T.P.A. meeting December 7, 2004

 Present:  Terrie McFadden, Karyne Bienvenue, Shannon McAdams, April Williams, Gail Schweighart, Susie Hise, Karla Straube, Shawn Williams, Holly VanRoss, Arlene Hamilton, Kathryn Nepper, Jennifer Carr, James Harpole, Shainer Gerz.

Note:  Joyce McFadden could not be present.

 T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!


Principalís Report: 

 Arlene spoke on behalf of Alan Adler:

        The Territorial Web site is up & running online at http://www.junctioncity.k12.or.us/Territorial/index.htm - much thanks to James Harpole for working so hard on this project. 

        Request for TPA to help finance PE Program from January through March.   The amount requested of  $500 from TPA will be matched with an additional $500 from Territorial School Student Activity Fund (not from School District) for a total payment of $1,000 to PE Instructor, Sally Crum


Treasurerís Report:

        $150 check issued for framing the Lewis & Clark mosaic.

        Jog-A-Thon fundraiser reaching to approximately $5,100!!!


 TPA New Business

        Request for update on Reading Counts Program; an additional gift certificate from Maziís received.  Pre-school is doing well, Kindergarten is in the lead with one student at 945 minutes, 3rd Grade is lacking participation & 4th Grade is doing well.  There are (3) prizes allocated per grade at this time.  Will submit pizza & ice cream in January.  Need to order 160 ice cream servings ñ individual servings instead of hand-scoop. 

        January 28th is the date for the ice cream and pizza party.  Pre-school & Kindergarten will go together.

        Pam Nelson, Kindergarten Teacher requests White Boards, (12) 9x12 dry-erase boards at an approximate cost of $30 total.  A bulk purchase of (36) would be $60.  Approved $60 for dry-erase boards.  

        Approved $500 for Sally Crum, PE Instructor, for January through March.

        Holiday Bazaar; setup on 1:30 Friday, 12/10/04.  Among all the donations, Euphoria Chocolates sent 3 lb. bag of chocolates, Clark Ceramics, Robert Marks donated $100, Jerryís Home Improvement - Get Coffee bags, oil lamps, cookie jars.

        $28.05 has been spent toward Wednesday & Thursday 3rd grade class project.  Needed are small pine cones & cedar tree parts.

        No TPA by-laws are present or can be located from previous years.  Emphasis on professionalism for the TPA meetings, guidelines & activities.

        TPA budget process to be enforced for next year & allocation of funds for expected yearly expenses.

        Upcoming fundraisers:  Cookie Dough sale looks good-to-go; Cruise-In - $2,000 signature every couple of years ñ 50% pizza & bingo suggestion ñ work on setting it up; suggest alternating years for some events to add variety.


Next TPA meeting January 4th, Media Center.

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