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State Questions
Place the following questions one each to a note card. (Items In red don't need to be written)
1) How large is_______________ in square miles?
2) How many people live in_______________ ?
3) What is the climate like in_______________ ?
4) Who is the governor of_______________ ?
5) What are some of the main industries in_______________ ?
6) What are some points of interest in_______________ ? (Places tourists would go to see.)
7) What is the capital city of_______________ ?
8) What is the largest city in_______________ ?
9) What is the highest point in_______________ ? (Tallest mountain)
10) On what date did_______________ officially become a state?
11 ) Who was one famous person who came from_______________ ? And what did they do to make them famous?
12) What states or other things (oceans, countries) border_______________ ?
13) How many counties are in_______________ ?
14) What is the state flower of_______________ ?
15) What is the state animal of_______________ ?
16) What are some of the other larger cities in_______________ ?
17) What number was_______________ admitted to the United States?
18) What are some things that make_______________ unique (one of a kind)?
19) What is the state nickname of_______________?
20) What is the largest lake in_______________ ?
21) What major universities (colleges) are found in_______________ ?
22) What are some major farm crops (agricultural products) found or raised in
23) What is the lowest point in elevation in_______________ ?
24) What is the state tree of_______________ ?
25) What are some things to do for fun in_______________ ?
26) What is the state bird of _______________?
27) Make sure you include a map of_______________ in your web site.
28) Make sure you include a drawing of the state flag of_______________
29) What is the exact center of_______________ ? (what town)
30) What is the population density of_______________ ?
(To figure out density, divide the number of people in the state by the area in square miles. For example, if there were 425,000 people and 57,000 square miles, you would put in 425,000 in your calculator, then press the division key, then put in 57,000 and then press the =key. This would come out to 7.456104523698741. You then round to the nearest whole number and say there is a population density of approximately 7 per square mile.)


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