August 23, 2005 – 6:00 p.m.


Recorder:              Stephanie White

Location:              Boardroom


Darbi Haffner

Cindy Bandow

Paul Breese

Kate Gillow-Wiles

Mary Jo Husiman

Madeline Jorgenson

Janet Dunham

James Sundell

Mike Bonner

Brian Hungerford

Mike Brotherton

Kathryn Hedrick

Judy Croce

Tom Endersby

Kathleen Rodden-Nord

Wanda McClure

Stephanie White

Cal Fagan, Barb Coolman, and Galen Carpenter were absent for the association.

Cindy – Can we start by TAing Article 20?  Brian – Yes.  Let me pass it out.  I am passing out a packet of our proposals as well.

Brian went over what he believed to be the agreements to Article 20 and the association will look it over during caucus.

Brian – Article 12 – Paid Leaves of Absence.  Our original proposal was to leave this as current contract language.  Your verbal proposal at the last meeting was to accrue up to 5 days of personal leave.  We would be willing to allow for one (1) day of personal leave to be carried forward each year.  Wanda – It would be too difficult to try and budget for this if we allowed too many personal days to be carried forward.  Brian – We added, Personal business leave days may not be used consecutively, and cannot be used on the days immediately before or after a vacation or break period.  The purpose of that was we did not want people to accrue this leave just to use it as three days of vacation.  James – Has there been usage of personal leave before or after a vacation or break?  Kathleen – Principals do see it happen. Brian – We are also trying to ensure that the intent of the leave is being used appropriately.  Emergencies do happen where an employee may need to use personal days before or after a break or vacation, and that is up to the discretion of the administrator.  Janet – Currently, can we use personal leave consecutively?  Brian – There is nothing in the contract that says you cannot.

Brian – Article 14 – Professional Development and Educational Improvement – We initially proposed current contract language on this article.  Referring back to your proposal of April 4, 2005.  In C, you proposed increasing the staff development funds from $5,000 to $15,000 per year.  We agree that special education teachers should also have access to these funds, and we are proposing to increase the funds to $10,000 per year.  By adding the language, and training related to the meeting of the “highly qualified” standard we feel we have addressed your concern regarding the highly qualified teachers.  With the language you proposed in F; if ESEA demanded a change, we would have to bargain.  We saw these changes as a district function, and from an economic perspective this has caused us some concern.  We would dispute this – how does our current grievance process deviate from this?  We don’t need this language.  James – What about 6, do you see that in the grievance procedures?  Brian – Yes.  We cannot implement a change until we have bargained.

Brian – Article 15 – Educational Improvement Leave – We previously proposed to eliminate this article because we doubt it would be granted.  It is the discretion on part of the board whether or not a leave would be granted for this reason.  We would be ok with leaving current contract language in.  In your proposal, you wanted to add C, allowing bargaining unit members up to ten (10) days of district approved paid leave per year.  We would be willing to look at a one-time stipend for those teachers who have attained National Board of Professional Teaching Standards Certification.  If a teacher is working to become highly qualified, while we would not propose to allow them 10 paid days, they could apply to use that $10,000.  If a teacher is working toward their administrator license, we don’t see how that would benefit the district as staff usually find a position in another district.  There is also a pool of professional development vouchers available.  Only 30 credits were used last year, and we have over 100 credits at this time.  Those do expire and they can be used by any licensed teacher.  James – What is the expiration date on the vouchers?  Wanda – One year from the issue date.  James – I was not aware of these vouchers.  Brian – It doesn’t address all of your concerns, but it definitely does address some.  Kathleen – We would be willing to hand over at least half of the vouchers to the association to use and hand out as they see appropriate.

Brian – In Appendix C – Extra Duty Schedule – Tom, do you feel comfortable talking about this?  Tom – Sure.  2 or 3 years ago when we adjusted the middle school athletics from something to nothing, we turned it over to parks and rec.  We still had the activities portion, which was taken on by the administrators and secretaries.  The middle school is the most used building by the community and parks and rec.  We would continue to handle the activities portion of this, but would propose turning the athletic director portion over to the high school athletic director.  At this time, we do have 7th & 8th grade sports back in our budget.  James – What are the timelines for this?  Tom – We have already begun.  Someone was in the position last year, and we did not fill that position this year.  James – You are proposing to delete this position from the bargaining unit?  Brian – Delete that one and add it to the high school athletic director.  He would then become the district athletic director and we would increase his stipend from 15% to 20%.  Tom – In the 05-06 budget we also added a custodian that would be shared between three buildings.  This person will be responsible for game set up, etc.  Brian – You proposed that special education teachers have an extra duty contract.  We would be willing to address that when we get to the compensation article.  We don’t see it as an extra duty, but maybe as a stipend.


Janet – Everything looks ok in article 20, except for #4.  We thought that ‘so long as the employee is licensed and endorsed to fill the position’ was supposed to be added at the end of 4.  Brian – You are correct.

Both teams TA’d article 20 – Reduction in Force, with the handwritten addition.

Janet – Article 12 – Paid Leaves of Absence.  We appreciate the district looking at having additional personal leave days.  We would like to have that employees can take up to two consecutive personal leave days.  We don’t agree on not allowing employees to take their personal leave days immediately prior to or following breaks or vacations.  We feel that the 10% covers that and keeps the leave down to a minimum.  Mike Brotherton – It seems that if we were doing this, it would eliminate the abuse.  Those who abuse this are taking away from those who really need it.  Janet – Suppose something happens where someone would need to use it either consecutively or before or after a break or vacation?  Cindy – Suppose an employee needed to go to a funeral and it was not for a family member so they couldn’t use bereavement.  Kathleen – We will talk about this with our group.

Janet – Article 14 – Professional Development and Educational Improvement – We appreciate that the district doubled the amount, and added the highly qualified part and the special education teachers, that was very good.  Brian, you were concerned at an earlier meeting that ESEA was being pushed by OEA, but teachers feel strongly about ESEA.  We agree with your proposal, but we also want to keep our proposed F.  Kathleen – My concern, in reading this, if we have this in our contract and something is mandated, that would supersede our policy.  James – The Collective Bargaining Agreement supersedes the policy anyway.  No provision of ESEA would supersede the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Brian – That is true for the existing contract but once the new contract is signed, that is not the case.  District policy is not within your domain anyway.  James – If there is something that needs to be implemented because of ESEA, we just want to be able to get together to agree on it.  Kathleen – We can do that without this in contract language.  Brian – We would have to bargain on demand anyway if a change was implemented.  James – If you already are required to bargain, we then just want it written into the contract.  Kathleen – That is already covered.  Janet – I understand what you are saying, but we just want to be able to meet about this.  Kathleen – I understand, but we don’t feel as though it should be in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Janet – Article 15 – Educational Improvement Leave – We are ok with current contract language, however, we talked about National Board Certification and we want to make sure that we discuss this.  Brian – That will be in the compensation article.  We can’t say what that will be, but we will address it there.

The association and district TA’s Article 15 – Educational Improvement Leave.

Janet – Appendix C – We agree with what you proposed and we want to make sure that special education teachers aren’t overlooked.  We would like to see a 9.5% stipend of the base salary for special education teachers.  Brian – That sounds like that is your team’s consensus, but we will hold off on discussing that until Article 27.


Janet – It’s drawing close to when school starts and we know that the district supports the teachers.  One way to show that support would be by having a contract prior to school.  We would like to expedite the process and have come up with two packages we would like to present to the district.

James went over the two package proposals that the association had prepared.

Kathleen – Do you know what the insurance increase will be?  James – The current single plan is $811 and will go up to $848.93 per month.  Employee +1 is $864.46 and will go up to $900.  Full family is $935 and will go up to $972.  We think it’s 2% dental and 6% vision.  Mike Brotherton – Are you aware that our funding isn’t based on the CPI?  James – We are aware that the district received more than they anticipated.  Cindy – An average teacher costs about $64,000; 4 teachers could have been hired with the money that is in the ending fund balance.  Mike Brotherton – Do you know why we have that money?  There are reason for what we do.  Judy – One reason is we don’t want to hire 4 teachers just to RIF them at the end of the year.  Cindy – I agree with that.

Brian – Should we assume that from this point forward you’d be only looking at packages?  James – We’d be willing to look at any proposals the district may have.

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Adjourn 8:55 p.m.