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Senior Photo Requirements

Senior Photos are due to the yearbook staff by December 21st! They can be submitted one of three ways and must meet the requirements below or they will not be included.
Submission forms:

Deliver a physical copy to Mrs. Henderson.

Email an electronic copy to junctioncityyearbook@gmail.com (be sure to include your name)


Submit an electronic copy online:
Go to www.hjeshare.com
Enter Tigers2019

Fill out your information so we can contact you if there are any problems.

Upload the photo(s) you wish to submit.
Enter "Seniors" in BOTH the name and subject fields. DO NOT enter the senior's name, this will complicate things on our end. Simply enter "seniors" in both of the required fields.

Hit submit and you are done!
Wallet sized photo (2.5 inches x 3.25 inches) or a digital copy on a cd that is high resolution (300ppi) or large format.

Any digital submission should be in JPEG or TIFF format.
  • Must be 300+ dpi If printed, needs to be wallet size or larger
  • Clothing must be school appropriate:(no inappropriate language on clothing, tube-tops, midriffs or sagging pants)
  • Solid background is recommended
  • Indoor pictures are best
  • Picture should be from the waist up
  • Should not include other people
  • No Selfies
  • No Pets
Important Note: DO NOT depend upon e-mail to submit your photo. Mrs. Henderson will not be responsible for photos that aren't delivered because of internet complications or server space issues. Just because you send an e-mail doesn't mean that the message and contents are delivered.

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