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Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative
Youth Tour 2016 Representative
Audrey Sherman
JCHS student Audrey Sherman represented Blachly-Lane Electric Cooperative as their Youth Tour 2016 representative in June. Audrey was featured in the recent addition of the Ruralite, an electronic magazine, that the co-op sends its customers.

Click here to read about Audrey's learning experience in Washing D.C.

Blachly Lane Electric stated, "We acknowledge the contributions of family, school and community that have helped shape Audrey into quite an extraordinary young woman."

Congratulations Audrey! Thank you for being such a good ambassador for Junction City High School!
School Bond Market Favors
Junction City
In a fluctuating market, Junction City School District was able to leverage buyers for a successful return on bond sales this week.  The District hired Piper Jaffray to facilitate $14.635 million in bond sales as generously authorized by our voters this last May.  All bonds were purchased during the sale window coordinated between the District and Piper Jaffray.  The calculated yield rates made them very palatable to a number of financial management companies, private investors, and industry professionals.

The estimated tax rate impact to our community was originally stated in our informational bond campaign as $1.62 per thousand dollars of assessed home value.  The final rate has come in just under that amount and is estimated to remain at that amount throughout the ten year term, thus meeting our commitment to our taxpayers.

Additionally, the structure of the sale enabled the District to also realize premiums paid by the investors.  These premiums have resulted in more than $2.8 million in additional capital construction revenue beyond the $14.635 million in bonds.  Combined with the $4 million in matching funds from the State, the District will have a total of just over $21.5 million in capital funds to invest in the projects identified under the initial bond title.  This means the District will be able to invest in more of the critical infrastructure needs at each of our buildings as well as achieve greater progress toward our high school investment master plan.

As outlined in our earlier bond information, the District will adopt an evaluation and decision –making process for distributing these funds to projects as identified in both our original bond title and master plan and will share the results with our community as that evolves.

Junction City students, staff, and community will be updated throughout this process, and our staff will be available to answer any questions.  This week’s bond sale success will allow us to further our goal of maintaining and advancing district facilities to support district educational goals, enhance safety, and promote community involvement.

Thank you again to all of our community for your support.



Principal, Brian Young

The end of the school year is upon us, and we wanted to
get one more newsletter out to you explaining some important information.  First of all, thank you to all who attended and contributed to the Oaklea "Our Backyard" Dinner & Auction on May 21st.  Guaranty Motors donated the use of their showroom, and our Oaklea Parent Group was able to raise close to $13,000 for our backyard project.  We call it "our" backyard because we want Oaklea to be a place families come to on evenings and weekends.  We will be finishing up our playground in the coming year, as well as putting in an outdoor classroom, swing set, as well as other possibilities including fitness equipment.  Special thanks to Susie Freeman who has served selflessly as our OPG president for the past four years, as well as Susan Goodin and Jessica Cook who organized the auction and are spearheading the project at our school.

I hope your student has enjoyed the schedule changes we have made this school year.  We added enrichment classes and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) within the afternoon schedule to better connect students to our middle school, and support the needs of our kids. Next year, we will be changing our schedule slightly. We are looking at a model where we will have Enrichments and ELOs three days a week.  During the other two days, we will bring the TEAM period back into our schedule, and have traditional core classes with an elective. There will be more details to come as we return next fall.

Please plan on coming to our Oaklea Talent Show on Wednesday, June 1st, at 7pm in the main gym.  8th graders' last day will be Thursday, June 16th, followed by our annual Recognition Ceremony at 6pm that evening. Please note, our last day of school for all other students will be Friday, June 17th, with a 12:50pm dismissal.

As we conclude the school year, please take a look at the "Calendar of Events" section at the bottom of this page.  We have a variety of fun and engaging activities planned to conclude the year.  Finally, I would like to recognize members of our Oaklea family who have announced their retirement: Kelly Gabriel taught Language Arts for years, and following a planned leave recently, will be ending her teaching career.  Also, Cheryl West has been a long time Instructional Assistant in our building, and has made countless connections with our students.  We want to thank Kelly and Cheryl for their service and dedication to our kids and community.

Have a wonderful summer season with your family!

Brian Young


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Welcome to Junction CIty Schools - Video Link Here
2013-14 State Report Card: English Spanish
Sept. 6 First Day of School
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Oaklea Track and Field
Extremely Successful Season
  Oaklea Track and Field has had an extremely successful season - breaking 5 school records, as well as winning their first Oregon Middle School Meet of Champions Race. The MOC is a premiere meet that over 200 teams, from 6A to 1A, apply to attend. Only the top qualifying times, throws and jumps are invited to compete. This is Middle School State.

The team had a record 85 athletes including seventeen 5th graders, that were invited to run an abbreviated season. Both boys' and girls' 6th grade teams took the District first place trophies, while the 7th and 8th grade teams both took 2nd.  Combined scores had the Oaklea Tigers dominating first place over-all.

The girls 4x200m record was broken by the team of Estelle Tedrick, Jillian Liebersbach, Alli Bedacht and Nakiya Mayhugh with the mark of 1:54.4. This is a race seldom run by the girls as they have moved on to the 4x400 relay with great success.

Chloe Morales qualified for the Meet of Champs in the long jump, javelin and the 4x400m relay. She is a 7th grader and looks forward to returning next year.

The girls 4x100m relay of Estelle Tedrick, Jillian Leibersbach, Alli Bedacht and Nakiya Mayhugh entered Meet of Champs seeded 15th and finished 9th. Gracie Williams was injured and Estelle stepped up to
complete the team.

Conner McAdams broke the 24-year-old 800m record formally held by Billy Harper - twice. His final mark of 2:08.55 came at sub-district. Much to his disappointment, he was unable to run at Meet of Champs due to an injury, but was seeded 2nd at MOC and ranked in the top ten nation-wide.

Nakiya Mayhugh broke the 200m record for girls while placing 9th at the Meet of Champs. She set a goal early in the season and worked steadily towards it all spring. Nakiya now has her name on the record board 5 times; 3 relays, the 400m and the 200m.

Finn Mitchell was District Champion in discus and went to the Meet of Champs seeded 6th. Throwing well enough to make the finals, he needed a few feet for the record.  He got that and more with his throw of 137'10", placing 3rd by just 2 feet. Finn worked hard, staying late every practice and it shows in his success.

The girls 4x400m relay has two 8th graders and two 7th graders.  They went into the Meet of champs seeded 7th and their PR was 5 seconds off the school record.  The girls ran with great heart and set a school record of 4:17.47 - taking first place as our first Meet of Champs Champs with a 12 second PR!  Congratulations to Allie Bedacht, Jillian Liebersbach, Chloe Morales and Nakiya Mayhigh.