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Step 5 - Answering Questions

Topic - George Washington

Front of Notecard #1

Front of Notecard #2

It is very important that you answer each notecard question in a COMPLETE sentence. You can add in extra information along with your answer that you think would be good to include. Remember you must PARAPHRASE any answer you place on your notecard. If you copy something directly word for word that is called PLAGERISM.

Paraphrase - This means to simply put things in your own words. You must change words or rephrase things to make the sentence one you created. Example: (What the source said)
In mid-December, Washington contracted what was probably quinsy or acute laryngitis; he declined rapidly and died at his estate on Dec. 14, 1799. (What you change it to say - paraphrasing)
George Washington died at Mount Vernon on Dec. 14, 1799 of severe laryngitis .
Plagerism - It is illegal to take the words of others and directly copy them and claim them as your own. If you do use someone else's words, you must put them in quotes (" ") and give credit to the writer. Example:
The famous writer Mark Twain once said, "When in doubt, tell the truth." This means you cannot copy words directly out of books, off the Internet, or out of encyclopedias for your reports. You must learn the skill of paraphrasing.

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