Territorial Parents Association

Meeting Minutes 10/04/05



Attendee List:


Alan Adler, Terrie McFadden, Diane Hofer, Karyne Bienvenue, Karrie Nelson, Susan Leslie, Kristine Rice, Serena Haney, Bernie Cummings, Shannon McAdams, James Harpole.


Terrie McFadden called meeting to order and wanted to share Special thanks for Susan Leslie for coordinating the Jogathon. Susan said it was the best turnout we ever had. 

Turn in money for Jogathon to school and it will be counted here. 


2005 Theme 


Embracing Cultural Diversity and Caring for our Neighbors The TPA discussed and agreed this would be our theme for the year to develop the diversity awareness at Territorial Elementary.


Principals Report:


Alan is hoarse (not sick ˝ he knocked on wood). This is appropriate as many of the kids are getting sick this month throughout Lane County. So watch for your kiddoÝs as we have had kids going home.


State testing starts this month. We test kids twice per year. We test in October and April. 3rd graders to 5th graders. Reading and Math. This is in response to No Child Left Behind. Alan believes this has made us a stronger school and while we can quibble with the testing it also highlights the areas we can improve. We wish there was more money for the testing but thatÝs life. We have about 137 kids this year. We are really good this year. Last year we were down to 124. I want to emphasize that our school is a unique school with a great reputation. We get recognized for many things. We are honored and rewarded for our recycling program. On October 13th we will receive a State Wide Green Schools Program Award. We have do many things above the routine curriculum. The TPA provided funds and the teachers provided the coordination to the programs. Drumming was last week and the kids had a performance at end the week. The children loved the drumming program. The staff also were involved and Alan wants to share his appreciation for the staffÝs willingness to get involved in all these programs.


We are trying to prepare our kids for middle school, high school and life afterwards. We want to prepare our kids for the emotional and social needs and be well rounded.


Support services ˝ TAG program. ç time Talented and Gifted as well as kids who are high achievers. The kids have to pass a certain competency for TAG but the high achievers also get attention and also need learning enrichment.

Q. Bernie asked when are kids identified for this program.

A. Rebecca Carmicle ˝ Tag and high achievers. Sara Remington ˝ Speech and Voice. Mrs. Haney ˝ Special Ed


Bernie asked how often the special ed teacher comes. Alan stated 2 times per month.

Bernie asked how PE is going to be delivered. A. The teachers will deliver PE and Sally Crum will be delivering the programs and the teachers will deliver. 2 staff teachers have gone to a special program for learning more about delivering PE. Alan mentioned how we watched the PE class 2nd grade playing flippets. Teaching the kids to develop muscles, learn about their bodies, play new games and team work.


Sally Crum will not be volunteering this year. She might be available this November.


Is there an opportunity to get some high school/college kids to help with PE and would they get hours for their education programs.


School store ˝ and program for good citizens tickets. 5th grade project for how the kids raise money for their 5th grade program. Alan is requesting the TPA fund it again this year. The total cost is around $200.00. It is an award program and the kids get tickets each month for good citizenship awards.


Bernie stated she would suggest that if parents want more PE funds they should speak to the superintendent about the fact that Laurel and Oaklea are getting money earmarked from the Long Tom Grange. They need to go to superintendent.


Comments were that parents might be able to speak to the school board about getting some hours added to the part time PE teacher.


Bernie also stated that she attended the school board meeting and that she asked what the long range plan was of the superintendent.


Bernie also stated that there is a vacancy on the school board and so 2 people on the board are leaving and both the people that are leaving are Territorial Supportive people. You have to be in the neighborhood for over a year.


Suggestion made to put something in the View regarding the vacancyÝs.


TreasurerÝs Report


Shawn was unable to attend ˝ she delivered a budget report.


Q. What happens to the money if Sally does not teach.

A. We have that money ear marked for Sally


Staff money requests


$31.95 for papers plus for volunteer name tags and the clips

$270.00 for the year - Rita Uri support staff 30.00 per month for safe student awards.

$ Field Trip money for kindergarten/1st grade field trip to Thistledown farms.


All monies approved, seconded and no against.

Culturally we can find ways to enrich our programs.

Can we hire Laura Lemhouse to teach the Scandinavian dance in the winter for a week of exercise.


Junior Jazzercise ˝ is coming end of October. After school programs.

Super-snackers program is coming for after school programs.


Budget moneys look solid ˝ we will continue to fund raise through the year. If we decide to do something at the end of the year we can certainly do things this year that cost less.


Suggestion for an end of year program might be a Arts/Drama/Music program.

Last year the Native American programs ˝ came out for Harvest festival.


SecretaryÝ s report


Please approve last months meeting minutes. Approved.

Laura has asked to add an agenda item to introduce new parents each week.


Current Business:


Memory/yearbook. ˝ all classes involved. Arlene gives the details. The teachers and staff are very excited. Life touch will put it together and do a workshop. The teachers were hoping the Rebecca Carmicle (TAG) to do a school project. The school is hoping the TPA will front the costs. It will be about $8.50 per yearbook. About $850.00. There would be a breakdown on costs depending on the numbers. We can order more if we need them. There will need to be parent helpers, teachers, students.  We believe all kids should have the chance to be involved. Pictures due by / at the end of March.


Suggestions for parents to come in weekly to take pictures. We can create our own covers or use the standards.


Memory book approved.


Harvest festival ˝ October 28th ˝ 1:00 to 2:30 for 1 -5th.

                                                Pre and Kinders in the morning


Bernie grabbed lost of items and things for the party. She is donating many items. Harvest theme should be ok or a place for kids if parents do not want them to attend.


No Halloween theme. No scary things. Face painting may take too long for each station.


We need a parent Committee.


Karrie, Shannon, Karen, Diane, Serena, Terrie, Bernie, put in view for volunteerÝs.


Simple, Cheap and Fast


Gourd hunts, treasures in the pouches, treasure hunt ?


Divide out about the number stations


Stations volunteers ˝ crafts in the cafeteria, pie, punch Carmel apple dipping.


Sunflower pine cone bird feeders.



New Business:


Suggestion for a committee to have a planning committee for this years proposed theme of monthly cultural events. Also add in view to ask parents if they have concerns and or background in cultural topics. Karrie and Susan. Karrie likes the idea of a banner.


E- script update from April Williams. ˝ needs some help. 200.00 from Safeway. Thursday. Talk to Terrie.


Playground chips to be volunteered by Weyerhaeuser.


Fundraiser discussed for Suzi Hise.


New parent introduction:


Serena Haney ˝ new to school

Christine Rice ˝ new to school


Open for Activities for Coming Year 2005/2006


Jogathon ˝ Targeted for Friday September 30th, 2005


Ice Cream Social for Open House ˝ dates to be announced


Grounds clean up day ˝ to precede the Open house dates to be determined


October Harvest Party ˝ Friday October 28th  Laura and Bernie will co-chair this event. We will talk to Terrie and look at calendars. We will need some help on who worked last year.


Fall Fundraiser ˝ Nicholson


Holiday Bazaar ˝ Terrie will chair and Shawn Williams will co-chair

     Monday December 12th ˝ 15th for the Holiday Bazaar.


January ˝ Reading counts program. Lets do some type of program. Will Jennifer agree to coordinate?


February  - Grandparents day (get dates for Grandparents day from Arlene)


April ˝ Skate for April- Ice Skate or Roller Skate?


May Bingo Night - 


Other ideas - After School Connections

Terrie McFadden ˝ Drama, Homework Club, Arts and Crafts, other ideas ???


We are going to stagger outdoor school for every other year ˝ Swimming could be next year and we could beef up swimming plans. Lets ask again in the fall.

Other suggestions

        Drama-Rama after school plays.

        Reading programs

        Goldson Grange


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