T.P.A. meeting January 4, 2005


Present:  Terrie McFadden, James Harpole, new member ñ Bernadette Cummins, Shannon McAdams, Bill Haney, April Williams, Jennifer Carr, Karla Straube, Julie Hess & Alan Adler.


T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!

Principalís Report:     


Treasurerís Report:


        $500 check issued to Sally Crum for PE Program.

        $25 for student store ñ drawing from good citizen tickets.

        Request for roll of quarters.  Two sets - $20 ñ to be included with grand prize for Roaring Rapids and Camp Put .

        Julie Hess meeting Friday, the 25th; final paper, need phone #s to contact prize winners.  Prizes, awards & certificates to be picked up. 

        Holiday Bazaar brought in $1,776!

        Jog-a-Thon final is $5,581!

        Approved Decemberís minutes.

        $20 check issued to Jennifer Carr for quarters.

        Pizza ñ Holly VanRas, requests list of needs for pizza and ice cream.  Cash and Carry ice cream.  Students are to be assembled by 1:30 with pizza already cooked & ready (150 kids).        


TPA New Business:  

        Terrie McFadden ñ budget committee to meet in January to decide what to allocate in categories for budgeting such as busses, field trips, playground maintenance, etc.  Finance committee:  Kathryn Nepper, April Williams & Kristy Pully. 

        Bernadette to research by-laws ñ similar to PTA.

        More communication needed from teachers in regards to field trips, requests for busses need to be brought forth.

        Upcoming events:  Grandparents Day, volunteers needed.                              Family Fun Day ñ skating on April 8th, a no-school day for students, request that parents transport students.  Skating is from 1pm through 3pm.      


Next TPA meeting February 1st, 8:30 am, Media Center .


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