The following pages were designed to help find information about areas taught at Oaklea Middle School. They can be used both in our computer lab at school or at home.

Most of the links will allow you to remain in the Oaklea Middle School Site, but if the link takes you somewhere else, just use the back button on your browser to return to The Oaklea Middle School web site, or if you are in the lab, you may go to the bookmark area on your browser which will return you to the site.

The sites contained on our Curriculum Page have been carefully screened for suitability for a Middle School audience; however there is always the possibility of a site's content being overlooked, modified, or linked to another site that would be inappropriate for this age group. As in the viewing of all types of media, parental or adult supervision is always recommended.

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Oaklea General Help
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Outside Resources for Researching
Outside Resources for Homework Help
Outside Resources for Studing and Skill-building
History and Biographies

Oaklea General Help
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How to print from the Oaklea Computer Lab
Instructions on how to print from the Internet in the Oaklea Computer Lab.

How to do a research project
A guide by an Oaklea teacher.

How to write a bibliography
An Oaklea Middle School guide.

In case the resources listed below aren't enough...
You can find another big list of resources, divided by subject area, here.

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Looking for a particular subject? Choose the letter of your topic below and see if we have something about it! If what you're looking for isn't available, you can come back to this section of the website (School Help) and find information using the resource links listed below.

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Outside Resources for Researching
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Advice for using Internet search engines
Find the search engine that will work best for you.

Surfing the web safely (Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force)
This site is sponsored by the Oregon Department of Justice, and provides tools for safe surfing.

Encyclopedia Britannica Online!
A great resource for all types of research.
You must log-in to a secure site with a username and password.
Username: oaklea
Password: student

Internet Public Library
A great starting place for researching; includes critiques of search engines.

Public Agenda Online
A great site for finding out about social issues; each topic includes recent news stories.

PBS Programming & Teacher Resources
An excellent research and curriculum site for students and teachers.

The Oregonian On-line
You have full use of the Oregonian on-line version for research.
Username: oslis
Password: oregon

EBSCO Magazine Search
Online research database for magazine articles.

Multnomah County Library Homework Center
A list of sites to help you with many topics, including history, social studies, biology, and more.

Awesome Library
14,000 reviewed sources divided into subject areas for easy searching.

Think Quest
A wide variety of information for most subjects can be found at this fun site.

Outside Resources for Homework Help
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Library Spot
Check out the links under Reference Desk for lots of homework support.

Homework Spot
Get help in different subjects.

Outside Resources for Studying and Skill-building
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Educational Games
Here you can find a page of links to all sorts of games to help you in school.

Learn how to type!
A good site for learning to type. It's free and includes many lessons.

Peter's Typing
Another good typing program.

Reading Strategies
This site contains strategies to improve reading skills.

5th Grade Practice Reading Test
An online practice test from Texas.

Drive of Your Life
An interactive site that allows students to explore different careers.

Learn Powerpoint
An excellent site that will give you step-by-step instructions on creating PowerPoint presentations.

5th Grade Literature Textbook
A site by the publishers of our 5th Grade Literature textbook that provides activities that reinforce concepts taught in class.

History and Biographies
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Miscellaneous Links for Historical Information
Learn about African American history, immigration, the invention of the telephone, coats of arms, and more!

A list of links about all things Shakespeare: his history, plays, and more.

General biographies of famous people in history. Great if you're not sure who to research, or how to find information on someone.

Specific biographies of famous (and not so famous) explorers.

The Civil War
8th Grade Social Studies Research Links.

8th Grade Social Studies Research Links.

Colonial Times
5th Grade Research Links.

Huisman's American History Units
These units are on the Revolutionary War and Westward Movement.

The Middle Ages (Medieval Times)
7th Grade Integrated Block Research Links.

The Renaissance
7th Grade Integrated Block Research Links.

Mock Trials
Mr. Reinmuth's 8th Grade Social Studies Research Links.

U.S. Government
Mr. Reinmuth's 8th Grade Social Studies Research Links.

U.S. History
Mr. Reinmuth's 8th Grade Social Studies Research Links.


Para Nuestros Estudiantes Que Hablan Español

How To Do a Research Project