TPA Meeting September 13, 2005


Present: Alan Adler, Terrie McFadden, James Harpole, Karrie Nelson, Susan Leslie, Kristine Rice, Karyne Bienvenue, Bernie Cummings, Laura Lemhouse, Holly Van Ras, Laurel Casiunia (sp), Shawn Williams, Ruth Lewis, Karla Struabe, Diane Hofer, Katherine Nepper, Amy Nelson, Sandy Tedrick, RoseAnn Brown, JJ Morris, Shannon McAdams, Kris Sherman, Laura Keys.

 Welcome to 1st TPA meeting for 2005/2006 Territorial Elementary :

Terrie MCFadden, President of the Territorial Parents Association 


Introductions for our 2005 /2006 school year.

Co ˝ Chairs Terrie McFadden and Kathryn Nepper

Treasurers ˝ Shawn Williams

            Secretary ˝ Laura Keys



Volunteer forms ˝ get them from Arlene. Criminal check and volunteer forms. See Arlene. Alan calls it a background check. J When-ever you are volunteering please remember about confidentiality with regards to other children and families, the privacy act is to be followed for all school and internal business as well as any information regarding our children.

New forms for Visitors and Volunteers ˝ Volunteer sign in is for Űin the classroom onlyÝ hours you have volunteers so we can track the number of hours worked. The hours are totaled and sent in each month. This form is different from the Visitor sign in.  You will get a pass or name tag for when you are volunteering. The name tags are on the board. Please always use the front door.

Year Book ˝ Staff and Teachers would like to do a year book this year.  Life-touch would be able to help coordinate this project.


Alan ˝ Principal Territorial Elementary, Special Education for the district and Alternative Education. Wearing many hats. AlanÝs door is always open. Alan is always ready to be available for your concerns.

AlanÝs 8 issues (really only 5)

Safety ˝ if we feel your children are in danger we will respond. Last year the example of locking down the school was a rare example of a problem. We have officers that we can call if we need them 

Late start early release ˝ this will throw the whole school into a loop. The teachers belong  to the Junction City Education Association and there is bargaining going on for the days/calendar was to have more time for staff development time. This will give more time for the teachers to have scheduled time. 171 instructional days in Junction City (New York has 195) JC is trying to get up to 175 days and so this will make it average as compared to other districts. Alan would like to see us above average but that remains to be seen. BusÝs will come 1 hour later to pick up children and 1 hour later in the morning and 1 hour earlier in the day.  

Ş      Phyllis is working out some details for how to cover the feeÝs to help parents who have before or after school care.

Ş      Rita will be in the gym with activities for kids until school starts.

Ş      Alan is working out the details ˝ they will sure that RitaÝs salary does not come out of the TPD budget. 

Confidentiality awareness  ˝ we need to remember that confidentiality is very important. We need to use proper channels when discussing concerns and also be cognizant not to discuss students or issues that should be kept private.  

Staffing updates ˝ no on-site special education program this year as has been in the past. Some of the JC schools have a greater need than ours. The special education students that were here had a chance to go to another school which has more developed programs. 2 Children have been moved to another schools. In total 5 children have left as there were siblings of these other students who left also. This year we are at total of 138 students after the shuffling of some students.  

Questions for Alan: 

Q. Bernie asked if the Grant was requested / applied for that supported Holly Piper.

    A. No grants for this year. 

Q. Bernie asked what percentage we will receive from Long Tom.

    A. Alan wished he would have thought to handle the requests differently. He did not think they would fund PE teachers. Our music specialist and media specialist were paid out of the grant funds last years.  

Q. Bernie does not understand why there seems to be inequity in the grant monies being distributed. 

    A. Alan states we get the same curriculum programs that the other schools get, such as the Bridges Math programs for our students and the music /media teachers and we benefit from these. The other schools are also stretched just like we are and when your children go to Oaklea and they will also benefit at these schools. 

Q. Bernie feels Oaklea and Laurel are getting fluff and we are not getting the basics. Our teachers are getting less assistance with programs.  (including special education).

    A. If you have concerns please come see Alan ˝ in our school and the economic conditions we have in Oregon it is rare to have a school this size open. We are doing ok.  

Alan wants to again thank the TPA for all the wonderful help, programs and fundraisers from last year. So with that said lets get into the money requests:

African drumming requests ˝ 1 week

Movement and dance class requests - 1 week

Dance Theatre of Oregon

Bobby (get last name) drumming

                                                =  $1500.00  


Galen Carpenter ˝ Sister School idea ˝ Hurricane Relief Projects -Galen is from New Orleans and would like to do pen pals and back packs as well as other ideas that are coming up. She will get back to us with more ideas. Laura Lemhouse is checking into the stores donating backpacks.


Secretaries report ˝ please approve the minutes from June. Minutes approved.


Treasurers report / Bookeeping ˝ Shawn will pass the numbers around for us to review. 

Teachers have been promised ˝ $600.00 for each class, 7 teachers. This has not been taken out of the fund yet. Total $4200.00. So we have about $2100.00. 

Terrie stated the funds for the field trips will be taken out periodically through the year. So have time to fund-raise for these needs. Some books were lost last year at a cost of $149.52.  Arlene has requested to replace books. Motion approved.  

3rd grade ˝ Debbie Roberts requesting ˝ submitted for her money fund.

3rd grade ˝ Debbie Roberts ˝ new Bridges math program ˝ above and beyond 3rd grade math book work books. These were not budgeted last year because the program was just approved in August. Also Calculators and Scales. $261.75 is the total request. Terrie recommends approve ˝ We need to confirm this would be budgeted from now on for next year or that parents could also help each year. Proposal is to fund the workbooks and scales ˝ since there are 20 students in class this year and if needed we can fund the calculators for next year. Motion approved. 

TPA Business:

Terrie stated the Dance and Drumming folks are really great. Terrie will investigate how to schedule. Motion approved.  

Holly ˝ fundraiser for pres-school this year for the pizza.

Phyllis asked for a basket for the pre-school for a raffle at the open house. 

Festival of giving at VRC ˝ the mall will open special for fundraising. Table it this year we do not want to do this. 

Reader board volunteer ˝ need 3 volunteers to split the year.

Shannon McAdams will do the Fall, we need Winter and Spring. 

Book Fair September 16th to the Open house the 21st. Library is set up like a little bookstore. Roseanne volunteered to help Betty. 

Grounds clean up 8:00am to Noon.

o       Terri asked for new woodchips ˝ a child broke their arm yesterday

o       Weed-wacking

o       Wasps traps ˝ needed ASAP 

Open house Ice Cream social - $150.00  

9th annual  Jogathon ˝ Susan Leslie and Katherine Nepper. Susan is trying to get media coverage from the local news channels. Date for Jogathon is officially Friday September 30th. Every child getting a ribbon.  

o       Help with packets

o       Newsletters / reminders

o       Balloons

o       VolunteerÝs for day of Jogathon.

o       We need donations of Balloons

o       Little tiny paper cups

o       Sunshades

o       Bags of snap bags 

Jogathon monies are ear marked for Sally Crum to teach  PE. 


Changes in the way to ask for volunteers. Terrie define how we are going to do this during the meetings.

 Meeting adjourned.  


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