T.P.A. meeting November 2, 2004


Present:  Joyce McFadden, Karla Straube, Karyne Bienvenue, Tonda Clouston, Jennifer Carr, Susie Hise, Terrie McFadden, Kathryn Nepper, April Williams, Shawn Williams, James Harpole, Gail Schweighart, Diane Hofer, Melissa Davis, Susan Leslie, Terri Foran, Alan Adler


T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community! 


Principalís Report: 

Alan Adler began his presentation with the announcement that he has been absent at previous meetings due to the increased responsibilities & off-campus meetings now that he has been appointed Special Education Director for the District.  However he has noticed the dynamic impression of the TPA projects going on with the landscaping of the campus, Harvest Party organized with the Lewis & Clark theme, etc.   The District Publicity Director, Jill Case, commented on Territorial School very positively while she visited during the Harvest Party.  

        James Harpole diligently working on the school website upgrade.

        Parents expressed concern about students riding in cars to/from field trips.  From now on, school buses are to be used for transportation as a safety & liability factor.  There will be a greater burden financially to fund the field trips.  Partial funding of transportation costs needs to be addressed through TPA.  An approximate ballpark figure of $120 (1 bus) to/from Hult Center was discussed as a cost-per-bus figure.  Student Activity Fund has paid for transportation to Kirk Park field trip.  Upcoming field trip transportation funding is currently being handled by the Student Activity Fund. 

        Kathy Wiggins still recovering at Sacred Heart; our prayers & thoughts are with her.  Pam Nelson is substituting for Kathyís Kindergarten class.  Pam has a Music & Art background, so we will continue with those programs.

        Sally Temple is willing to come back to Media Center for 3 days at $100/day.  She will be culling out the well-worn non-fiction books.  The culled-out books will then be available for purchase at the December 6th School District Garage Sale.  An alternative suggestion that the books be donated for the Holiday Bazaar fundraiser was brought up.

        State Testing for 3rd, 4th & 5th grades will be required as part of the ìNo Child Left Behind Actî.  The tests will be conducted twice this year; 1st test scheduled in November & 2nd test scheduled in April. 

        A further explanation on the Sally Crum, PE Position:  Last week The School Board approved the TPA funding of $2,500 (without posting the position).  The stipulation was presented that even if there is a gift of funding for a position, TPA must first go through the School Board to approve a position.  Sally technically couldnít start work until School Board approved; however she has been working prior to that approval.  The 12-week PE program with Sally for $2,500 will carry through until Christmas 2004.  After the fact, the classroom teachers will carry on with the PE program. 


Treasurerís Report:

         Jog-A-Thon event a huge success with more than $5,000 raised so far!

        Further clarification of $2,500 that was paid to Sally Crum; PE program is for the duration of 12 weeks, 1 day a week.

        There was concern expressed regarding the unexpected costs &/or the larger funding in the future of field trips, educational programs, software, additional playground equipment, etc.  Therefore, should TPA come up with a yearly budget that reserves allocation for specific needs?

        Need upcoming field trip information in regards to how many per year; a suggestion that parents pay $2 - $3 per child for bus transportation.  Scholarship funding has been set aside for transportation costs.  Another option discussed was that TPA could allot an amount for each classroom based on the costs of 2 field trips per year.  Individual classes could come up with fundraiser ideas to pay for additional field trips beyond the amount allotted from TPA.


TPA New Business

        Jog-A-Thon volunteers ñ a big thank you!  AndÖ for the committed efforts of our students collecting the pledges, there will be pizza & ice cream for each classroom.

        Harvest Party Lewis & Clark theme was not only a success but also a real learning experience for students, teachers & volunteers!  TPA received a nice thank you card from the Territorial staff.  Several comments on the old time band that we would like them to perform at our school again!  Special recognition goes to the planning committee; Terrie McFadden, Susie Hise, Karyne Bienvenue, Kristi Pulley & Jennifer Carr.  Thanks to Karyne Bienvenue for the design of the seed mosaic & hosting the Harvest Party preparation meeting in her home.  The unique treasure pouches were put together by Karyne Bienvenue, Terrie McFadden, Kristi Pulley, Diane Hofer, Joyce McFadden, Jennifer Carr, Susie Hise & Kristy Hogue. 

        Reading Counts:  Jennifer Carr presented the updates.  Each classroom is tallying the results of each student as tally sheets are turned in; Jennifer is coordinating the school-wide tallies.  Jennifer reported that she has secured several more donations, family passes, gifts, etc.  A brainstorm meeting will be held next Tuesday, November 9th, at 8:30 AM in the school cafeteria.   Motion to refund Jennifer for $40 - thank you cards purchased.

        After School Connection:  Terrie McFadden reported that starting in January, the Earth Explorers/Science would be offered at Territorial School in two separate classes; Kindergarten -2nd grade & 3rd - 5th grade.  There will be a winter term Art class offered also with Megas McDonald as instructor.  Spring term classes to be announced.  Simulating Laurelís After School Program, Territorial School will offer a recess transition period from 2:30 ñ 3:00, and then class begins.            

        Holiday Bazaar:  Gail Schweighart announced the event dates of December 13th ñ 16th.  We will need volunteers for the set up on Friday, the 10th & the breakdown on Thursday, the 16th.  Gail to coordinate the Junction City local area & Jennifer to coordinate the Springfield area.  Donations are inclusive of new items, cash, gently used items.  New items will be brought out daily for display on the bazaar tables for later shoppers.  A clarification on gift buying; buy for immediate family members.  If there is an abundance of donated gifts, shoppers could come back later to buy for others.  We need volunteers (at least two) to train with Gail as a step-into her position for next yearís bazaar.  She is our Holiday Bazaar expert & needs to pass her skills on to those that will be handling the event in the years following.  There will be a planning meeting & workday on Tuesday, November 30th at 8:30 in the Media Center.              

        Jennifer Carr is processing the soup labels & box tops.  

Next TPA meeting December 7th, Media Center.


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