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06/19/2017 - Territorial Bid Tabulation
06/20/2017 - Territorial - Addendum 2
06/19/2017 - Laurel Bid Tabulation
06/19/2017 - Territorial Through Sign in Sheet
06/16/2017 - Territorial - Addendum 1 Combined
06/08/2017 - Territorial - Poage Civil Set
06/08/2017 - Territorial - Bid Project Manual
05/19/2017 - Laurel Addendum 2.0
05/18/2017 - Laurel Walk Through Sign in Sheet
05/10/2017 - Laurel - Addendum 1
05/09/2017 - Laurel - Bid Package
05/09/2017 - Laurel - Project Manual
05/04/2017 - First Tier Subcontractors - JCHS Bid
05/04/2017 - Bid Tabulation - JCHS GC
04/28/2017 - JCHS Addendum 3.0
04/21/2017 - JCHS Addendum 2.0
04/19/2017 - JCHS Addendum 1.1
04/14/2017 - JCHS Addendum 1
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JCHS Spec Bid Set Volume 1
JCHS Spec Bid Set Volume 2
JCHS Spec Bid Set Combined

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Facilities Maintenance Director: Chris Meyer, 541-998-6311 x603

School Bond Updates
JCHS Test Fit 1 JCHS Test Fit 2
Workshop 1 - DLR Presentation
Workshop 3 - DLR Presentation
Workshop 4 - DLR Presentation
Workshop 5 - DLR Presentation
Workshop 6 - DLR Presentation
Animations of Conceptual Designs
Conceptual Design 1 Conceptual Design 2
Workshop 7 - DLR Presentation
Workshop 8 - DLR Presentation:
Reviewing Building Systems Specs
Detailed information can be found in the links below:
* Landscape
* DD Civil: Utility & Grading Plans
* JCHS 50% Design Development Set
* Cutsheets
* Building Performance: Structural, Electrical and Mechanical
Workshop 9 - DLR Presentation:
Reviewing Interior Material options, Landscaping
* Interior Images:
    Entry and Community Room
    Reception Area
    Media Center Corridor
    Media Center
    Science Corridor
    Coffee Bar
* 100% DD drawings
* Image of the Interior Material Board
* Workshop 9 - Meeting Minutes
Citizens' Advisory Committee Summaries
Meeting 6 - May 17, 2017
Meeting 5 - April 19, 2017
Meeting 4 - March 15, 2017
Meeting 3 - February 15, 2017
Meeting 2 - January 11, 2017
Meeting 1 - November 9, 2016
Findings of Fact and Conclusion of Law for the Use of a Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC)
Before The Junction City School District Board of Directors
Update: 3/20/2017: Territorial's Covered Play Structure is complete and students' are enjoying outside play... with all of the rain this year, the project is very much appreciated. Thank you voters!!
Territorial's Covered Play Structure is well on it's way after being slowed down during the inclement weather.

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Workshop 7 - Material Palette
Workshop six - High School Entry Taking Shape:
Workshop six reviewed schematic design cost estimates. Discussions about setting priorities, alternate designs, and cost reduction options followed. The DLR Group offered some ideas, and the remaining meeting focused on the high school entry ideas that were presented. See animation by clicking on image to the right.
Workshop five presented some changes...
The DLR Group built on the suggestions of Focus Groups and presented three updated design renderings for the pre-design phase of planning. Focus Groups discussed classrooms, labs (science, business, digital, media), offices, collaboration zones (student, staff and community) maintenance, safety and electrical needs while carefully considering students' educational needs.

Territorial Elementary School - Covered Play Structure Delivered!

Students watch with excitement as their outdoor covered play shelter is delivered.

The District will soon award a contract for installation of the shelter and a ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place once the shelter installation is complete.

Again, Thanks to Junction City Voters for making this dream come true for Territorial kids!

Citizens Advisory Committee Selected:

There were six very outstanding applicants for the Citizens Advisory Committee: Ken Bells, Billy Dover, Mike Kaiser, Judy Kazmierkoski, Allen Schweigert and Lynda Taylor.  The board met in a brief work session just prior to the board meeting to review and discuss these applications.  The board acted to appoint all of these applicants to the committee, the Citizens Advisory Committee will be facilitated by Scott Rose from DLR until such time as the District hires a Bond Project Manager.

Primary role of the Citizens Advisory Committe can be found HERE
Workshop four was very exciting!
DLR Group presented three design renderings that provided a more detailed site plan of what the
new high school wing could look like.

With every workshop, the process gets more exciting and a little more real. Of course, the designs are still being tweaked and discussed and we'd like your input!

Please consider the message below about volunteering on the Citizens Advisory Committee.
Volunteer for Citizens Advisory Committee

The Junction City School District is requesting applications from interested community members to volunteer for the Citizens Advisory Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to receive and evaluate information regarding work performed in support of the May 2016 School Facility Bond Measure, to engage in dialogue regarding the work in progress, and to confirm that the commitments outlined in the Bond Measure as filed with Lane County have been met.  Committee members will be expected to present at the monthly School Board Meetings on a rotating basis.  No design or construction experience is required but is desired, as is budget and financial management expertise.

Download application and return to Stephanie White at the District office by e-mailing at, by phoning at 541-998-6311 ext. 600, or in person at 325 Maple Street, Junction City, OR 97448.

Applications must be received by October 17th, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.

Final selection will be by the School Board of Directors
The intended committee size is three to five community members plus two Board Members.

The expected term of service is October 2016 – October 2018.

The Junction City School District and Board of Directors thank you for your interest and participation.
The primary roles and responsibilities of the CAC
School Bond Market Favors Junction City
In a fluctuating market, Junction City School District was able to leverage buyers for a successful return on bond sales this week.  The District hired Piper Jaffray to facilitate $14.635 million in bond sales as generously authorized by our voters this last May.  All bonds were purchased during the sale window coordinated between the District and Piper Jaffray.  The calculated yield rates made them very palatable to a number of financial management companies, private investors, and industry professionals.

The estimated tax rate impact to our community was originally stated in our informational bond campaign as $1.62 per thousand dollars of assessed home value.  The final rate has come in just under that amount and is estimated to remain at that amount throughout the ten year term, thus meeting our commitment to our taxpayers.

Additionally, the structure of the sale enabled the District to also realize premiums paid by the investors.  These premiums have resulted in more than $2.8 million in additional capital construction revenue beyond the $14.635 million in bonds.  Combined with the $4 million in matching funds from the State, the District will have a total of just over $21.5 million in capital funds to invest in the projects identified under the initial bond title.  This means the District will be able to invest in more of the critical infrastructure needs at each of our buildings as well as achieve greater progress toward our high school investment master plan.

As outlined in our earlier bond information, the District will adopt an evaluation and decision –making process for distributing these funds to projects as identified in both our original bond title and master plan and will share the results with our community as that evolves.

Junction City students, staff, and community will be updated throughout this process, and our staff will be available to answer any questions.  This week’s bond sale success will allow us to further our goal of maintaining and advancing district facilities to support district educational goals, enhance safety, and promote community involvement.

Thank you again to all of our community for your support.

Moody's Investor Service - Lane County S.D. 69 (Junction City), OR
New Issue - Moody's assigns A1 underlying, Aa1 enhanced to Lane County S.D. 69 (Junction City), OR's GO bonds

Junction City School District Visioning and Facilitation
The Facilities Steering Committee started meeting in 2008 to develop a long-range facilities plan for the district based on an assessment of facilities that gLAs Architects completed. When the economy soured in 2008, the group went on hiatus. It was reconvened in 2012 and again in the spring of 2015.
About Bond Measure 20-242?
  As questions were submitted, the answers were vetted by Oregon's Secretary of State's Office and the Community FAQ page was updated. Community FAQ Link

Facilities Steering Committee
School District Facts and Figures
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School Information

Population Study

Population Study Power Point - PDF Form
  Capital Improvement Information
  Facilities Committee Final Report to the Board 2/22/16
  Long-Term Facilities Plan Adopted 2/22/16
  Recommended Long Range Facilities Plan
Executive Summary
  Do you know how Junction City Schools Manages its Money?
  Comparison of Tax Rates Between Lane County Districts
  Thoughtstream Results:
  Help us Plan for the Future Survey-Fall Survey-Spring
  JCSD Workshop 5 Meeting 1/1316 Workshop Notes
  JCSD Workshop 4 Meeting 10/2015 Workshop Notes
  JCSD Workshop 3 Meeting 5/2015 Workshop Notes
  JCSD Workshop 2 Meeting 4/2015 Workshop Notes
  JCSD Workshop 1 Meeting 3/2015 Workshop Notes
  Archived Information  
  For more information about this process, please continue to check this Web site or contact Chris Meyer at 541-998-6311 ext. 603 or

District Office Phone: (541) 998-6311