Territorial Parents Association

Meeting Minutes 12/06/2005



Attendee List:


Terrie McFadden, Kris Sherman, Kristine Rice, Shannon McAdams, Jennifer Slater, Alan Adler


T.P.A. Opening: 


Happy Holidays 2005 


New parent introduction:


No new parents this month.


Guest Speaker from After School Connection:


Jennifer Slater made a presentation about a program called, "Make

Parenting a Pleasure". The curriculum is from Birth To Three. Jennifer would

like to offer this program but she needs two volunteers to be the

facilitators. They would receive two days of free training in Eugene that

includes lunch on January 12th and 13th, 2006. Jennifer offers 8 week

sessions at Laurel and would like to see the same at Territorial.

Participants get free dinner and free childcare during the classes. Jennifer

will work with us to make that happen at Territorial also if we can get the

volunteers. Jennifer thinks this is an excellent program and hopes we can

generate some interest at Territorial.



Principals Report:


Alan reported that teachers worked on progress reports yesterday. Everything

is on computer this year to make things easier on everyone. Report

cards go home December 15th. Alan explained revised progress report form

and the strategies used in evaluating students.


Computer lab will grow by 4 or 5 new computers next month.


Scandinavian Dance going very well. There will be a performance on

Friday, Dec. 16th for all to enjoy.


Alan went before the school board re: meeting standards. He showed the

Territorial Tattler and other impressive things our school has been

doing and impressed the board.


Territorial enrolled three new students yesterday making our student count 140, which is

very good.


TreasurerÝs Report:   


Shawn Williams absent. Terrie reported that we made approx. $1400.00 on the

product fundraiser. We've spent $153.00 on Reading Counts because we

purchased 100 books for $100.00 through Scholastic for our weekly

drawings. $53.00 reimbursed Jennifer Carr for prize baskets.



SecretaryÝ s report


Secretary unable to attend due to sick child.


Current Business:


Holiday Bazaar is going very well. We're getting lots of donations from

parents and community businesses. We need workers during the school day.

Preschoolers will team up with 4th graders on Tuesday to make things go

smoother for the little ones. This is just a trial to see if it works.


New Business:


Terrie talked about a letter from the "Scratch It For Schools" lottery

program. It was decided that we should apply for it. If we get selected, we

will form a committee to go and participate.


Up-Coming Events:


January ˝ Reading counts program.


February  - Grandparents day)


April ˝ Skate for April- Ice Skate or Roller Skate?


May Bingo Night



Next meeting  Tuesday, January 3, 2006

8:30am in the media center.



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