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Online students are required to check in once per day. 
Check ins can be via email at [email protected]
OR by phone 541-998-6311 opt 6
Students are ALSO required to be working in their programs everyday. This means they must complete instruction, submit a lesson, and/or activity, quiz, etc. to be counted as present. 
Students who will be joining JC Options for third trimester will be contacted for an orientation before classes can begin. Let's finish this year strong!
Conferences are on OCTOBER 20th on Google Meet from 8:00am to 8:00pm.
If you would like to conference about your student's progress in class please schedule a time via this LINK
Information about how Edgenuity Grading works can be found HERE
MAPS Testing in math and language arts for all high school students begins October 3rd. This is mandatory testing and it has to be done IN PERSON. Please make sure that your student signs up for a time slot using the link below. 
If you have questions about MAPS Testing please contact JC Options at (541) 998-6311 opt 6 or email [email protected] or [email protected] 
Supply pick up and teacher meet and greet will be 9/6 from 9am to 3pm.
This year we will be requiring a $50 deposit for Chromebook checkout. Forms will be available at supply pick up and soon online. When your student's Chromebook is returned in working condition, you will get your deposit back. 
Annual student registration will take place through the student's neighborhood school.
Please communicate that you would like your student to be in JC Options full-time.
We understand that cell phones are a great communication tool and a way for you to keep track of where your student is and ensure their safety. However, in alignment with JCHS electronic device policy outlined on page 20 in the student handbook - students shall not use personal electronic devices during class time unless they have been directed to do so by a staff member for a legitimate academic purpose. If one of the staff at JC Options sees a student with a cell phone out at a time they should be working, it will be confiscated until either the end of the period or until they are about to leave JC Options for the day. They will be kept in a secure location under watchful eyes to ensure that they are kept safely. If your student does not want their cell phone held by staff, it must be in a backpack or purse/bag (not in a pocket) out of sight. However - during testing ALL students will have to turn in their phones to maintain academic integrity.
Students are encouraged to bring beverages in containers that can close. Food and beverages in open containers will need to be consumed in designated eating areas and not around the computers to prevent accidental damages.
To Contact JC Options 
call 541-998-6311 (push 6 as soon as you hear the recording)