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Click on the Spanish Flag to convert this entire page to Spanish.

Chasque encendido la bandera espa–ola para convertir esta p‡gina entera al espa–ol.


Lab Printing Instructions
Instructions on how to print from the Internet in the Oaklea Computer Lab.

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Babblefish Spanish Translator
Convert words from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. You can even convert whole webpages to Spanish from English.

How to Use Babblefish

  1. Find the website you wish to convert to Spanish. The best sites are those that have lots of text.
  2. Second, using the right click side of the computer's "m_o_u_s_e", open up "P_r_o_p_e_r_t_i_e_s". This will show you the name of the web address.
  3. Highlight the name of the web address, then press CTRL-C.
  4. Now go to the Oaklea Web site and click on the Oakleaf, then click on "S_P_A_N_I_S_H". This will bring you back to this page.
  5. Go to the Babblefish link.
  6. Where it asks to put in a website, click in the box and then press CTRL-V. This should place the website into the box.
  7. Now click on "T_r_a_n_s_l_a_t_e". This will open a second window with the page translated into Spanish.

Casa de Joanna: Language Learning Resources

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Spanish Adjectives Concentration
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