February 26, 2007




Board of Directors



Mike Bonner, Chair

Randy Trummer, Vice-Chair

Mike Tucker

Denise Pratt

Mike Brotherton

Jacque Gerdes


Kathleen Rodden-Nord, Superintendent

Wanda McClure, Business Manager

Malcom McRae, Acting High School Principal

Amy Lesan, Laurel Principal

Tom Endersby, Oaklea Principal








Staff and Others

Stephanie White

Jill Case

Kate Gillow-Wiles

Kristi Stahl


Mike Thoele, Tri-County News

Daniel Sorensen, Student Representative

Chuck Cole

Charles Rynerson








Territorial’s Grandparents Day was held on February 14 th and was a huge success, as the school hosted 122 guests. Family fun night, sponsored by the TPA, was held on February 16 th, and raised over $1,000 which will be used to sponsor “ Camp Territorial” later this spring. Today, Territorial 4 th and 5 th graders took a field trip to the Glenwood Recycling Center, the Short Mountain Landfill, and the Aurora Glass Center. The trip was paid for by some grant funds obtained by Territorial teacher Barb Coolman. On March 5 th, two fourth graders and two fifth graders will accompany Territorial teacher Pam Nelson to the Oregon Green Conference. The finishing touches are being completed on Territorial’s yearbook – you can order your own copy before March 9 th.


Laurel students were excited to have a “Snakes Alive” assembly today, brought to Laurel courtesy of the Laurel Parent Group. All students had the opportunity to touch a 15 foot python and 8 lucky kids got to hold it. The parent group soon will be sponsoring a week of “Juggler in Residence” for Laurel kids, as well as classroom visits by Pete Theophanes and Rena Krieg to teach students about disability awareness and appreciation for diversity. On Thursday, Laurel 4 th graders will be taking the train to Salem to attend the symphony. While they are there, they also will visit the state capital. Special thanks to Laurel music teacher, Deborah Adams, who planned this trip and secured an $800 donation from the symphony to cover the cost of student transportation. March 9 th is the date for Laurel’s next Family Media night – there will be a game night for kids, and a presentation to parents on the Second Steps conflict management/social skills curriculum used at Laurel. Tim Euhus, former OSU football standout, current player for the Pittsburg Steelers, and son-in-law to Carol Davis, will be the featured speaker at Laurel for their PBS assembly later this month. Students at both Territorial and Laurel will be celebrating Dr. Suess’ birthday this coming Friday. The kids will dine on a lunch of green eggs and ham, will listen to stories read by a variety of guest readers, and will each receive their own book to take home, thanks to the generosity of Soroptimists International of Junction City.

Oaklea also is getting into the spirit of Dr. Suess’ birthday – starting today and for this entire week, Oaklea will observe a daily 20 minute drop everything and read (DEAR) session. Oaklea students are continuing, almost year round, with their state assessments; unfortunately, the problems with the technology have been too frequent and frustrating. The seventh grades have finished their writing assessments and we expect that they will do us proud. Oaklea’s boys’ basketball season concluded last week and they had a great season. The regular wrestling season ended as well, but there are seven Oaklea students participating in the regional competition with the hopes of heading on to the state competition. They are eighth graders Kevin Knox, McKenzie Francois, Garrett Hightower, and Dylan Glaze; seventh graders Kyle Czesnikowski and Benjamin Goodman and sixth grader Kayla Vonstein. Upcoming band concerts are at 7:00 p.m. on March 6 th for 7 th and 8 th grade band, and on March 7 th for 6 th grade band. Oaklea’s next EXPLORE program begins on Monday, April 9 th. Each homeroom teacher will again offer an elective-type class and students can choose from a vast array of offerings such as fashion design, scrap booking, outdoor survival skills, drama, Spanish, Japanese, swing dancing, chess, and more! Oaklea’s magazine sale has begun and the students are going to be selling like crazy to meet their goal of $13,000 raised. Why are they so excited? If they meet their goal, counselor Lindsay Nelson has agreed to dye her hair purple. Math teacher Justin Corey won’t be dyeing his hair, but he will be shaving his head AND allow the top ten sellers to add their autographs. Chair Bonner – Are they going door-to-door with those magazine sales? Tom – They always say don’t go door-to-door, just go to the friends and neighbors that they know. Chair Bonner – There was an incident last week which was concerning and they were out going door-to-door with their magazine sales. If you could tell them to team up, at least in the 2’s or 4’s, would be better than just a lone kid. Tom – That is always the instructions that the magazine sales gentleman gives them. Superintendent Rodden-Nord – You can probably do a reminder with student announcements.


At the high school, our boys and girls basketball teams finished second in the Sky-Em League and will be advancing to Round 1 of the OSAA State playoffs later this week. A rooter bus will be available to take Tiger Fans – students, staff, and community members – to and from the games. The boys play Henley Friday night and the girls in Hidden Valley on Saturday night. We had a number of swimmers do very well at the state swim meet; our boys’ team placed 4 th overall and our girls placed 5 th. Junction City sophomores and juniors spent a day last week at the Lane County Career Fair where they go to meet with various employers, attend workshops, and participate in mock interviews. Seniors spent this same day working on their post-secondary plans and freshmen worked on their Educational Plans and Profiles. Students spent some time that same day engaged in a variety of service projects, but the community service award definitely goes to the Freshmen Class which turned up en masse at the Grandview Rehab and Specialty Care Center. Armed with valentines, cookies, and an assortment of decorations, these students and their Team teachers spent the day visiting with some of the most important senior members of our community. The high school staff has been having many spirited professional conversations about assessment results and the merits and limitations of different schedules. They will continue their work on this issue this Thursday at 6:30 a.m.


As you heard from me last week, we had our federal audit. We had auditors here for two days looking at our performance on NCLB standards. Jill Case got us in such a great place in terms of all the documentation that was required and making sure that all of our programs are in compliance and Stephanie was her right-hand person in preparing the packets and the notebooks. The auditors were stunned. They said that they had fewer findings for our district than any district they had visited, ever. Great job!



Kristi Stahl – We are arranging a back to school event where instead of just popping into a class, you come and spend the whole day with a teacher so you can see all of the things that go on during the course of a day. Contact Kristi Stahl to schedule a date and teacher. The dates are April 10, 11, 17-19, & 24-26.






Mike Tucker – Temporary teachers, their contract is not renewed? Superintendent Rodden-Nord – It is because we do not know if that position is going to be funded in the budget next year. It’s not a performance issue, it’s just that a lot of those positions were funded either by grant funds such as the Long Tom Grange, or a person was filling a position for someone while they were on leave. Jacque – If the funding picture looks great and we are trying to continue positions that we are not sure of, would these be back? Superintendent Rodden-Nord – Those of you who were at the last budget work session heard that we are expecting more revenue for next school year and the administrators came together with a lot of input from others, and came up with recommended priorities. That would not allow the district to add back every temporary position we had this year at that funding level. At the March 12 th work session, you will be hearing more about that and will have an opportunity to weigh in on those recommendations. I also wanted to make you aware that one of the findings of our audit was related to highly qualified teacher standards for the federal government, and while we are not 100% certain of what the implications of that are yet, because we haven’t received the findings in written form, it is possible that we will have some corrective action that we are directed to take around the issue of highly qualified teacher status. What we have found is that while we have teachers that meet the state and TSPC’s standards for highly qualified, the federal standards are different, so part of what we have determined is that we have teachers who are properly licensed, meeting the state definitions, and yet not the federal definition and we either need to offer more explanation or we need to offer the teacher support to obtain the proper endorsement so they can continue to teach what they have been hired to teach. Or we may be faced with needing to do some reassignments or potentially having some decisions to make regarding whether or not a program can continue if we can’t get a highly qualified person.













A copy of the full enrollment forecast is attached to the official minutes in the district office.


Superintendent Rodden-Nord – Country Coach has indicated that they are going to make a push for increasing the size of their work force fairly soon. A lot of their employees don’t necessarily reside here and that may be a function of us not having the housing available. Another thing there has been some discussion about is the possibility of locating one of the state mental hospitals on some property that is owned by the state near our district. To what extent would a change in increasing the number of jobs have an affect on our school aged population? Charles – It would help that housing get built faster. That would be the “high series”. Mike Brotherton – We’ve had a disturbing trend over the past ten years with our student enrollment. In looking at your numbers here, going back to 1997 where we had 2031 kids, if we build all of the units that are planned, that would basically get us back to the number of kids we had in 1997. This trickle down effect of losing kids is still concerning to me. As Eugene and Bethel get larger, and are able to offer alternative programs, how do we compete at that level? What is the draw to bring kids into our district when ten miles down the road you have a district that offers more stuff? One of the reasons for this study was to figure out what to do with our buildings. Do we build new buildings? Do we fix up the ones we currently have? Charles – One of the reasons for the peaking in the 1990’s is the lingering affects of the baby boom. That happened to be in the late 90’s and the early 2000’s relatively few people in their twenties having babies because the low point was 73 for birth, so those people right now are 34 years old. That is why lots of districts had a lull in enrollment over the past ten years. Chair Bonner – Would it be possible for you to come back at a later time to answer any question that we may think of? Charles – That’s possible. I will be in touch with Wanda.






Denise – Last week I was informed that our local representative Ms. Walker and her counterpart, Mr. Edwards have fashioned, and I am not sure where in the process they are because I talked with Ms. Walker’s assistant on Friday, to have state funding for home source and when I called Ms. Walker’s office, I had two questions. One of them was; how is the state of Oregon going to hold us harmless with the federal government if home source does not meet AYP? My other question was; how could you offer this legislation without talking to the districts involved, and where are you in the process? I have not heard back from Ms. Walker. Stephanie will get email addresses and contact numbers to all board members.




Adjourn at 8:35 p.m.






Superintendent/Clerk             Chair, Board of Directors