TPA November 1st, 2005  Meeting



Welcome and Attendance

Terrie McFadden and Kathryn Nepper.



Terrie McFadden, Alan Adler, Shawn Williams, Karla Straube, Kathryn Nepper, Laura Lemhouse, Laura Keys, Shannon McAdams, Susan Leslie, Bernie Cummings,


There was a discussion regarding the changing of our meeting time to the first Monday of the Month starting December 5th, 2005. We had hoped to change the meeting from Tuesdays to Mondayís to help with some scheduling conflicts. We are reviewing the meeting times and will try to find some alternate times. After discussion it was realized that Mondays will not be good due to the number of Mondays where there is no school. Meetings will stay at the 1st Tuesday of the Month until further notice.


New Parents/Attendee Introductions ñ No new parents today.


Co-Chairís Updates

Natashaís Outdoor School Story

Thank you ñ From Mrs. Roberts for Math workbooks. It really helped the program.

Thank you notes should be sent to Bushes and KEZI ñAl Peterson,


Photos ñ Laura can print photos if anyone wants them to be printed but cannot receive them currently via email due to dial up ISP.


Principalís Report

Alan Adler ñ thanks to the TPA for all the activities. In fact, last Friday he thought the fundraiser was the reading counts program. There was so much going on that he got his fundraiser events mixed up. The Harvest party was a big hit. The Reading counts program is looking really good. The teachers like the way the program has been tweaked. Alan is looking for a helper to put the tiles up and needs some help. They need some help to get the tiles set.


Katrina relief is our Sister School Project. Central School in Gonzalez Louisiana has been suggested to be our sister school. We want to work with the kids to send letters, post cards etc. This is an event the teachers are coordinating to help the students be aware of world events and learn to write letters and work on their writing competencies.  This year the teachers and staff are working on improving their writing skills as a program.  They have created a vision statement to help focus this project and the idea of writing letters to the sister school works toward this objective.


Alan didnít need to request any money at this time.


Our report cards came out from the state. We are high satisfactory. We were 95% in reading, math, grades 3 and 5. This next year we will be doing 3, 4, 5. But when it gets averaged the scores were above average but the attendance threw our whole categories off. We can never improve much more than we are because we are so high already. This frustrates Alan each year because they do so well on testing but these other areas affect us because of the percentages.


Bernie asked ñ What are the benchmarks and how many kids are tested?


Alanís answer ñ all kids are tested and the scoring and benchmarking is all posted.

(201 in reading 3rd, and then jumps all the way to 239 in 10th grade) All this information is on the website.


Other than this we are having a really good year.  We feel very lucky this year.


Treasurerís Report

Shawn Williams


Harvest party costs ñ including the 2 Twister games - $177.60 ñ motion approved to pay Laura Keys back. Check was delivered. Thanks.


Request was made by Mrs. Walton and Ms. Roberts for funds to help cover the cost of a field trip on May 15th to the play Charlotteís Web at the Hult Center.  Payment is due by December 9, 2005. Funds have been approved.


Jogathon raised a total of $5196.20. Yes!


Current TPA balance is $9,122.02.


Fundraising for Holiday Bazaar and discussion - Chamber of commerce and other solicitations for help for the Holiday Bazaar. Kathryn believes we need the districtís permission each year to solicit funds from the community. In order to stock the Holiday Bazaar, Terrie is going to ask for donations. ìWe had a labor shortage last year and we may have to make some changes this year in the wrapping of gifts if we donít get enough help again. Some suggestions:

We can use brown bags ñ we have little bags also.

Potato stamps?

Craft day after school and the parents can stay after and help.

Each class creates a gift for the bazaar.


Terrie would like a budget of $500.00 for the Holiday Bazaar ñ Funds approved. 


Suggestion is to create a storage file for all events past and suggest that we can draw from this for ideas. We need to start creating a file for each event. We need a room parent document for each job, duty and Laura Lemhouse will create notes for this and she will give to Terrie. Laura Keys will go through the stacks of plans for the previous parties.


Secretaryís Report

Laura Keys

            Request approval of previous months meeting minutes ñ

                        Meetings minutes reviewed and approved.

            Thanks for everyoneís help at the Harvest Festival

            Pumpkin Awards should be ready Friday, November 4th.



Staff money requests

            Field trip to Hult Center



Upcoming Events:


ÿ       Reading counts program (November 15, 2005 to January 20, 2006) ñ goals set by families. Terrie suggested we reward everyone by volunteering to listen to kids read who donít have support at home and do a Reading Fun Night. Treasure hunts and other things to get them engaged. We could do a mystery theme. They could find clues every week or something to keep them engaged. Treasure could go missing and they could find the clues. Get some local authors to read to students some time in January. Also it was suggested Friday night January 27th for a possible Reading Fun Night.


ÿ       Fall Product Fundraiser (October 28th to November 8, 2005) ñ kicked off by Susie Hise October 28th. She needs a few elves ñ Kathryn, Karla and Terrie M. will help.


ÿ       Pizza for TPD ñ Holly Van Ras ñ the Pizza fundraiser is going to happen over a succession of weeks in November, December and January.


ÿ       Holiday Bazaar (December 12-15)

Terrie is creating the plan and mailings. 

            Room parents ñ Laura Lemhouse suggested the room parents call the parents

 in each room to get some help for TPA activities.  

            We need a list of room phone numbers for parents etc to help out.

            Room parents will work with each class to help with party.


Shannon talked about different activities for PE. Are we going to have a PE program since Sally Crum is not currently available?


Lysa Sangermano offered to help with PE. ñ yoga. Terrie will call her. We can call it stretching! So no one is offended. Teachers get a free period this way but only if P.E. teacher is certified.


Kris Sherman wants Laura Lemhouse to teach Scandia dance. There was much discussion around the suggestion and since Laura was at the meeting plans were finalized during the meeting to set this program up. Program will get underway ASAP.


Laura Lemhouse talked to Sally and she may be able to come back the last half of the year for PE. Weíll revisit this issue in January.


Next Meeting Announcement

12/06/05 ñ Tuesday at 8:30 am.




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