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Lab Printing Instructions
Instructions on how to print from the Internet in the Oaklea Computer Lab.

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BBC Education Math Games
Visit this wonderful site created in jolly old England to play a variety of games looking at probability, rounding, algebra, and more.

Magic Square
Build a magic square with addition concepts.

Math Baseball
Practice your basic math operations while playing a game of baseball.

Soccer Shootout
Work with whole numbers or fractions while trying to play a game of soccer.

MathCar Racing
Learn about math expressions and which are greater playing this entertaining math game.

Change Maker
Learn how to work with currencies from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Guess the Number
Use your number sense to find a number the computer chooses.

One False Move
Go from lowest to highest numbers or highest to lowest gaining treasure,but be careful, one bad pick will make a ghost appear.

Practice your addition, subtraction, and multiplication by playing the game of Concentration, Find the Hidden Picture, and Matho.

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