T.P.A. Meeting

May 03, 2005

Present:  Terrie McFadden, James and Kristine Harpole, Kathryn Nepper, Karla Straube, Bill Haney,  Holly Van Ras, Susie Hise, Laura Keys,  Shannon McAdams, Diane Hofer, Terri Foram

Principalís Report

Alan Adler updated on visiting artist Holly Piper. This is her second week and she knows many of the kids by name and is doing a wonderful job. The kids are loving the art experience.

Statewide testing is almost completed with 4th grade being done and 3rd & 5th finishing up. The year the logistics of the testing are going better and the results come back quickly. Alan believes Mrs. Whartonís class may be 100% in science and that overall the numbers are very high. 3rd grade is going great and 4th grade is going outstanding also. It is very interesting watching the kids take their tests. The tests are multiple choice and some of the questions are difficult (or perhaps not written so well J )

The school is looking with great anticipation towards Camp Territorial .

Next years staffing and programs are looking much like this year. Mrs. Wiggins asked for a year of Medical Leave off and posting of the position will be completed soon. It will be music, kindergarten and media skills. The position may be diminished a bit but will still be posted. State of Oregon budget funding has not yet been determined. June will tell more.

The Territorial Preschool Daycare plan has been accepted. It seemed that the school board was surprised by the depth of the plan. After all the numbers were reviewed it appears the TPD had only 1 bad year as is currently $1600.00 in the black for a 10 year overall total. A parents meeting for fundraising for the TPD will be Saturday May 7th at 8:00am. The school boards requirements were for the school to be revenue neutral against the JCSD budget and that no money would go into or come from the general fund. Most importantly the Territorial Preschool Daycare would now have itís own line item on the budget.

Alan will be presenting the school improvement plan to the JCSD Board May 25th. A draft of the plan is available for all to read outside the office.


TPA members

Review of draft for the 2005 TPA activities calendar.



Changes suggested  were to have the grounds clean up a day or two BEFORE the Ice Cream Social Open House so everything looks really nice.

September 30th appears to be the date for the Jogathon.


Holly asked us to add the TPD Pre-School & Daycare Pizza fundraiser.  

Holly wants to do this fundraiser and confirmed for Phyllis that this will not interfere with the TPA fundraisers and there would be no conflict.



Everyone still wants the Reading Counts program and some suggestions/ideas will be added from last year. More to be discussed.

Terrie McFadden is working with Phyllis to create an after school program more robust than last year.


Treasurerís Report

No treasurer in attendance.

Terrie is confident we are in the black.

         Funds requested for 3rd Grade to see Steward Little ñ approved.


TPA By-Laws Committee

Bernie Cummings was not in attendance. We will discuss at next meeting.

Spring Fundraiser

Susie Hise believes the school earned aprox $2175.00 + $600.00 in free products that will be used for Bingo Night. The orders are due back next week and Susie will add a form to each order in case there are errors. We will do another fundraiser sale around the end of October 2005.


Bingo Night

Scheduled for May 13th; location is Territorial Cafeteria. Doors open at 5:30pm, event commences at 6:30 and goes untill 8:00 pm.  100% proceeds to be donated for school.  There will be a pre-sale of tickets for individuals or families.  No funds will be taken out of TPA to fund for supplies or prizes for this event. Concessions for sale will include; pizza, pop, popcorn, bingo cards, etc.  The baskets are coming along nicely.

There was much discussion and idea generation around Bingo Night highlights are:

         Offers of 2 trips ñ fishing and hunting are being finalized

         Laura Keys offered to make up a flyer

         Holly needed volunteers and took names

         Katie offered to post the advertisements on the Chamber of Commerce board

         Bingo cards will run 2 games at a time

         Price changed to $7.00 per card and for family 4 for the price of 3


Territorial Fun Day Student Skate

Friday, May 27th from 1 ñ 3 pm.   This is a no-school day so no bussing to event.  The feeís are paid for the Territorial students. Other children may come but parents must pay for them. Parents guardians must stay with children. There are no chaperones. Regular roller skates only will be provided. No inlines.


Outdoor School

Terrie McFadden provided new updates on this upcoming event.


         Kris Sherman Co-Director of the TPA talked to Larry at Laid-Law and the projected cost for the buses is now down to about $275.00. Kris has included the cost sheets.

         Terrie needs to borrow some big clean storage tubs for the survival packs

         Parents who are working with Pre-schoolers will be able to keep little ones at camp and other Pre-schoolers will go back at 12:30.

         There will be no busing home this day for all students so parents must pick their children up at schools.

Staff Appreciation Month

Terrie McFadden will be bringing Cinco De Mayo lunch and asked for volunteers for other days to bring treats to the staff room.


TPA New Business

Lottery Idea

Kris Sherman investigated some ideas for School Lottery Scratch Offís and will have more information for us at the next meeting.

Sally Crum PE Program

Motion by Terrie McFadden to fund Sally Crumís PE Program of $3500.00 using the Fall Jog-a-thon. Motion approved.      

***Next TPA meeting June 7th, 8:30 am, Media Center.***


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