March 19, 2007




Board of Directors



Mike Bonner, Chair

Randy Trummer, Vice-Chair

Mike Tucker

Denise Pratt

Mike Brotherton

Jacque Gerdes

Judy Croce


Kathleen Rodden-Nord, Superintendent

Wanda McClure, Business Manager

Kathryn Hedrick, High School Principal

Bill Bechen, High School Assistant Principal

Amy Lesan, Laurel Principal

Alan Adler, Territorial Principal

Tom Endersby, Oaklea Principal








Staff and Others

Stephanie White

Jill Case

Chris Meyer

Malcom McRae

Kate Gillow-Wiles

Carol Puderbaugh

Chris Bolton

Becci Buenau

Erin Holtey

Todd Limbo

Toni Cowdrey

Kristi Stahl

Mike Thoele, Tri-County News

Chuck Cole

Carol Endersby

Sherry Carlson

Others - 2








At Territorial, students have been busy with a variety of off-site learning experiences – also known as field trips – to destinations such as the Oregon Logging Conference, the Glenwood Recycling Station, Aurora Glass, the Science Factory, and the Register Guard. Students at Territorial are enjoying several after-school program opportunities as well, including a fitness class with Trina Strasheim and a martial arts program with Master Gary Martin.


This year, the Title I program at Laurel has been offering an extended-day program to serve students after regular school hours. Assessment results indicate a great many of the 3 rd and 4 th graders served are now reading at grade level! We are very proud of their accomplishments. Tomorrow, Laurel’s principal and kindergarten teachers will be in Portland for the state Kindergarten Summit. In a few weeks, Laurel will serve as the host school for a 4-day GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Development) workshop whereby 13 district teachers will be observing the program in action in one of Laurel’s classrooms. Laurel also will play host to a group of staff from Roseburg who will be visiting to see Laurel’s Positive Behavior Support program in action. April will be a busy month at Laurel as kindergarten registration begins April 2 nd. Parents will be dropping into Laurel classrooms in mid-April as well, for the purpose of observing classrooms and making requests for their child’s placement for next year. Finally, Laurel’s next Family Media Night is scheduled for Friday, April 13 th and in addition to the regular attractions, Don the Juggler will be on hand to provide entertainment.


At Oaklea, teachers are gearing up to offer their Trimester 3 Explore classes. These have been wildly popular with the students and give them a sampling of a variety of elective offerings. The magazine sale assembly to recognize top sellers will happen Thursday, but lucky for staff members Justin Corey and Lindsay Nelson, sales fell just short of the goal that would have led to head shaving for Justin, and purple hair dying for Lindsay. In a contest that wasn’t close, Oaklea staff again prevailed in the annual staff vs. 8 th grade boys’ basketball game. The score? 100 to 52. Trimester 2 awards assemblies will be happening on April 5 th for 5 th and 6 th graders, and April 6 th for 7 th and 8 th graders. Oaklea Parent Group’s book fair begins on April 20 th.


The high school would like to offer its appreciation to counselors Duman and Holtey, and their assistant Alison Hellwege, and our Technology Director, Howard Loewinger, for all the work they did to make the transition to the new trimester’s class schedules smooth for students and staff. Spring sports are now in full swing – our girls’ track team did very well at last week’s meet at Marist, and golf, tennis, baseball, and softball are all off to a strong start as well. There also are many congratulations to offer, starting with our mock trial team which took 1 st place at the regional competition, beating both West Albany and Sprague. They now advance to the Sweet Sixteen in the state – Mr. Bittle and Ms. Hedrick will let us know when the final placements and schedules are announced. Congratulations to Mike Furrer, who placed 4 th in State in wrestling, and to the Equestrian team that placed 1 st as a team at their March 3 rd meet. Also, congratulations to the girls’ basketball team for bringing back a 5 th place trophy from the state basketball tournament; and heartfelt thanks to the many, many students, cheerleaders, band members, staff members, board members, and community members that turned out to show their support to the girls while they were at Gill Coliseum. It meant a great deal to the coaches and the players. Upcoming events for the high school include the Mr. Tiger Pageant on April 9 th at 7:00 p.m., the Prom on April 21 st – to be held at the Woodruff room on the U of O campus, and the Tiger Auction on May 5 th. Mike Tucker – I just wanted to say how fabulous our band was at the state basketball playoffs!



We have 4 Smart Boards at the high school now, and teachers seem to be really excited about the new technology. I also ordered one. There is a lot of creative curriculum and activities that teachers are coming up with. Students are getting the opportunity to come to the front of the room and interact with the board. Chair Bonner – With those boards, are the teachers that have the boards the only ones who are trained in using them? Kate – They are actually training themselves. Chair Bonner – The other teachers who don’t have them, are they able to use that classrooms at certain times? Chris Bolton – Because we have our own classrooms, unless someone wanted to use my classroom during my prep, it would be very difficult for 2 teachers to use it simultaneously. The way it changes education is we have for the last 15 or so years thrown technology into a classroom in the form of computers. But yet, ask the teacher to change the way they instruct, because then you are talking about project-oriented things where the computers are becoming part of the education. My Smart Board is connected to my computer, and I use my Smart Board not only as a writing device, like a white board, but I also use it as a touch screen for my computer. So, anything that we would do with technology is now integrated into my instruction in front of the class. I can access the internet in front of the class so they all can see it on the board. If I want to draw on it and record it to my computer for later notes, I can do that. If I want to bring up graph paper and graph something, I can do that. As many things as you can do with a computer, you can now do with a Smart Board in front of the entire classroom.

Kate – One board member has responded to Kristi regarding seeing a Smart Board in action and spending the day in a classroom, so I want to remind the rest of you to let Kristi know the dates you are interested in coming back to school.










It was the consensus of the board that the high school continue with the implementation of these changes.



A work session was scheduled for April 19 th at 6:00 p.m.




There was consensuses to give Wanda direction to come up with a figure that is a ratio of about 18% of ending fund balance to revenue and let the board know what that would amount to, and that would be the target for our ending balance. If there is additional one-time money left, we would come back at the next budget committee meeting with immediate needs or investments that the administration could recommend be one-time purchases or planned transfers for next year.







EXECUTIVE SESSION – ORS 192.660 (1)(i) – To review and evaluate, pursuant to standards, criteria, and policy directives adopted by the governing body; the employment-related performance of an employee.


The board will not return to open session. Executive session minutes are not part of this document.


Adjourn at 8:35 p.m.






Superintendent/Clerk             Chair, Board of Directors