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City of Junction City
Junction City has a railroading past that's led to a commuting, manufacturing and farming present. It is a historic railroad town with a Scandinavian overlay, recast in recent decades as a manufacturing center and a home for commuting breadwinners who earn their livelihood elsewhere while enjoying the pleasures of small town living.
Lane County
Lane County was established on January 28, 1851 and was named in honor of the first territorial governor, Joseph Lane. Lane County is one of only two Oregon Counties (Douglas County being the other) to expand from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade mountain range. The county seat is located in Eugene, Oregon

The principal industries of Lane County are Agriculture, Higher Education, High Technology, Forest Products, Recreation, RV Manufacturing and Tourism.

Lane County has three unique climate zones the Willamette Valley, Coast and Cascade mountains. The Valley is relatively mild throughout the year, characterized by cool, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The Average high in the summer is in the low 80’s, average low temperature in the winters is in the low 30’s and rainfall is about 40 inches a year. The Coast has the mildest temperatures, summers are in the high 60’s, winters in the low 40’s and rainfall is about 60 inches a year. The Cascades receive an excess of 70 inches of moisture per year; most of it in the form of snow during the winter months. The summers are dry with an average high in the 70’s and an average low temperature in the winters is in the low 20’s.
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