Territorial Parents Meeting ñ January 03, 2006




Alan Adler, Terrie McFadden, Kristine Rice, Shawn Williams, Katheryn Nepper, Laura Keys, Susie Hise. Kris Sherman.


Welcome New Parents: No new parents


Principals Report:


Busy month for us in January. On January 12th we have a late start. This late start will be for our writing initiatives and plans for improving the writing programs. K ñ 5 integrated writing program.


Martin Luther King holiday is coming up and the elementary will be closed.  


Reading counts ends January 20th, 2006. January 27th is the book Character day and reading assembly. Also January 27th is the reading fun night.


January 30th starts the new artist in residence dance program. Dance program is sponsored by the TPA.


Casey Wahela the counselor at Oaklea passed away over the Winter Break. On January 7th, Saturday at 2:00pm there will be a Celebration of Life for her and the wonderful work she did.


Scandinavian dancing was a great success. Everyone loved it!


Terrie asked Alan to talk to Sally Crum to see if she would be willing to do a 6 week session.



Secretaryís Report:


            Please approve November and December meeting minutes.

            Minutes approved.


Treasurerís Report:


Shawn Williams - Updates on current budget and fundraising activities as well as transactions.


Shawn is trying to find out what the new feeís being assessed are to the checking account and she will get back to us to get them reversed.


Terrie McFadden - Donations and Thank-yous to business and contributors who gave to the Holiday Bazaar. Thank- yous will be placed in the local papers as well as handwritten thank-yous will be delivered.





Staff Money Requests


            Betty has asked for a new picture CD Rom for updating the pictures.

            Request approved.


            Pam Nelson has asked for new headphones for the media lab.

            The headphones are very old years old and we need new ones.

            Request is a class set for 28
            $294.00 to replace the whole set.

            Request approved


            Kindergarten needs a set of 8 seats for the listening center.

            $ 151.95

This request may be paid for from another grant but she is asking us in case she cannot get this through the district.

Request approved if she needs them and does not get the fund via another source.


Galen Carpenter ñ all the teachers wanted to say ìThank youî for the Holiday Bazaar. They and the kids really loved it. Assembly for reading counts program is coming up.


Smack dab on the heels of the Reading counts program is the ìWritiní in the Rainî program. It is a poetry program to encourage writing skills.


Galen asked if we have a popcorn popper. We believe it was Diane Hoffers.


She talked about www.enchantedlearning.com. She would like all the computers in the school to have this website. There is a fee $50.00 for the whole school. We get 50 site licenses.

Request for the $50.00 approved.


Thank you from Mrs. Walton for the Holiday Gift for the Tour of Homes for the teachers.


      Holiday Bazaar

Total Dollars raised ñ $1911.26


At the end of todays TPA the meeting we are going to hand write out the an many thank-yous as we can.


      Reading Counts

Each classroom is sort of doing their own thing as far as how they are    counting and working on the program.


One suggestion is Near-by Nature might be able to come out for the reading fun night.


Reading fun night is a reward for the kids to come and read after the program and to gain an experience. Reading fun night is Friday January 27th, 2006. Terrie is working out the details.


Cascade Raptor Center also will come out and do something for the kids and bring a raptor and tell a story about the bird they bring.


Other story teller ideas ñ Terrie McFadden is working on this.


Terrie is asking for volunteers for a Reading Fun Night  Committee. Terrie will put this view this week. Perhaps the time will be 6:00pm to 8:00pm. We are working on the details.


      Budget Committee

Shawn is Treasurer, Terrie will be involved. Katheryn Nepper is willing to help. Some time after school this committee will meet. They will meet next week after school.


      Grandparents day ñ February 10th. Coming. Details to be determined.


      Science Faire ñ We could do a science faire later this year with Science John.


      PE Program

Sally Crum has been contacted for a 6 week program, 1 day a week.

Other suggestion is swimming?


      Brownsville field trip suggestion

     Field trip up to the Historical district.    


      End of school year idea


End of May - track and field day for end of year.


Kris Sherman is willing to help with this event and get some interested since the Classic is during that time. Kris does the kids booth at the Pre-Fontaine.




Action Items for Follow up for next meeting

Check to see if Sally Crum is available for a 6 week PE session. Sally Crum is going to consider it.


Check with Mrs. Nelson to see if she got the funds elsewhere for them Kindergarten listening station.


Next meeting is February 7th, 8:30am


Meeting adjourned.  

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