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General Resources about Ancient Egypt
Egyptian History
Great general site on Egpyt that contains helpful timelines.
Wars of Ancient Egypt
Overview of military campaigns by this early civilization.
Ancient Egyptian Weapons
A look at the many weapons of this advanced civilization.
Ancient Egypt Webquest
Activities and information about ancient Egypt.
Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt contains many of the tombs of the great Pharaohs.
Wikipedia article on Moses.
Seven Wonders of the World
More on the amazing wonders compiled by the Greeks.
Book of the Dead
Wikipedia article on The Book of the Dead.
Egyptian Temples
Information on the largest religous temples in the world.
Egyptian Gods
Lots of information on the many Egyptian Gods.
Egypt Beyond the Pyramids
The History Channel's look at the history of Egypt
Explore Ancient Egypt
Visit Boston's Museum of Fine Arts for their extensive Egyptian collection.
Pharohs of the Sun
A special exibit highlighting the role of pharohs in Ancient Egypt.
The Culture of Ancient Egypt    Back to Top
Ancient Egypt Religion
Find out about the religious beliefs practiced in Ancient Egypt.
Egyptian Medicine
Overview of ancient medical practices.
Egyptian Art
Egyptian art was very recognizable and didn't change for over 3000 years.
Ancient Egyptian Sports
The ancient Egyptians had very advanced games and even had referees and uniforms.
The Rosetta Stone
Quick list of facts about this important discovery.
The Eras of Egypt
Egyptian government site that contains a lot of information on the history of Egypt.
Nile River
This site was made by British middle school students and has many links to information on Egypt.
The Nile River
More on the world's longest river and its history.
Animals of the Nile
Look at the abundant animal life that lived along the Nile.
The Sphinx
Amazing sculpture that was carved over 4,500 years ago.
Egyptian Hieroglyphics
Find out about the ancient Egyptian form of writing.
Egyptian Mythology
What were the myths told in Ancient Egypt and other religious information.
The Story of the Rosetta Stone, "Finding a Lost Language"
What is the Rosetta Stone and why is it important.
Finding the Rosetta Stone
Find the history and discovery of this famous Egyptian writing stone.
Mummies of Ancient Egypt
Find out all about mummies from how they were created to why they came about.
Mummification Process
Find out how the Egyptians mummified their dead.
All About Mummies
More great information about mummies.
Smithsonian Museum Online: Egyptian Mummies
Find out about mummies from the famous Smithsonian Institute.
The Art of Ancient Egypt: A Web Resource
Welcome to The Metropolitan Museum of Art's online exploration of the art of ancient Egypt.
The Detroit Institute of the Arts: Egyptian Art
Learn more about the art of Egypt through this site by the Detroit Institute of the Arts.
Ancient Egypt
The British Museum of Ancient Egypt
More Great History of Ancient Egypt
Visit this site for additional history of Egypt.
Information on the History of Egypt
Egyptian government site, full of information on culture and history.
The Medicine of Ancient Egypt
The Egyptians were one of the first people to have practicing physicians. Read about their medical practices.
Egyptian Jeopardy
Play a game to test your skills about Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Nubia
This web site explores an ancient civilization that existed along with the Egyptian Kingdom. You will learn that the Nubian civilization had it's own distinct culture, and even ruled over Egypt for a short period.
Ancient Egyptian Architecture
Find out about the making of the pyramids as well as other Egypitan structures.
Ancient Egypt
A general site for info about Ancient Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian Architecture    Back to Top
There are over 100 pyramids in Egypt. Find out more about them here.
Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings in Upper Egypt contains many of the tombs of pharaohs.
Tour Egypt Feature: Valley of the Kings
More about the Valley of the Kings.
NOVA: The Inside Story of the Pyramids
Go to this wonderful site created by the makers of the PBS television show, NOVA about the ancient pyramids of Egypt.
Pyramids and Temples
This site has information and a map of where the ancient pyramids and temples were located in Ancient Egypt.
The Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
How were the pyramids constructed. Find out about this and other wonders of ancient Egypt.
The Magic and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
Find out about Cleopatra as well as many other facts about Ancient Egypt. city.
Gods and Religions of Ancient Egypt
What were the religious beliefs of Ancient Egypt?
Mythology of Ancient Egypt
You've heard about Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology. Now find out about the beliefs of Ancient Egypt.
Building of the First Aswan Dam
This site tells about the original Aswan Dam built in 1899.
Aswan: The High Dam
This tells about the marvels of building the "High Dam" of Aswan and what it means to Egypt.
Aswan Dam Revisted: The Benefits of a Much Maligned Dam
This tells about the controversy surrounding this dam and what it has meant to Egypt.
Ancient Egyptian People    Back to Top
Explains why the term "Pharaoh" become linked with Egyptian rulers. Also, gives a timeline of Egyptian Pharaohs.
Hatshepsut was a queen who would be king of Egypt. Find out about her in this interesting site.
Very influential wife of Amenhotep IV and mother-in-law of King Tut.
King Tut
Find out about the famous king of Egypt, Tutankhamun.
Learn more about this Pharaoh called "The Heretic".
Cleopatra VII
Find out about the famous queen of Egypt, Cleopatra.
Alexander the Great
Find out this famous Greek came to Egypt.
"Ramses the Great" or Ramses II, one of the greatest Pharaohs.
Ptolemy I
Find out about the pharoah Ptolemy I.
Ptolemy II Philadelphus
Find out about the pharoah Ptolemy II.
Ptolemy III Euergeter I
Find out about the pharoah Ptolemy III.
Augustus (Octavius)
Find out about how this Roman Emporer ruled Egypt.
Life in Ancient Egypt
Find out about the life for the average Egyptian.
Daily Life in Ancient Egypt
More about the daily life of an ancient Egyptian.


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