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Dear JC Parents and Families,

The school board approved a change to this year's calendar at last night’s Regular Board Meeting.  As you know, we have missed 3 full school days this year due to inclement weather.  March 17 is now a school day for students. Below the changes are illustrated on the calendar cut outs.

Current Calendar:                 Revised Calendar:


  • March 17 was a Recordkeeping Day/Non-Student Contact Day
  • March 18 was a PA Day
  • March 28 was a Non-Contract Day
  • March 17 is now a Student Contact Day
  • March 18 is now a Recordkeeping/Non-Student Contact Day
  • March 28 is now a PA Day


This will likely be the only opportunity to make up missed school days during this school year.  By utilizing March 28, we are able to make up for the missed student day during the same Trimester. Mark you calendar :)

Troy Stoops