About TPA
The Territorial Parent Association is unique. Parent volunteers have the unmatched opportunity to participate in and support their child's education in a variety of ways.  

Our goal is to build community and enrich our children's lives  by sponsoring events and activities during the school year.  We are striving to reach and include as many parents and educators as possible in order to fully realize our assets and resources.
Dear Territorial Families:

The TPA is your school’s parent organization.  Our purpose is to provide extra support for Territorial students’ educational and recreational needs.  We also exist to promote open communication and build community between administration, teachers, and parents.  All families with Territorial students are considered members of the TPA.

All families are invited to attend our meetings, which will be held on the first Wednesday of each month, 8:30 AM and 7:00 pm in the media center at Territorial.  Our meetings are casual and everyone’s opinions are valued.  Most often these meetings are used to determine how to spend money raised by the TPA and to organize upcoming events.  If you are unable to attend the meetings, your involvement is still welcome and encouraged. 

On the reverse of this page is a list of volunteer opportunities.  Please take a moment to check the events or areas you would be interested in helping with and return this paper with your packet.

We communicate lots of information by email and we have a Facebook page.  Let us know the best way to share information with you so you don’t miss a thing!

You’ll notice that the TPA organizes at least one event a month.  In addition, the media center (school library), has NO paid staff attached to it.  All library check outs, reshelving, repairs, organization, and decorations are 100% handled by parent volunteers.  There are lots of jobs big and small!! We look forward to you joining the Territorial family!

TPA Parent Group
2017 - 2018 Officers   Meeting:   Calendar of Events:
Mariah Osborn Co-chair   TPA meetings are held
in the TES gym the first Wednesday of each month.
6:00 pm
Mealeah West Co-chair   Fall Book Fair Sept. 25-29
Cassie Wicks Secretary   Open House Sept. 28
Jennifer Daeges Treasurer   Jog-A-Thon Oct. 6
      Harvest Party Oct. 20
      Art Show & Spaghetti Feed Nov. 17
          Holiday Bazaar Dec. 11-14
          Bingo Night Jan. 19
          Winter Book Fair Feb. 5-9
TPA Minutes:         Grandparents Day Feb. 9
September 9, 2015         Project Fair Mar. 23
October 7, 2015         Bunco TBD
November 4, 2015         Talent Show Apr. 19
          Track and Field Day May 19
          Field Day June 18

Territorial Parent Association
C/O Territorial Elementary School
92609 Territorial Road
(541) 998-8371 Fax: (541) 998-4744