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JCHS Student Selected
Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative's
2016 Representative
Junction City High School Junior Audrey Sherman has been selected as Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative's Youth Tour 2016 representative. She will be sent to Washington, D. C. in June for a week touring the monuments and participating in Youth Day with other rural electric utility teens from all over the country.

Public Relations Manager Pam Spettel mentions, "The application your outstanding student provided made it clear that she will capitalize on this leadership opportunity."

Congratulations Audrey!

Congratulations JCHS Robotics!
Both Teams Move on to State Playoffs
The Midwestern/SOAR league championship was held at Oaklea middle school where 25 teams from 15 cities and over 200 kids competed in this year's robotics challenger RES-Q! Both JC teams advanced and will be entering state playoffs starting with super-qualifiers February 13-14 in Hillsboro.  Team 4480 The Blue Dwarves won the Motivate award and made it the semi-final rounds and team 6564 the Weeping Angles won the Connect award!! Both awards focus beyond the robot and is inclusive of commute outreach and spreading the importance of STEM in both our educational system and our community!  Give a big congratulations to:

Team 4480
Ryan Sherman-captain
Kolten Smith-vice caption/secretary
Khrista Harley- treasurer
Quinn Barret-builder
Preston Labrum-builder
Asahel Reyes-technician
Juan Olivas-programmer
Keary Smith-builder

Team 6564
Jessica Fang-captain
Michael Raffin-vice captain
Zoe Bennett-Wendell-secretary
Meagan Fabbi-treasurer
Jamie Chen-builder
Sarah Wade-builder
Tristan Jones-technician
Kady Conn-builder
New State Grant Helps Cover
Community College Cost

Principal, Malcom McRae

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State Assessments are coming soon…
Starting February 23, 2016 Junction City High School students will begin the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (OAKS) in Science. Third year high school students (junior class) are expected to participate in the assessment unless they met the assessment in their first or second year. Assessments in English Language Arts and Math will begin (for third year students only) in early April and will be completed in May.

These assessments are intended to ensure that all students demonstrate the academic knowledge and skills necessary for success beyond high school and are part of each student’s graduation requirements. The tests are not timed so your child may take as long as he or she needs to fully demonstrate what he or she knows and can do.

Description of Rights
House Bill 2655 permits parents and adult students to annually opt-out of Oregon’s statewide summative tests in English Language Arts and Math by submitting an opt-out form to the school the student attends.  We shall provide any student who is exempted from a state test with supervised study time while other students are testing. The opt-out form can be found on the Junction City District website http://www.junctioncity.k12.or.us/smarterbalance.html

JCHS is on a mission to model Readiness, Respect, and Resilience by example.
We intend to see every student graduate with ability to create opportunities and adapt to change.
We intend for our students to be mindful ambassadors for JCHS and the greater community.
We intend to give our community great reasons to be proud of its youth.

Important Dates, Information
Welcome to Junction City Schools - Video Link
2013-14 State Report Card: English Spanish
Activities Calendar - Click Here
Feb. 3 JCHS - Site Council Meeting 3:30pm
Feb. 10 1.5 Hour Early Release
Feb. 15 No School, Presidents' Day
Feb. 18 JCHS- Tri. 2 Music Concert, 7pm
Feb. 20 JCHS - Tiger Auction, Shadow Hills Country Club
Feb. 22 School Board Meeting, 6pm - Board Room
Feb. 29 JCHS Spring Sports Begin
Mar. 4 Education Together Applications Due
Mar. 7-11 Classified Staff Appreciation Week
Mar. 7 JCHS - Band Concert with Eugene Symphonic Band
Mar. 9 JCHS - Site Council Meeting 3:30pm
Mar. 13 Daylight Savings Begins
Mar. 14 JCHS - Finals Schedules (Periods 1-3)
Mar. 15 JCHS - Finals Schedules (Periods 4-5)
End of 2nd Trimester
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Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

Period 1 8:00-9:11
Break 9:11 - 9:22
Period 2 9:22-10:33
Period 3 10:40-11:51
LUNCH 11:51-12:31
Period 4 12:31-1:42
Period 5 1:49-3:00

Early Release / Team

Period 1 8:00 - 8:47 Oct. 14
Break 8:47-8:58 Nov. 18
Period 2 8:58-9:45 Jan. 13
Period 3 9:52-10:39 Feb. 10
TEAM 10:46-11:09 Apr. 13
Period 4 11:16-12:03 May 11
LUNCH 12:03-12:43  
Period 5 12:43 - 1:30  

Wednesday - TEAM

Period 1 8:00-9:01
Break 9:01 - 9:12
Period 2 9:12--10:13
TEAM 10:20-11:03
Period 3 11:10-12:11
LUNCH 12:11-12:51
Period 4 12:51-1:52
Period 5 1:59-3:00

2 Hour Delayed Start

Period 1 10:00-10:48
Period 2 10:55-11:43
LUNCH 11:43-12:23
Period 3 12:23-1:11
Period 4 1:18-2:06
Period 5 2:13-3:00


AM 33 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-9:03
Break 9:03-9:14
Period 2 9:14-10:17
Assembly 10:24-10:57
Period 3 11:04-12:07
LUNCH 12:07-12:47
Period 4 12:47-1:50
Period 5 1:57 - 3:00

AM 58 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-8:58
Break 8:58-9:09
Period 2 9:09-10:07
Assembly 10:14-11:12
Period 3 11:19-12:17
LUNCH 12:17-12:57
Period 4 12:57-1:55
Period 5 2:02-3:00

PM 33 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-9:03
Break 9:03-9:14
Period 2 9:14-10:17
Period 3 10:24-11:27
LUNCH 11:27-12:07
Period 4 12:07-1:10
Assembly 1:17-1:50
Period 5 1:57 - 3:00

PM 58 Minute Assembly

Period 1 8:00-8:58
Break 8:58-9:09
Period 2 9:09-10:07
Period 3 10:14-11:12
LUNCH 11:12-11:52
Period 4 11:52-12:50
Assembly 12:57-1:55
Period 5 2:02 - 3:00

(541) 998-2343 Fax: (541) 998-6303
(541) 998-8617 Attendance
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