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Program Overview

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In 2017 Junction City School District expanded their programming to create a K-12 alternate program, JC Online, for students who would benefit from an educational plan that is customized for their individual needs.  In July of 2020, the name of the program was updated to JC Options to better reflect the wide variety of options available to students. 


Students may be home-based, work at the local Learning Center, or a combination of settings.  Families can opt for all JC Options classes or dual enrollment in their neighborhood school.  This enables parents to craft a customized plan to meet the needs of their student.  Dual enrollment allows those students who wish to take online or off-line courses at home, also take hands-on classes at their neighborhood school such as science, PE, art, drama, music and more.  High School students can also access many hands-on elective courses and College Now programs that earn college credits like: Woodworking, Metals, Biology, Foods, and AP classes are also available.   Parents can request a curriculum to be considered - and paid for - by the school district, choose one of the comprehensive curriculum providers: Odysseyware, Fuel Ed/K-12, Edgenuity and Accelerate Education, or chose to combine a variety of programs.  Blended learning options are also available for elementary students. The district pays for the instructional supplies and materials needed to implement the curriculum and will provide a device such as a Chromebook or Hot Spot as needed. Internet fees will be reimbursed at a rate of $40 per month during the school months of September through June. 


If parents are looking for a home school type setting for their student, but would like support with curriculum and teachers  JC Options can help.  We can absorb the responsibility of providing curriculum, grading assignments, providing academic support so you don't have to.  Each student's educational plan is customized for them so a parent has many options as they work with JC Options to create an education plan for their student. 


Students are supported by experienced teachers and support staff with specialties in elementary, middle school, Talented & Gifted, math, science, social studies, language arts, Spanish, American Sign Language, French, Business, Career Education as well as experience with special education.  Visit our "Staff" page for more information on our dedicated and skilled staff including Rebecca Smith, Jaymie Starr, Dan Stinchcomb, Lisa Gibson, Angela Curtis, Amanda Lewis, Daniel Pozos, and Danielle Bagley.  Students with special needs such as an IEP plan requiring specially designed instruction, speech services, reading support, and more are able to access the support they need at their local school with highly trained specialists. 


Students participating in the District’s JC Options program are considered JC District students.  This enables students to have full access to participate in all the activities at their neighborhood school.  Activities vary depending on the neighborhood school, but examples include school-age athletics such as football, volleyball, track; clubs such as OBOB, Lego Club, Robotics, Garden Club, Homework Club; and activities such as Outdoor School, Family Fun Nights, Book Fairs, volunteer opportunities and more.  All of these are options fully available to JC Options students. Plus, JC Options students are able to eat lunch at the neighborhood school with their friends and have access to a wide variety of books in the school libraries.


We are happy to answer your questions and share information.  For more information or to discuss a customized plan for your student, please contact JC Options Director Linda Jackson for more information.


Email: ljackson@juncitoncity.k12.or.us

Phone: 541-998-6311, option 6