clubs, sports, and activities that are offered. Activities vary depending on the neighborhood school, but examples include school-age athletics such as football, volleyball, track; clubs such as OBOB, Lego Club, Robotics, Garden Club, Homework Club; and activities such as Outdoor School, Family Fun Nights, Book Fairs, volunteer opportunities and more.  All of these are options fully available to JC Options students.


Q. Can I check out a computer from JC Options? 

A. JC Options will loan families with students enrolled in grades K–12 a Chromebook or laptop device.  The limit is one per enrolled student.  The device will operate using wi-fi. 


Q. Can my student use a cell phone to access their online classes?

A. Using a cell phone to access courses online is not sufficient for the student to fully engage in their learning and do all the different tasks they will need to do.


Q. If I need to print something for one of my JC Options class can I print at JC Options?

A. JC Options welcomes families that need to print materials related to and in support of their education plan curriculum at the JC Options Learning Center.  Students, parents/guardians may also email JC Options staff and staff can print for pick up at a later time or mailed to the home.


Q. If I I'm having trouble with a Chromebook and need technical support what should I do?

A. JC Options provided technical support for the programs your student may be using and support for the loaner device.  There are a variety of “How To” videos available on the JC Options website available on demand. Students and parents/guardians are also welcome to call JC Options for help over the phone. If an issue can not be solved over the phone the student and/or parent/guardian may need to bring the device into JC Options for assistance or a replacement device.