T.P.A. meeting February 1, 2005


 Present:  Alan Adler, Terrie McFadden, Joyce McFadden, James Harpole, Bernie Cummings, Shannon McAdams, April Williams, Jennifer Carr, Karla Straube, Kathryn Nepper, Laura Kemp, Kris Sherman, Tonda Clouston, Holly VanRas, Shawna Williams.

 T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!


Secretary Report:  


Principalís Report:    

        Much appreciation & thanks go out to Jennifer Carr & the volunteer efforts of many with the Reading Counts Program.  It was a moving ceremony & assembly with book character costumes worn by students & teachers.  Very unexpected turnout with unprecedented total # of minutes read school-wide of 176,000 minutes!  ìThatís a lot of reading!î Mr. Adler remarked.

        School improvement plan meeting Feb. 2 @ 3 PM at Territorial School .  Mr. Adler & (3) teachers will be meeting.  Parents are welcome to attend this meeting & participate to propose goals.  Reading scores for the last 4 years are very high as an average.  The support for reading from parents has obviously made an impact for our students.  Research & statistics show that if students can become proficient with reading at their level by 3rd grade, then by 4th or 5th grade they should become good readers.  

        The School Improvement Plan has been implemented as a result of the No Child Left Behind Act.  The No Child Left Behind Act sets the standards & averages to be met in all categories of curriculum ñ Alan Adler has this information on file.  For Oregon State , the three basic criteria ranges are simply stated for each individual student as; ëexceedsí, ëmeetsí or ëdoes not meetí.  For the past 2 years, the Special Learning sector of our School District has not met AYP (annual yearly progress) standards & has been put on a watch list ñ in need of improvement.  The testing cycles for this program will be implemented in March & April.

        Need reimbursement to Student Activity Fund for $100 for the development of the Territorial Website.  James Harpole worked very diligently on this project & we appreciate his expertise.  One of the more important sites for teachers & students is called ìblackboardì.  Once again the website address is; www.junctioncity.k12.or.us  

        At the end of year ñ an all day Outdoor School proposed at the site of Camp Lutherwood .  We can engage the students, teachers & parents with many hands-on outdoor related & craft-orientated activities.

        Funds will be needed for bussing & cost of admission.  A suggestion was made that parents could partially fund the Outdoor School Project.  The bus company will charge $1 per student; the distance is approx. 12 miles one-way.  Bus driverís time is paid at $16 per hour.  There are 139 students not counting pre-school. 

        T-shirts & sweatshirts ñ 40 year theme for Territorial School; Cora, Roberta & Barb Coolman are the design team on this project.

        There was an announcement from Mr. Adler that Kathy Wiggins will be going on chemo treatments.  Meals are being supplied 3 times daily for a week for this month.  Mondays, Fridays & sometimes Wednesdays Kathy would like (healthy, not sick) visitors to drop by & say hello.  Her phone # is 998-1819.  She very warmly welcomes a short visit.  There was discussion of a website by the name of Caring Bridge that can be used for emailing letters, etc. 


Treasurerís Report:

         Issued (3) checks:  Territorial School PE - Sally Crum $500.00, Laura Walton $22.00 for good citizen tickets, Reading Counts ñ Jennifer Carr $28.04.

        A proposal was made to reimburse Holly VanRas $75.00 for pizza & ice cream expenses.  Cash & Carry did not donate as previously expected so Holly VanRas stepped up for the cause.  This proposal unanimously approved.

        Jennifer Carr, costs to-date for Reading Counts are $20.00.

        Motion for $100.00 one-time fee for website development ñ reimbursement to Student Activity Fund.  Approved.

        Motion for $16.00 reimbursement for Jennifer Carr ñ prizes for Reading Counts.  Approved.

        Motion to reimburse Galen Carpenter for foot brush purchased & located by room #2, receipt for sale price of $22.00.  Approved.

        Request for room #2, Galen Carpenter, (6 high x 2 wide) bookshelf for price of $42.00.  A parent offered to donate funds for the purchase.

        Betty in the media center needs a quantity of 10 metal support brackets for the cost of $30.00 plus shipping.  Approved.

        Ms. Coolman requested reimbursement for pencil sharpener, $16.59 & postage stamps used for the Iditterod correspondence, $100.00.  Approved both expenses.

        Ms. Nelson requested a one-time purchase of plastic cups for 26 students in the Kindergarten classroom.  Research further into type of cups to be purchased at a later time (disposable vs. washable).  Approved a check to be issued for $50.00 for misc. supplies for Kindergarten classroom.

        400 books are to be donated through Scholastic; divide amongst the teachers & classrooms pertaining to each grade level.

        Budget Committee for upcoming & yearly finances; Kathryn Nepper, April Williams & Karla Straube.       


TPA New Business: 

        Bernadette Cummings ñ By-Laws Committee; Terrie McFadden to meet with Bernadette who has 4 different schoolís examples of by-laws.  A plan for TPA by-laws will be devised & proposed at an initial meeting then approved at the next meeting.

        A round of applause went out to Jennifer Carr for the Reading Counts Program, first time at Territorial School & a success!  We are in need of suggestions for minor ìkinksî to be worked out.  Certificates for participation to be handed out school-wide to each student.  Complaints vs. resolutions need to be submitted to prepare next yearís guideline for this program.         

        Terrie Foran needs someone to help out with the reader board.

        Grandparentís Day, Feb. 11th; Bill Haney has volunteered with parking lot management ñ we need more volunteers for parking, etc.

        Camp Lutherwood proposal for ì Outdoor School î for Preschool ñ 5th grades.  The dates of June 13, 14 & 15 were discussed for this event  ñ June 16th is last day of school.  This site has outdoor activities galore & the teachers were especially interested to include our end-of-the-year wetlands adventure at this camp.  The Territorial T-shirts could be individually designed & crafted at the camp.  An approximate cost of bussing for (1) day to/from Camp Lutherwood would be $360.00 ñ (two bus drivers for 8 hrs. @ $16/hr. & $1 per mile).  Pool rental would be $150.00 for entire (3) days ñ although we were notified after the meeting that the pool is not heated.  We need to work up a budget for this proposal ñ estimated total cost $4,000.00.

        Skating previously scheduled for April 8th is going to be re-scheduled.  


Next TPA meeting March 1st, 8:30 am, Media Center .

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