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Oaklea is into ART
ArtCore Grant Awarded
Exciting News!  In addition to receiving the Studio to Schools grant, Oaklea will be one of five middle schools in Lane County to receive a shared $2.2 million of Federal government funding for the Arts. This is called the "ArtCore" grant.

ArtCore is an immersive studio-to-school arts integration project that will be implemented in five Lane County middle schools. In collaboration with Lane Arts Council, the University of Oregon, and participating districts, ArtCore will bring new, creative and collaborative opportunities to teachers and students. With a significant research component, ArtCore will help deepen our collective understanding about creativity, the arts, and teaching and learning at the middle school level.

The funding will be combined with the Studio to Schools grant money, and will encompass four to five years of art for Oaklea Middle School students!

We would like to thank Ross Anderson, from the Educational Policy Improvement Center, Liora Sponko, Executive Director of the Lane Arts Council, and the rest of the team at Lane Arts for their help in writing the proposal for the ArtCore grant and highlighting the features that will make Oaklea an excellent candidate to receive the funding.  Brian Young, Principal of Oaklea Middle School, reports that he is tremendously excited to see how the arts enrichment funding will strengthen student creativity, critical thinking, and engagement in classroom study.  Studio to Schools and ArtCore will combine to truly benefit all students at Oaklea.

Junction City School District is committed to Engage, Inspire and Educate all our students by offering physical education, music, comprehensive art, computer technology, as well as enrichment and academic support in before and after school programs.
Enrollment: 526
Student Teacher Ratio: 30.94/1
Licensed Staff: 22

Principal, Brian Young


Welcome to the first “Principal’s Corner” of the 2014-15 school year!  This is one of the primary methods administrators in our district use to communicate the happenings and updated schedules in our buildings throughout the school year.

Please feel free to visit with myself and other parents at the Oaklea Parent Group meetings each month. The September meeting is scheduled for 8:20 a.m. on Friday, September 5th.  If you can’t make the morning meetings, but would still like to be involved or volunteer with the OMS Parent Group, please e-mail our parent coordinator, Susie Freeman:  Throughout the school year, there will be all sorts of opportunities for parents to be involved at Oaklea.  If you would like to volunteer in our school, please start the process by filling out the online version of the district volunteer application: (click on “Forms” and then “Volunteer Background Check application).  

For our new 5th and 6th grade students, you and your parents are invited to come to Oaklea for our annual supply drop off on Tuesday, September 2nd from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.   New 7th and 8th grade students are also welcome to come in that afternoon.  This will be an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the building, practice opening your locker, and meet your teachers.  On that note, class lists will be posted on the front windows at Oaklea on August 29th.  The first day of school is Wednesday, September 3rd.  Doors open at 8am, and please note that we continue to serve free breakfast to all students in TEAM classes each a.m.

Update on new staff for the 2014-15 school year
Staff Changes: Detailed information will be coming in the first edition of the In the Middle Newsletter.  I’d like to take time to briefly introduce you to our new teachers and full time counselor.
New Staff:  Angie Elstone is not new to the district, as those of you who have had children at Laurel will recognize.  After serving as counselor at LES for the past two years, we are very fortunate to have her serving students in the new full-time counseling position at OMS!  Angie will also be providing much needed Health instruction to our 7th and 8th graders on a rotating basis in Science classes.  After serving as a 5th/6th teacher for 13 years in the Central Linn district, Jennifer Lindsey will be our new 5th grade classroom teacher.  Jennifer graduated from JCHS, lives in the community, and we are thrilled to have an instructor of her caliber returning home.  Hillary Bean will be a first year teacher in the .5 Math position.  She will be teaching foundational math courses to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders in the mornings, and recently graduated from Western Washington University.  Valerie King has been hired to fill the important role of Title I Reading instructor.  Valerie recently served as an administrator in Springfield, and is a distinguished reading specialist.  She actually retired, but wanted to keep fulfilling her passion for reading support and helping students to improve.  She teaches Reading endorsement classes to aspiring teachers in the Pacific University program, and will help our staff and students tremendously in the area of literary achievement and growth.  Steve Tedrick will be our new 7th grade Social Studies teacher, and he recently taught for several years in Creswell.  He resides in Junction City with his family, and has already been involved in coaching athletics and music programs in the community.  As with all of our hires for this school year, Steve comes to us with exceptional recommendations, and we are looking forward to the positive impact each of these individuals will make with our kids!   

Exciting Announcement: As mentioned in June, Oaklea has been selected as one of 18 schools in the state to receive the Oregon Community Foundation’s “Studio to Schools Grant.”  The multi year, $280,000 grant will allow us to greatly expand our arts enrichment opportunities for students within the school day, in addition to the development of after school components. This grant is exciting for our staff and student body! 

Oaklea’s Open House is scheduled for Thursday, September 18th from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. You’ll have the opportunity to follow your child’s daily class schedule while briefly meeting each of her/his teachers. All parents/guardians and students are welcome.  Like last year, we are working with our Parent Group to serve hot dogs and refreshments starting at 5:30pm (front of the building).

Please remember to stop by the Main Office when you visit our school. We’ll ask you to sign-in and wear a Visitor’s Badge. This procedure helps us keep the building secure as well as assisting you with any questions you might have.

As always, feel free to email, phone (998-3381), or e-mail/call specific teachers to schedule a conference to discuss any of your school questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2014-15 school year at Oaklea Middle School!

Brian Young

Important Dates, Information»
Welcome to Junction CIty Schools - Video Link Here
2012-13 State Report Card: English Spanish
Nov. 02 Daylight Savings Time Ends
Nov. 07 OMS- Parent Group Meeting, 8:20am
Nov. 04 Election Day
Nov. 11 No School - Veterans Day 
Nov. 13-20 OMS - Book Fair
Nov. 19 1.5 hour Late Start Day
Nov. 20 OMS - 5th /6th Grade Fun Night
Nov. 24 School Board Meeting, 6pm - District Board Rm.
Nov. 25 End of 1st Trimester
Nov. 26-28 No School - Thanksgiving Holiday
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Bell Schedule

Regular Bell Schedule

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
TEAM 8:10 - 8:20 Announcements; Breakfast
D.E.A.R. 8:20 - 8:39  
Period 1 8:43 - 9:46  
Period 2 9:50 - 10:53  
Period 3 Lunch 10:53 - 11:28 Grades 5/6
Period 3 Class 10:57 - 12:00  
Period 4 Class 11:33 - 12:35
Period 4 Lunch 12:00 - 12:35 Grades 7/8
Period 5 12:40 - 1:43  
Period 6 1:47 - 2:50  

Professional Activity ~ Late Start Bell Schedule
(No TEAM/Breakfast)

Doors Open 9:30  
1st Bell 9:35  
Period 1 9:40 - 10:32 Announcements
Period 2 10:36 - 11:28
Period 3
11:28 - 12:03 Grades 5/6
Period 3
11:32 - 12:24
Period 4 Class 12:08 - 12:59
Period 4 Lunch 12:24 - 12:59 Grades 7/8
Period 5 Class 1:04 - 1:55
Period 6 1:59 - 2:50

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