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Lab Printing Instructions
Instructions on how to print from the Internet in the Oaklea Computer Lab.

General Resources about Space    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica
Look up general information about Space using this online encyclopedia.

Ask Jeeves Search Engine
If you can't find something on this page, go to Ask Jeeves and ask a question.

The Jet Propulsion Labratory
Where does NASA learn how to make a space shuttle fly? Why the Jet Propulsion Labratory of course. Visit this most interesting site to learn all about the science of space from the experts.

Mir Space Station
So space is empty. Well not exactly as this great site will explain.

The Solar System
We are not alone. Well at least our planet isn't. Join this site to learn more about our nearest neighbors, the other planets in our solar system.

Stars and Galaxies
How do stars behave? How do they get energy? Answer these questions and more in this interesting scientific site.

Views of the Solar System
View and learn about our solar system.

The Nine Planets
Even more about our solar system.

Space Day
Be sure to mark your calendars and visit this site on May 4, 2000 for the Space Day Millennium celebration. Check back often for more details on the upcoming event and activities.

StarDate Online
View the consellations and other general space information.

NASA Johnson Space Center
Information about the Texas control center for NASA.

The Sun    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Sun)
Ask Jeeves about the Sun
Virtual Tour of the Sun
Views of the Sun
Ask the Space Scientist about the Sun
Best of Free Spirit Presents: The Sun
Live From The Sun
The Once and Future Sun
Astronomy in Motion Sun Pages
Solar Flare Theory
The Nine Planets - The Sun
The Sun: Man's Friend and Foe

Mercury    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Mercury)
Ask Jeeves about Mercury
Mercury at a Glance
Views of Mercury
Messenger: Travel to Mercury
Photo Gallery of Mercury
The Nine Planets - Mercury
More Views of Mercury

Venus    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Venus)
Ask Jeeves about Venus
Venus at a Glance
Views of Venus
Ice on Venus?
Photo Gallery of Venus
The Nine Planets - Venus
The Venus Hypermap
More Views of Venus

Earth    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Earth)
Ask Jeeves about Earth
Earth at a Glance
Views of Earth
Photo Gallery of Earth
The Nine Planets - Earth
Asteroid and Comet Impact Hazards
Arizona's Barringer Crater
More Views of Earth

Mars    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Mars)
Ask Jeeves about Mars
Life on Mars?
Mars at a Glance
Exploring Mars
Views of Mars
Mars Landing Sites
Photo Gallery of Mars
The Nine Planets - Mars
Mars Exploration
More Views of Mars
Mars Missions
Mars Settlement Design Competition
Past Mars Exploration
Exploration of the Mars
Welcome to the Mars Millennium Project

Jupiter    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Jupiter)
Ask Jeeves about Jupiter
Jupiter at a Glance
Views of Jupiter
Photo Gallery of Jupiter
The Nine Planets - Jupiter
Jupiter - The Giant Planet
Jupiter Events
More Views of Jupiter

Saturn    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Saturn)
Ask Jeeves about Saturn
Saturn at a Glance
Views of Saturn
Photo Gallery of Saturn
The Nine Planets - Saturn
Saturn Events
Saturn Sixth Planet from the Sun
Saturn's Ring System
More Views of Saturn

Uranus    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Uranus)
Ask Jeeves about Uranus
Uranus at a Glance
Views of Uranus
Huge Storms Hit the Planet Uranus
Photo Gallery of Uranus
The Nine Planets - Uranus
Uranus Events
More Views of Uranus

Neptune    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Neptune)
Ask Jeeves about Neptune
Neptune at a Glance
Views of Neptune
Photo Gallery of Neptune
The Nine Planets - Neptune
More Views of Neptune

Pluto    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Pluto)
Ask Jeeves about Pluto
Pluto the Ninth Planet
Pluto-Kuiper Express
Pluto at a Glance
Views of Pluto
Photo Gallery of Pluto
The Nine Planets - Pluto
More Views of Pluto

The Moon    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Moon)
Ask Jeeves about The Moon
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
The Inconstant Moon
Why the Moon looks larger at the Horizon
Photos of the Moon
Views of the Moon
Photo Gallery of the Moon
The Nine Planets - The Moon

The Universe    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (The Universe)
Ask Jeeves about The Universe
Classifying Galaxies
Galaxies Beyond The Milky Way
Journey Through the Galaxy
The Milky Way
The Shape of the Milky Way
The Comets
Comets and Meteor Showers
When the Sky Really is Falling
Black Holes

Space Flight    Back to Top

Encyclopedia Brittanica (Space Flight)
Ask Jeeves about Space Flight
Kennedy Space Center
John Glenn and the Mercury Space Program Project Gemini
Apollo Mission to the Moon
The Journals of Apollo Astronauts
Contact Light - Mission to the Moon
One Giant Leap - Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon
The Pioneer Project
The Space Shuttle
Shuttle Countdown - When is the next Shuttle Flight
The Space Shuttle Clickable Map
The Future of The Space Shuttle

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