TPA Meeting

May 2nd, 2006 

Welcome and Attendance

Terrie McFadden and Kathryn Nepper


New Parents/Attendee Introductions

Terri McFadden, Karla Straube, Holly Van Ras, Shawn Williams, Kathryn Nepper, Laura Lemhouse, Laura Keys, Shannon McAdams


Principals Report

Alan Adler ˝ principal was not present


TreasurerÝs Report

Shawn Williams ˝ Current status was shared by Shawn Williams. Report delivered to Terrie McFadden. Shawn has requested a way to keep track of approved staff money requests. Shawn has some additional ideas to share for the upcoming year.


SecretaryÝs Report

Laura Keys

            Request approval of previous months meeting minutes ˝ Minutes approved



Staff money requests

       Calendars for Arlene and Alan ˝ Day-Minders - Approved

       Cascade Raptor field trip - Approved

       U of W request for field trip - Approved

       Sally Crum request for additional weeks for P.E for school - Approved


Current Business

New Reader Board project updates ˝ Terrie McFadden


       Status Update ˝ Terrie has given this a lot of thought and believe we should put something in the View to allow parents/staff to come to the June meeting and give feedback if they feel it is important to them. Terrie would like to evaluate the funds available after we budget for school year 2006/2007 for programs and teacher accounts. She has the quote and is allowing for the costs and proposals including permit costs. She will present the plan in June.


Update on request for DVD players ˝ Carla Struabe ˝ Per Mrs. Warton she wanted 1 more TV (to replace the old large TV) and 5 DVD/VHS combo systems. Cart number needs to be checked also. TPA is considering setting up several carts. For now the proprosal is to purchase 2 DVD/VCR combos. If more are needed we will purchase more for the next year. Carla believes the only one is in Kindergarten. Terrie will confirm and check what the school currently has and what they need.


Upcoming Events:


Bingo Night ˝ Holly and Shawn

       Letter to Country Coach

       IPOD donation

       Bar-B-Que pits

       Small gifts will be purchased by Shawn and Holly and $300.00 -approved

       Other gift certs and prizes will be gathered during the month

       More seating? Tables and chairs.

       Separate tables for prizes for little kids, tickets, adults

       Rules for Bingo so no hurts feelings

       Prizes for all little ones ˝ Terrie will get the gifts

            Childcare and fun things for the little ones

       Pizza, Hot Dogs, Ketchup and Mustard, Buns, Pop and Water, Ice Cream, Popcorn, Coffee ˝ Napkins, Plates etc

Terrie and Carla

Laura and Shannon will bring crock pots

       Left over food can be used at Track Meet

       Laura Keys will coordinate if the little kids want to do crafts and games

o        Juice, Play-do, Crafts, Bingo, Crayons and Art. Child-Care helpers were hired by Terri McFadden with suggestions from Phyllis Engel.

       Bingo equipment is $50.00.

       30 main prizes total.



Track and Field Day ˝ Kris and Shannon

       Request for grass to be mowed ˝ Arlene took care of this

       Long jump


       50 meter

       Practice every Monday here during school

       2 person relay

       Flyer is ready to be run off

       3 events for each child


New Business

Nomination of Shannon McAdams as next yearÝs Co-Chair

       Election/Approval ˝ motion approved and seconded.


Staff room in May for Teacher Appreciation ˝ TPA ˝ Letter campaign

Friday the 5th, Cinco De Mayo and Pam NelsonÝs birthday. Lunch will be done for the staff. Terri will get something into the view for the teachers letters.


Terrie has formally offered to coordinate outdoor school for next school year.


Last Day Assembly

       Gift for Principal ˝ Dog gifts for Tula ? Other ideas ?

       Last Day treats for all students

o        Ice Cream? Early release day so we need to coordinate. Field day will be coordinated again by Cora.


Next Meeting Announcement

Next Meeting: June 6, 2006 8:30am in media center ˝ Final meeting

Set date and time for first fall meeting?



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