TPA February 07, 2006  Meeting


Welcome and Attendance

Terrie McFadden


Terrie McFadden, Kris Sherman, Shawn Williams, Laura Keys, Karla Staube, Karrie Nelson, Diane Hofer, Shannon McAdams, Bernie Cummings


New Parents/Attendee Introduction

No new parents


Principals Report

Alan Adler


Updates ˝ busy time at the school. In the process of creating next years budget. The budget will then be reviewed by the district budget committee. Alan has worked with the teachers get their feedback on what to request. Next years big project next year will be to work on the media center. There have been no major improvements in 3 years.

Also next year we will purchase the 4th grade math programs called Bridges. That will complete K to 4th math programs.


Getting ready for the Oregon Standard Testing programs. Reading, Math and Science and 4th grade will be tested in writing. Last year the 4th graders did really well in writing and met the standard in writing. The 4th grade class is working on lots of writing projects including year book and writing skills enhancements.


Teachers are excited about changes in the school. Pam has been the Kindergarten, media and music. This is so much to do and the suggestion is to make a change and teach in blocks. All music for a month and then all media for a month to help with preparation.


Grandparents day is a big deal for the school. The school enjoys this celebration.


Lots of new activities, including super snackers, jazzercise, martial arts classes.


Parent pickup and how to enhance the after schools programs for picking up kids. Alan is looking at making some arrangements for the kids to be taken to daycare and then charge the parents.


Missoula childrenÝs theatre coming up and will be doing a production. Look for announcements for the production.  There does not seem to be as much interest this year.


Betty stopped in to talk about the Book faire ˝ 10:00 to 10:30 am and 11:00 to 12:05 help needed to cover the book faire. Volunteers needed Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. She also possibly needs some help setting up. Buy one and get one free. 


We have a new student (not really) she is a little dog. She has been responsible for making 3 kids happy, she cheered the kids up when they were sad in AlanÝs office, this is a new program Alan is developing. (Also not really).  Tula is her name and she is in puppy training. 


Terri asked if we are still getting the new computers?

Alan states they are on order and just moving slowly.


TreasurerÝs Report

Shawn Williams


Request for funds to reimburse for the reading counts program. Motion approved

New budget report updated and the accounts are updated.


Question about do we have any other programs coming up that we are going to cover with TPA dollars?


Terri was discussing some singing and music programs. Also Sally Crum is coming for $600.00.


SecretaryÝs Report

Laura Keys

            Request approval of previous months meeting minutes




Staff money requests


       Staff Money Requests


            Grandparents day cookies have been purchased for all! J


            Yearbook committee ˝ Cameras, film and developing still needed.

            We purchased cameras for them for $100.00. We will also do the film developing.

            We have money left over for the programs.


            There may be some money we need to get to Lifetouch for the cost of the



            Reading counts programs and fun night.

            The reading fun night was really fun, lots of people attended.



       Teacher Balances ˝ if the teachers do not spend the money during this year then the balances do not carry. The money just goes into the general TPA fund. If there is a special project that might take some additional funds these will be reviewed by the TPA. We want to encourage the teachers to spend the money on the classes now and get the benefits. Terri is going to get little sent to each teacher. Some field trips are planned already.


       Carry over to next year?


       Give that much next year?


       Year Book Expenses


       Reading Counts Expenses





Do We want a New Reader Board? ˝ Terri suggested the one like at Veneta. It is an indoor lettering system. We also suggested that instead of parents that a class room adopts the reader board (4th or 5th grades probably).


Upcoming Events:


Grandparent's Day- Need several volunteers to act as hosts and waiters


Book Fair-Need volunteers to help set up and run ˝ Betty brought this up already look above.


Sally Crum for 6 Weeks of PE ˝ organized.


Rachel Theopanes for 6 weeks of singing?

            Terri will find some other programs for the kids.

            Suggestions African and Celtic dancing

            Morgan loved the Dancing programs we just had, the artist in residence.


All school Skate in April ˝ are we doing it? ˝ we are still discussing whether to do this? March 13th suggested as the date. Carla is also going to check into ice skating and other programs.


Bingo Night in May 

            We are looking at May 19th. Friday night.

            Budget enough to get prizes for all the little kids.

            Big prize for the end of the night. Suggestions TVÝs or other big prizes.


            Pizza, popcorn, soda, water, coffee, other treats?


            Holly will get the board for the Bingo.


            We might also have someone doing activities for the little kids and some parents to watch them.


Track and Field Day ˝ Chris would help with her connections to the Pre-Fontaine. Shannon suggested the high schoolers might help us out.


Mini Pow Wow ˝ end of year program? Terri is checking into this for an end of year finale.


Plant and worm sale suggestions and do a fun recycling program. Could we use the money for the worms and the composter tumbler. Suggestion to have a day for a program to teach about more recycling and bring in stuff that is difficult to recycle.


Function 4 Junction- June 3rd. Deadline for having a booth March 1st.

            We need to know where the location of it is and do we have to pay?

            More details. Terri is checking.


Next Meeting Announcement

Next Meeting: March 7, 2006 8:30am in media center



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