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Oaklea is into ART
ArtCore Grant Awarded
Exciting News!  In addition to receiving the Studio to Schools grant, Oaklea will be one of five middle schools in Lane County to receive a shared $2.2 million of Federal government funding for the Arts. This is called the "ArtCore" grant.

ArtCore is an immersive studio-to-school arts integration project that will be implemented in five Lane County middle schools. In collaboration with Lane Arts Council, the University of Oregon, and participating districts, ArtCore will bring new, creative and collaborative opportunities to teachers and students. With a significant research component, ArtCore will help deepen our collective understanding about creativity, the arts, and teaching and learning at the middle school level.

The funding will be combined with the Studio to Schools grant money, and will encompass four to five years of art for Oaklea Middle School students!

We would like to thank Ross Anderson, from the Educational Policy Improvement Center, Liora Sponko, Executive Director of the Lane Arts Council, and the rest of the team at Lane Arts for their help in writing the proposal for the ArtCore grant and highlighting the features that will make Oaklea an excellent candidate to receive the funding.  Brian Young, Principal of Oaklea Middle School, reports that he is tremendously excited to see how the arts enrichment funding will strengthen student creativity, critical thinking, and engagement in classroom study.  Studio to Schools and ArtCore will combine to truly benefit all students at Oaklea.

Junction City School District is committed to Engage, Inspire and Educate all our students by offering physical education, music, comprehensive art, computer technology, as well as enrichment and academic support in before and after school programs.
Enrollment: 519
Student Teacher Ratio: 24.86/1
Licensed Staff: 26.66

Principal, Malcom McRae

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JCHS is on a mission to model Readiness, Respect, and Resilience by example.
We intend to see every student graduate with ability to create opportunities and adapt to change.
We intend for our students to be mindful ambassadors for JCHS and the greater community.
We intend to give our community great reasons to be proud of its youth.

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Jan. 31

Mr. Tiger Breakfast Fundraisier
10am at Fletchal Hall
$8 Adults and $5 for seniors and children under 12 years of age.
Tickets are available from all contestants and their coordinators. Contact JCHS for more information.

Feb. 5 JCHS - Site Council Meeting, 3:30pm
Feb. 12 JCHS - Val-O-Grams
Feb. 13 No School (Day reserved for inclement weather make-up day)
Territorial Daycare Closed
Feb. 16 No School - Presidents' Day Holiday
Territorial Daycare Closed
Feb. 17 Missoula Children's Theatre Auditions. Open to all Junction City School District students. 3:30pm in the JCHS Cafeteria.
Feb. 17-20 Missoula Children's Theatre Rehearsals
Feb. 19 JCHS - Spring Sports Sign-up Day
Missoula Children's Theatre Presents:
Feb. 21

Performance times to be announced.

Feb. 23 School Board Meeting, 6:30pm - District Board Room
Feb. 25 1.5 Late Start Day
March 21, 2015
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Inter-District Transfer Opening Available
The Junction City School District Board of Directors approved opening one Inter-District Transfer spot in the 11th grade. Applications will be accepted starting 8:00 a.m. on January 27, 2015 and are due by 3:30 p.m. on January 30, 2015.