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Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative
Youth Tour 2016 Representative
Audrey Sherman
JCHS student Audrey Sherman represented Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative as their Youth Tour 2016 representative in June. Audrey was featured in the recent addition of the Ruralite, an electronic magazine, that the co-op sends its customers.

Click here to read about Audrey's learning experience in Washing D.C.

Blachly Lane Electric stated, "We acknowledge the contributions of family, school and community that have helped shape Audrey into quite an extraordinary young woman."

Congratulations Audrey! Thank you for being such a good ambassador for Junction City High School!
School Bond Market Favors
Junction City
In a fluctuating market, Junction City School District was able to leverage buyers for a successful return on bond sales this week.  The District hired Piper Jaffray to facilitate $14.635 million in bond sales as generously authorized by our voters this last May.  All bonds were purchased during the sale window coordinated between the District and Piper Jaffray.  The calculated yield rates made them very palatable to a number of financial management companies, private investors, and industry professionals.

The estimated tax rate impact to our community was originally stated in our informational bond campaign as $1.62 per thousand dollars of assessed home value.  The final rate has come in just under that amount and is estimated to remain at that amount throughout the ten year term, thus meeting our commitment to our taxpayers.

Additionally, the structure of the sale enabled the District to also realize premiums paid by the investors.  These premiums have resulted in more than $2.8 million in additional capital construction revenue beyond the $14.635 million in bonds.  Combined with the $4 million in matching funds from the State, the District will have a total of just over $21.5 million in capital funds to invest in the projects identified under the initial bond title.  This means the District will be able to invest in more of the critical infrastructure needs at each of our buildings as well as achieve greater progress toward our high school investment master plan.

As outlined in our earlier bond information, the District will adopt an evaluation and decision –making process for distributing these funds to projects as identified in both our original bond title and master plan and will share the results with our community as that evolves.

Junction City students, staff, and community will be updated throughout this process, and our staff will be available to answer any questions.  This week’s bond sale success will allow us to further our goal of maintaining and advancing district facilities to support district educational goals, enhance safety, and promote community involvement.

Thank you again to all of our community for your support.


Principal, Malcom McRae

In response to the disruption of the JCHS learning environment following the general election, all signs,
symbols, and apparel related to the recent election cycle will continue to be restricted from all areas of Junction City High School's campus during regular school day hours (7:30am-3:30pm).

It is NOT OKAY to bring a pocket knife to school. There are no exceptions. The JCHS Student Handbook states: “A pocket knife that is inadvertently brought to school should be taken to the nearest office immediately and left with a school administrator and picked up at the end of the school day. Any pocket knife that is used or visible may be confiscated by any staff member. Confiscated items may be picked up at the end of the school day. Repeated violations will result in disciplinary action and the item being held by administration until picked up by a parent.“

The restriction goes beyond real pocket knives. “Replicas of … pocket knives are also prohibited by Board policy. Exceptions to the District’s replicas prohibition may be granted only with prior principal approval for certain curriculum or school related activities under this policy consistent with Junction City School Board Policy: JFCJ.”

Pocket knives with blades up to 3” or which fit in the palm of the hand are not exempt from these rules. The recent stabbing of five boys in the locker room of a Utah high school with a 3” knife adds to our resolve in ensuring the safety of JCHS students.  (November 15, 2016 in Orem, Utah

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JCHS is on a mission to model Readiness, Respect, and Resilience by example.
We intend to see every student graduate with ability to create opportunities and adapt to change.
We intend for our students to be mindful ambassadors for JCHS and the greater community.
We intend to give our community great reasons to be proud of its youth.

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Dec. 16 - JCHS Senior Photos Due!
Your senior photo should be a professionally taken photograph with a solid or minimal background. Indoor pictures do look best for the yearbook.

Pictures that do not meet the below requirements will not be used.

Pictures turned in after the deadline will not be included in the book.

School pictures will be used for all students who do not turn in a senior photo or turn in a photo that does not meet the stated requirements.

- Must be 300+ dpi (means don’t send it from your cell phone)
- If printed, needs to be wallet size or larger
- Clothing must be school appropriate:
(no inappropriate language on clothing, tube-tops, midriffs or sagging pants)
- Picture should be from the waist up
- Should not include other people
- No Selfies
- No Pets
- Pictures are printed in color. Black & White submissions are allowed.
How to Turn it in:
Deliver a physical copy to Mrs. Henderson in room 16.
Electronically upload it directly to the yearbook at:
www.hjeshare.com School Code: Tigers2017
Email it to junctioncityyearbook@gmail.com
Dec. 5 No School - Teacher Work Day
Dec. 6 No School - Teacher Work Day
Dec. 7 JCHS - Site Council Meeting, 3:30pm
Dec. 19-Jan. 2 No School - Winter Break
Jan. 3 Students and Staff Return to School
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Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:00-9:11
Break 9:11 - 9:22
Period 2 9:22-10:33
Period 3 10:40-11:51
LUNCH 11:51-12:31
Period 4 12:31-1:42
Period 5 1:49-3:00

Early Release / SPARK!

Period 1 8:00 - 8:47 Sept. 14
Break 8:47-8:58 Oct. 26
Period 2 8:58-9:45 Nov. 16
Period 3 9:52-10:39 Jan. 11
SPARK! 10:46-11:09 Feb. 8
Period 4 11:16-12:03 Apr. 12
LUNCH 12:03-12:43 May 10
Period 5 12:43 - 1:30  

Wednesday - SPARK!

Period 1 8:00-9:01
Break 9:01 - 9:12
Period 2 9:12--10:13
SPARK! 10:20-11:03
Period 3 11:10-12:11
LUNCH 12:11-12:51
Period 4 12:51-1:52
Period 5 1:59-3:00

2 Hour Delayed Start

Period 1 10:00-10:48
Period 2 10:55-11:43
LUNCH 11:43-12:23
Period 3 12:23-1:11
Period 4 1:18-2:06
Period 5 2:13-3:00

AM 33 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-9:03
Break 9:03-9:14
Period 2 9:14-10:17
Assembly 10:24-10:57
Period 3 11:04-12:07
LUNCH 12:07-12:47
Period 4 12:47-1:50
Period 5 1:57 - 3:00

AM 58 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-8:58
Break 8:58-9:09
Period 2 9:09-10:07
Assembly 10:14-11:12
Period 3 11:19-12:17
LUNCH 12:17-12:57
Period 4 12:57-1:55
Period 5 2:02-3:00

PM 33 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-9:03
Break 9:03-9:14
Period 2 9:14-10:17
Period 3 10:24-11:27
LUNCH 11:27-12:07
Period 4 12:07-1:10
Assembly 1:17-1:50
Period 5 1:57 - 3:00

PM 58 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-8:58
Break 8:58-9:09
Period 2 9:09-10:07
Period 3 10:14-11:12
LUNCH 11:12-11:52
Period 4 11:52-12:50
Assembly 12:57-1:55
Period 5 2:02 - 3:00


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(541) 998-8617 Attendance
The Junction City School District does not discriminate on the basis on race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. All District staff and students are expected to adhere to these policies; discrimination of any kind shall not be tolerated in our District and should be reported to the District Human Rights Director, Tom Endersby.  Tom's office is located in the District Office at 325 Maple Street.  Tom's e-mail address is tendersby@junctioncity.k12.or.us and his phone number is (541) 998-6311. *
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Free Health Clinic
School Bond Updates
Missed Keeping Updated?
More Bond Information HERE
Workshop Seven - Material Palette Presented: The DLR Group came to workshop seven with material palettes for flooring, paint, and some miscellaneous finishes. Overall the colors, textures and ideas presented were well received and gave the group visual inspirations on how to include student art and/or craftmanship into the new building.

Material Palette for new high school addition
See Workshop 7 - Material Palette Notes

High School Designs Build Excitement
Click Image to See Animation
Workshop six - High School Entry Taking Shape: Workshop six reviewed schematic design cost estimates. Discussions about setting priorities, alternate designs, and cost reduction options followed. The DLR Group offered some ideas, and the remaining meeting focused on the high school entry ideas that were presented. See animation by clicking on image above.