T.P.A. meeting October 5, 2004


Present:  Kathryn Nepper, Kristi Pulley, Tonda Claouston, Shawn Williams, Tammy Snader, Terri Foran, Michelle Goetz, Terrie McFadden, Jennifer Carr, Kristine Harpole, James Harpole, April Williams, Shauna Gray, Karla Srtaube, Karyne Bienvenue, Holly VanRoss, Melissa Davis, Sally Crum, Arlene Hamilton, Jennifer Slater

 T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!

 Guest, Jennifer Slater, with the Junction City After School Connection Program began her presentation with an update on the success of last yearís Earth Explorer Program.  Jennifer indicated that Winter & Spring classes could be offered at the Territorial School Campus if enough interest was expressed.  A parent/student survey will be sent home with each student at Territorial.  The results from that survey are forthcoming.

 Principalís Report:  Mr. Adler not present at the meeting.  Arlene Hamilton spoke on behalf of Alan Adler.   

        Needed are four volunteers for the health screening of students for vision, weight & height.  Health screening scheduled on October 25th begins at 8:30; vision volunteers need to arrive 10 minutes early. 

        Background checks for volunteers:  $5 split between TPA and the School District.  TPA agrees to pay for background checks for 20 volunteers to comply with State law.  TPA has allocated $100 for background checks.

        Requests for aid in a software upgrade; ìKidsperationî and other software.  Approx. $500 - $800.

        $2,500 for Sally Crum, P.E. Program, to cover pay shared with School District through the month of December.


TPA Old Business

        PVC phones listening devices have been donated for the 1st grade classroom.

        Safety awards budgeted through end of year total $85.  BlachlyñLane Co-op. donation of $50 is included in this amount.

        Ice Cream Social event combined with School Open House; a total success!

        Campus grounds cleanup & landscaping went well with eager & devoted participants.  School District donated bark & soil.  Landscape later with shrubs when weather cools.

        Jog-A-Thon participation a success!

        All preschool requests have been funded.  Phyllis Engel refunded $10 back to TPA.  This amount had already been received from the School District.


TPA New Business

        Display of minutes (content); OK for money raised $ amount to be displayed on minutes for Jog-A-Thon results and future event results to communicate openly with parents and teachers.

        Reimbursement requests from TPA over $50 requires a filled out request form.   Necessary æ consensus from executive board for emergency funds.  Make requests for needed funds at TPA meetings if possible.

        Betty has a program for picture I.D. checkout that costs $60.    A reimbursement check for that amount was distributed.

        Funds request of $100 for background checks, approved.

        Walmart grant of $500 that was submitted last January due to be coming soon.  When grant money received, funds are to go to Alan Adler for software upgrades.

         Jerryís donated $50 for water filters for the preschool.

        Process check to School District for Sally Crum when $2,500 is received from the Jog-A-Thon fundraiser.

        Proposed a safety award with $25 donated from JC Farm and Garden.  Planning on using for multiple safety awards at JC Farm.

        Jennifer Carr presentation & ideas on Reading Counts Program:  Reading 30 minutes per night, weekend minutes count also.  Jennifer has secured a number of family prizes as incentives for this program.  Highest amount of reading minutes receives a prize.  A 5-minute motivational instruction from teachers to introduce program to students.  Adults (parents) sign for reading on tally sheets provided.  If trouble with reading encountered, an adult can read or assist with reading exercises such as sounding out word/phonic combinations.  Working on additional input from other businesses such as Brush Fire Pottery, Putters, others.  Thank you cards to donating companies to be purchased & reimbursable to Jennifer Carr.  Have students make thank you cards eventually, signing with their name and grade.  Final tally of reading minutes to be calculated in December.

        Jennifer Carr update on Safety Award Program:  Funds &/or prizes; $10 allocated so far toward a Coleman flashlight and other items, a $25 gift certificate is to be used to purchase a number of gifts for awards.  Awards will go to several students campus-wide.

        Sally Crum presentation & ideas for Water Safety Program, a.k.a. ìweek in the poolî.  Very beneficial for students to be acquainted with & more comfortable in & near water.  Funding for bus transportation usually $900.  Sally could donate her time in pool if needed due to the importance of the program.  Jennifer Carr volunteered (& Joyce McFadden willing to) help in pool.   Possible H.S. Senior project with swim help & preparation.  Sophomores have a 10-hour community service volunteer requirement.  Water Safety Program will begin in May, a week after Memorial Day.  Days of swimming will be Tuesday through Friday.  How to pay for pool-use:  A total amount of $4 per student from parents.     

        Harvest Party ñ Lewis and Clark Bicentennial:  Date is October 27th; preschool & kindergarten Harvest Party begins at 9:30 am, 1st grade through 5th grade Harvest Party scheduled for 1:00 pm through 2:30 pm.  Donations needed; candy, misc. prizes.  Contact Terrie McFadden 998-5689.            Motion ñ Terrie McFadden for $100 towards Harvest Party supplies.

        A discussion regarding the possibility of evening meeting for working parents.  Accommodate involvement of working parents with a copy of TPA minutes.  Have meetings with committee heads to keep up with needs & activities to allow scheduling for volunteers in upcoming events.

        Territorial website ñ not working.

        Request for copy of TPA minutes to be posted to better inform & accommodate involvement.  Currently in planning & development stages. 

Next T.P.A. meeting November 2nd, 8:30 am Media Center


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