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Rickenbacker in his SPAD plane
The SPAD plane like Rickenbacker flew
He became an engineering officer because his knowledge of engines, but when he saw the pilots about to leave for training, he asked to join them. He became part of the 94th squadron which was called the Hat-in-the-Ring-Squadran which was a symbol put on the fuselage of their SPAD planes.
The symbol of the Hat-in-the-Ring Soon after learning, Rickenbacker became easily the best pilot in the war. He ended his service with the record for the most kills at 26 which included 22 planes shot down and four balloons. He even did this missing some flying time in the summer of 1918 while he recovered from an operation. He was considered to be the bravest and most skilled pilot in the war and his most famous opponent was Baron von Richtofen, who was nicknamed the Red Baron. Rickenbacker shot him down even though the Baron lived to fly and fight again.
After the war on November 30, 1930, Rickenbacker was given the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Hoover for attacking seven enemy planes and downing two of them late in the war on one day. He also won 18 other decorations for bravery, including the French Croix de Guerre with Palm.
Rickenbacker with his medals Rickenbacker and the Red Baron
  Eddie Rickenbacker was the best known American Fighter Pilot in World War I. He became a hero for all of America. In 1917, he signed up for the army and because of his fame as a race car driver became General Pershing, the top General in the Army, personal driver. But he longed for more excitement as he heard about the war. He asked for and was granted a transfer to the U.S. Air Service and sent to France to learn to fly.

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