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The Oaklea Middle School Vision
"Oaklea Middle School is committed to the ongoing education of responsible, adaptable, global citizens"

Oaklea Middle School is an innovative, unique exploratory education experience for students which is provided by the school staff and the citizens of [School District 69]. It allows the student to bridge the gap between the basic skill instruction of the elementary school and the in-depth instruction of the high school. The skills of each student are expanded by utilizing continuous challenge in an on-going learning experience.

A strong foundation in basic skills is maintained in order for the whole child to develop and take his/her place in society. We believe it is important to promote a strong self-image and to offer the opportunity to expand self-knowledge through the discovery of likes and dislikes, strengths and limitations. Along with this growth must be a further awareness of the differences in individuals and the encouragement of the recognition and acceptance of others. The total program emphasizes positive educational experiences at the level where the students can succeed and be motivated to perform to their full potential.

Important to the Oaklea program is an atmosphere that is positve, open and responsible. We are dedicated to encouraging in-depth personal relationships between students and teachers and cooperative relationships between the school, parents, and the community.

(Developed by representatives of the Oaklea Parent's Club and Faculty)

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