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Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative
Youth Tour 2016 Representative
Audrey Sherman
JCHS student Audrey Sherman represented Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative as their Youth Tour 2016 representative in June. Audrey was featured in the recent addition of the Ruralite, an electronic magazine, that the co-op sends its customers.

Click here to read about Audrey's learning experience in Washing D.C.

Blachly Lane Electric stated, "We acknowledge the contributions of family, school and community that have helped shape Audrey into quite an extraordinary young woman."

Congratulations Audrey! Thank you for being such a good ambassador for Junction City High School!



Principal, Brian Young

November/December 2016

Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

We are approaching the end of the 1st Trimester, and I would like to thank you for the continued encouragement and support you are providing to our students.  The final day of the 1st term is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd, with no school the following Monday and Tuesday (5th & 6th) as teachers determine grades and take part in professional development.  Our Positive Behavior Support team is encouraging students to save up those Tiger Stripes for the Winter Giving Store coming up in December.  Students will have an opportunity to buy gifts for themselves, as well as family members.  Thanks to all of you who came out for Parent-Teacher Conferences and our Fall Fun Night this past week.  We are always looking for ways to connect our families to Oaklea. 

During this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all of our students and parents who have contributed to our Turkey Dinner and Clothing Drives.  This is an excellent way for our kids to continue to learn the importance of community partnership, empathy, and service to others. 
It’s not too late to help with both causes.  Clothing can be bagged and donated at the Student Services office.  For the turkey drive, we will be taking in dinner items or monetary donations through this week.

Exciting news!  The Oregon Department of Education released annual report cards recently, and Oaklea received a “Level 4” designation in the area of academic growth in Language Arts and Math combined.  This puts our students in the second highest category in this important area.  Although overall scores will not be issued until next year, we are excited about the progress our students are making. 

To follow up on the letter I sent out last week, we continue to work with our kids on understanding and respecting our differences during this election season, as well as treating one another with kindness and empathy.  I appreciate all of the support parents are providing with that process as well.  Along the lines of making positive choices, students took part in Red Ribbon Week recently.  Our kids had the opportunity to commit to making healthy choices and being alcohol and drug free.  Angie Elstone (counselor) and Carol Puderbaugh (district nurse) continue to provide Healthy Friday lessons in 7th & 8th grade classes.  As always, if you would like to know more information about what is covered in health classes, grades 5-8, please don’t hesitate to stop by or to contact us. 

I hope you and your family have an enjoyable holiday season.  We also know this is a time of year where many of our students can use additional support and encouragement.  Please keep us informed with any information that would help our teachers and counselors support students in this regard.  As always, please feel free to call or e-mail me directly with any issues, suggestions, praises or concerns.


Brian Young
Principal – Oaklea Middle School


Important Dates, Information»
Welcome to Junction CIty Schools - Video Link Here
2015-16 State Report Card: English Spanish
Jan. 20 OMS - 7th/8th Grade Wnter Dance, 3-4:30pm
Jan. 23 School Board Meeting, 6pm

School Board Appreciation Month - Thank you School Board Members!!
Missoula Children's Theatre
Missoula Play The Princess and the Pea Junction City School District students, kindergarten through 12th grade will be able to audition for the Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) production of  “The Princess and the Pea” on Monday, January 30, 2017 from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at Junction City High School cafeteria.
Those auditioning should arrive by 3:20pm and plan to stay for the full two hours.  No advance preparation is necessary.  MCT Tour Actor/Directors will conduct rehearsals immediately following the audition for some cast members.  Cast members will have rehearsals after school, Tuesday through Friday with a dress rehearsal Saturday morning. For more information, call Nancy Gifford 541-998-1720.
Feb. 3 OMS - Parent Group Meeting, 8:30am
Missoula Children's Theatre Presents
Missoula Play The Princess and the Pea

 “The Princess and the Pea” will be presented on Saturday, February 4, 2017 at Junction City High School Theater with performances at 3pm and 7pm. Tickets are $6 for adults and $3 for children and are available at the door.

The Missoula Children's Theatre residency in Junction City is brought to you by Soroptimist of Junction City and Junction City School District. 

Feb. 8 1.5 hour Early Release Day
Feb. 20 No School - Presidents' Day
Feb. 27 School Board Meeting, 6pm
Feb. 27-Mar. 3 OMS - Book Fair
Feb. 28 OMS - Spring Fling, 5:30-7:30pm
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Reg. Bell Schedule 6-7th Grade M W F

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
Period 1 8:10 - 9:09 Announcements
Period 2 9:13 - 10:06  
Period 3 10:10 - 11:03  
Period 4 11:03 - 11:38 Lunch (6,7)
Period 5 11:42 - 12:35  
Period 6 12:39 - 1:32  
Period 7 1:36 - 2:11  
Period 8 2:15 - 2:50  

Reg. Bell Schedule 6-7th Grade T TH

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
Period 1 8:10 - 9:17  
Period 2 9:21 - 10:23  
Period 3 10:27 - 11:29  
Period 4 11:29 - 12:04 Lunch (6,7)
Period 5 12:08 - 1:10  
Period 6 1:14 - 2:16  
Period 7 2:20 - 2:50 TEAM


Reg. Bell Schedule 5-8th Grade M W F

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
Period 1 8:10 - 9:09  
Period 2 9:13 - 10:06  
Period 3 10:10 - 11:03  
Period 4 11:07 - 12:00  
Period 5 12:00 - 12:35 Lunch (5,8)
Period 6 12:39 - 1:32  
Period 7 1:36 - 2:11  
Period 8 2:15 - 2:50  

Reg. Bell Schedule 5-8th Grade T TH

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
Period 1 8:10 - 9:17  
Period 2 9:21 - 10:23  
Period 3 10:27 - 11:29  
Period 4 11:33 - 12:35  
Period 5 12:35 - 1:10 Lunch (5,8)
Period 6 1:14 - 2:16  
Period 7 2:20 - 2:50 TEAM

Early Release Schedule

Doors Open 8:00  
1st Bell 8:05  
Period 1 8:10 - 9:06  
Period 2 9:10 - 10:00
Period 3 10:04 - 10:54  
Period 4 10:54 - 11:29 Lunch (6,7)
Period 4 10:58 - 11:51 5,8
Period 5 11:51 - 12:26 Lunch (5,8)
Period 5 11:33 - 12:26 6,7
Period 6 12:30 - 1:20  

Two Hour Delay Schedule

Doors Open 10:00  
1st Bell 10:05  
Period 1 10:10 - 10:59  
Period 4 10:59 - 11:34 Lunch (6,7)
Period 4 11:03 - 11:48  
Period 5 11:48 - 12:23 Lunch (5,8)
Period 5 11:38 - 12:23  
Period 2 12:27 - 1:12  
Period 3 1:16 - 2:01  
Period 4 2:05 - 2:50  

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Smarter Balanced Testng Information
School Bond Updates  
Here, you will find past and up-to-date bond information about the planning, productivity and progress of the school bond measure.  
Landscape Design  

Workshop Eight: Design Development - Landscape, Building System Reviews:
In Workshop 8, the team's charge was to review the civil, electrical and mechanical specifications for the new addition. Detailed information can be found in the links below.
Workshop 8 - Reviewing Building Systems Specs

High School Designs Build Excitement
Click Image to See Animation
DLR Group School Design

Contractors break ground for the covered play shelter at Territorial Elementary. Completion is set for February 2017 provided the weather cooperates.

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