T.P.A. meeting March 1, 2005

Present:  Terrie McFadden, Bill Haney, Karla Straube, Holly VanRas, Diane Hofer,     Susie Hise, Joyce McFadden, Laura Keys, April Williams, Shauna Gray, Kris Sherman, Bernie Cummings

T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!

  Secretary Report:

Principalís Report:   Alan Adler was not present for an update. 


Treasurerís Report:

        Field trip to Cascade Raptor Center on April 22nd for Ms. Waltonís 2nd grade class.  Fee is $2.50 per student, need $130 for transportations & $10 for scholarship funding ñ total request $140, approved.

        Missoula Childrenís Theatre ñ Arlene requests check to be prepared for them to pick up.  Last year cost was $310, budget $350 for this year ñ approved.

        Need to set up a meeting with Alan to come up with cost budget on busses for next year.   Terrie McFadden will talk with Alan regarding this matter.

        Arlene requested funds to repair the school grounds Walkie-Talkie systems, batteries, etc.  Apparently the batteries for these devices are no longer in production.  However, there is one available to purchase at this time for repair of the (1) Walkie-Talkie.  For future information, Bill Haney mentioned that a set of (4) communication devices could be purchased at Costco for $50.  Bernie Cummings will be checking with BLM for discarded Walkie-Talkie systems since BLM is converting.   

        At issue is the continuing limit or lack of funding from the School District for supplies & repairs for Territorial.  This matter is of great concern & needs to be addressed with the Territorial School Board. 


TPA New Business:  

        TPA By-Laws ñ Bernie Cummings & Terrie McFadden are diligently working on this & have come up with an outline draft that was circulated for review.  Needed is input & suggestions for additions or changes.  Next TPA meeting we can approve the final composure of the By-Laws.  There was a discussion regarding the function of the TPA.  It was decided that we exist to advocate for students and provide overall support for staff to accomplish their goals with our students.  Funds that are raised by TPA are to be used primarily for special activities for students, and not for the school building and campus repair and maintenance. 

        TPA membership - as long as parents have students enrolled at Territorial.  Parents are members of TPA even if they cannot attend meetings.  Suggestions from working parents that cannot attend ñ your notes can be dropped off at front office for input & consideration at meetings.

        Laura Keys questioned the need for a set of by-laws and Terrie explained that we are attempting to make leadership transitions and the decision making process easier and more consistent.  Bernie added that by-laws exist to outline the chain of events and command, give terms of office and state policies of our organization.  It was agreed that by-laws were a good idea - Bernieís work and expertise in this matter was really appreciated.    

        Karla Straube has a date change for the Family Skate - the new date will be May 27th   from 1pm to 3pm. 

        Terrie McFadden spoke on the update for the upcoming Outdoor School Day Camp.  The event will be held over (3) days ñ June 13, 14 & 15.  There will be a staff training day on Saturday, June 11th.  The grand plan included swimming but that will not be possible since the pool is not heated.  If the weather happened to be exceptionally warm, there could be a water-play experience only.  The pool rental is $50/day & $10/hr. lifeguard fee.  Estimated costs for this program are as follows:  Transportation; $1,080 for 3 days ñ Camp rental; $2,550 (170 persons)  - Staff training day; $150.  Total (not incl. Pool) - $3,780.  It was discussed that on the last day of camp it would be fun to make lunch out at Lutherwood instead of having sack lunches the whole time.  More checking into cooks and costs will need to be done.  There will be a planning meeting on March 9th after school, 2:40pm.  We plan to obtain high school volunteers for camp counselors.  Following is a sample list of stations/experiences that will be included in the 3-day camp:  Archeological, Wetlands, Survival, Forest, Songs & Stories, Sports & Games, Skits & Talents, Arts & Crafts, Opening and Closing Activities.  The stations will be comprised of approx. 10 students at a time.  The budgeting for this event will be up-front & include overall costs ñ no parent funding needed.  The only donations needed (& appreciated) would be arts & crafts & misc. supplies.  

        Bingo Night is scheduled for May 20th at Territorial School.   This will be a fundraiser for the Outdoor School Day Camp.  We will pre-sell tickets for bingo cards, pizza & soda as a package.  Tickets will be offered as pkg. per person or family pkg.

        TPA Board Positions for 2005 ñ 2006 school year.  Decisions to be made for vacancy of some positions.

        TPA is signed up for the month of May to donate goodies to the staff room.  May is Staff (Teacher) Appreciation Month & a Mexican cuisine potluck donated from the parents for Cinco De Mayo is planned.  Can bring home-baked or store-bought treats throughout the month of May.


Next TPA meeting April 5th, 8:30 am, Media Center


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