T.P.A. meeting April 5, 2005


Present:  Terrie McFadden, Bill Haney, Karla Straube, Holly VanRas, Susie Hise, Joyce McFadden, Laura Keys, April Williams, Kris Sherman, Bernie Cummings, Shawn Williams

T.P.A. OBJECTIVE:  Helping to build Community!


Secretary Report:

Joyce McFadden announced that she was thankful for everyoneís patience since she had not been able to attend some of the meetings this year.  As she looks forward to employment next year, she will miss being present at the TPA meetings.   


Principalís Report: 

Alan Adler opened the meeting by saying ìThe good news is that I am here at this meeting.î  He had cancelled another meeting in order to attend this very important TPA meeting.  Alan had informed us that a majority of his time has been allocated to students who are not enrolled in Territorial but in other schools within Lane Co. & that he is in charge of those students.  He remarked that we have (here at Territorial) an excellent group of students with very few disciplinary problems.  This year has gone smoothly. 

Next year, he mentioned, weíre in ìdeepî with the implementation of the School Improvement Program.  Parents & teachers together have planned & created a program designed for Territorial School .  Alan presented a few copies of the first draft at the meeting for overview.  The No Child Left Behind Act & legislation that has been in effect for 6 ñ 7 years brought about the initiation of this program.  Due to the No Child Left Behind Act, the standards are set very strictly in the regard that if one group fails or doesnít meet the set standards, all other groups fail.  This has caused a lot of concern & frustration for all educators.

Computerized State testing for 3rd, 4th & 5th grades for Reading , Math & Science is ongoing & will be finalized by May 15th.

Alan thanks everyone from Territorial who attended the last School Board meeting.  Their presence definitely made an impression with the Board Members & made a difference in how the Territorial Pre-School/Daycare agenda was viewed.  Additionally in regards to the Pre-School/Daycare issue, there is a meeting to be held on Saturday at 9:30 am in the Media Center to brainstorm what alternatives can be looked at to retain this program at

Territorial.  It is the School District ís standpoint that the District cannot any longer support the program & we need to come up with ideas.  Terrie McFadden asked Mr. Adler if Phyllis, the Pre-School/Daycare Director, would be required to pay back the deficit balance to the School District .  The answer, from Mr. Adler, was ìNo Phyllis would not have to pay anything back to the district.î  Projecting is difficult for next yearís funding from enrolled students in that program.  Therefore, support for the Pre-School/Daycare Program is top priority!  The upcoming Plant Sale proceeds are to be allocated to that program; community members are asking for donations within their neighborhoods.  Laura Keys spoke positively on behalf of the Pre-School/Daycare Program by mentioning that only a couple of years resulted in a negative balance while the remaining years reflected larger positive bottom-line figures.  Bill Haney expressed the fact that the program as a whole can only be judged on a year-to-year basis & totally dependent upon the enrolled students, daycare income & the union contract benefits scale.  Mr. Adler stressed that the major issue in regards to expense is the upscale of health benefits or PERS that is entirely under a contractual agreement.

Mr. Adler went on to say that grants could be a major consideration ñ need to devote the time to research & initiate.  Government grants are difficult to achieve in these times as Jill Case had mentioned at the last school board meeting.  May be possible through the employers of parents within the school district.  Saturday, April 9th meeting for all those interested in keeping the Territorial Pre-School/Daycare Program ñ put our heads together on the grant issue.

Spring & Fall Fundraisers (TPA New Business out of sequence): 

Susie Hise presented the TPA with a fundraiser program.  By committing to (2) separate fundraisers offered within this program, Territorial School was awarded with $600 in free gifts that could be used at Bingo Night scheduled for May 20th.  Thursday, April 7th is kick off day for this fundraiser & ends on the 19th.  This is not a labor-intensive fundraiser; proceeds to Territorial are 45% for cookie dough & 50% for catalog orders.  The 2nd portion of this fundraiser must be held by October 15th & lasts for 2 weeks.  Possibly may consider rescheduling the Jog-A-Thon event to an earlier date to accommodate for this fundraiser.


Treasurerís Report:

        Bernie Cummings opened the discussion that each teacher should have an equal, set amount per year funding from TPA.  Additionally, a ìwish listî could be posted on the website & parents could elect to donate for the cause.  There are currently (7) teachers including Phyllis in pre-school.  Cost estimates as follows were taken into consideration:  Field trip transportation for (1) class to Eugene & back to be estimated at $150 for next year ñ  (3) field trips per year = $450 per class; student-use supplies estimated yearly cost $150 per class.  Total to budget $4,200.  April mentioned that the Jog-A-Thon event raises an average of $3,500 per year.  Motion:  $600 funding to each teacher for grades Pre thru 5th for next school year.  Use the money for student-use supplies & field trips.  TPA will take charge of bookkeeping details & maintain a paper trail through the Treasurer of TPA.  Motion approved. 

        Media Center request DVD player for purchase or donation.  Karla Straube will be checking into a donated DVD player.

        Approved funding up to $150 for 5th grade field trip to Oaklea Middle School for classroom tour.

        Approved 5th grade Register Guard Pioneer Museum field trip.  $180 total for admittance & bussing.  


Officer Nominations/Elections:

        Nominate Laura Keys for Secretary; elected.

        Nominate Shawn Williams for Treasurer, elected.

 TPA Old Business:  

        TPA By-Laws Committee - Bernie Cummings presented a draft copy for everyone to take home & research for suggestions & changes.  Make all changes at next TPA meeting in May; adopt the final version at the June TPA meeting.   

        Territorial Fun Day Student Skate is set for Friday, May 27th from 1 ñ 3 pm.   This is a no-school day so no bussing to event.  For attendance of 50 ñ 60 students, the admittance is $2.75 ea, for over 100, the admittance is $2.25 ea.  Motion TPA funding cap of $275 for this event.  Approved.  

        Bingo Night is scheduled for May 20th; location is Territorial School MP room.  Doors open at 6 pm, event commences at 6:30 till 8 pm.  100% proceeds to be donated for school.  There will be a pre-sale of tickets for individuals or families.  No funds will be taken out of TPA to fund for supplies or prizes for this event. Concessions for sale will include; pizza, pop, cookies, cotton candy, popcorn, shirts, bingo cards, etc.  Pre ñ 5th grades, with the help of (1) parent volunteer per class, are in charge of coming up with a beautifully wrapped basket (cellophane & ribbons galore) with a family oriented theme such as ëmovie nightí, ëgame nightí, ë family recreationí, etc.  The products included in baskets are to be creative & coordinate with theme selected ñ put together in classroom.  These baskets will be sold via raffle tickets.  Volunteering parents for basket preparation are as follows:  Pre-School ñ Diane Hofer, Kindergarten ñ Kris Sherman & Shawn Williams, 1st Grade ñ Joyce McFadden, 2nd Grade ñ Terrie McFadden & Karla Straube, 3rd Grade ñ Holly VanRas, 4th Grade ñ TBA, 5th Grade ñ Kathryn Nepper.

        Outdoor School :  Terrie McFadden provided new updates on this upcoming event.  She indicated that several of the professional individuals were going to be donating their time, however April Williams stated that there usually is a customary stipend offered of $20 to cover gas, supplies, etc.  Also April expressed that in regards to the photographer, it needs to be specified that supplies are donated or that a budget is stated up-front.  Terrie has applied for a grant of $2,000 through Box Tops for Education; also she submitted an application to Wal-Mart for a $500 grant.  Kris Sherman is Assistant Director for this event.  A planning meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11th at 2:40 pm. 


TPA New Business 

        Planning for next yearís activities at May TPA meeting.

        Position of TPA on Territorial Pre-School/Daycare issue; NO TPA funding for continuation of program (or) YES TPA designates a fundraiser to maintain the program.  As TPA members, we emotionally support the continuation within the Territorial community.  No commitment from TPA at this time.  Saturday, April 9th at 9:30 am we meet at Territorial School to intricately discuss this agenda issue.

        April 18th - Phyllis Engel, Preschool/Daycare Director, to submit finalized plan to school board for future retention of that program at Territorial School.

        April 25th - School Board meeting with agenda issue to consider the retention of Preschool/Daycare program at Territorial School .  


***Next TPA meeting May 3rd, 8:30 am, Media Center.***

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