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Computer Device

JC Options will loan families with students enrolled in grades K–12 a Chromebook or laptop device.  The limit is one per enrolled student.  The device will operate of wi-fi. Usually a cell phone is not sufficient to engage in online learning.


Internet Service

JC Options will provide a subsidy towards the cost of Internet service. Internet fees will be reimbursed at a rate of $40 per month during the school months of September through June. 



JC Options welcomes families that need to print materials related to and in support of their education plan curriculum at the JC Options Learning Center.  Students, parents/guardians may also email JC Options staff and staff can print for pick up at a later time or mailed to the home.


Tech Support

JC Options provided technical support for the programs your student may be using and full support for the loaner device.  There are a variety of “How To” videos available on the JC Options website available on demand. Students and parents/guardians are also welcome to call the JC Options Learning Center for help over the phone. If an issue can not be solved over the phone the student and/or parent/guardian may need to bring the device into the Learning Center for assistance or a replacement device.