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Instructions on how to print from the Internet in the Oaklea Computer Lab.

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Encyclopedia Brittanica
Look up general information about Biographies using this online encyclopedia.

Ask Jeeves Search Engine
If you can't find something on this page, go to Ask Jeeves and ask a question.

Group Biography Sites     Back to Top
From the A&E program with the same name, an excellent resource of information about all sorts of people from celebrities to people who helped shape history.

Biographies of famous historical Americans

Famous Women in History

Famous Black Americans in History

Colonial Hall: Biographies of America's Founding Fathers

Famous People who have been honored on Postal Stamps

US President Sites     Back to Top

The White House: President's Hall

PBS American Experience: The Presidents

Lists of US Presidents

POTUS: Presidents of the United States

American Presidents Life Experience

PresidentS Directory

Alphabetical Individual Biography List     Back to Top

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Adams, John
Adams, John Quincy
Addams, Jane
Alexander the Great
Anthony, Susan B.
Augustus Caesar

B     Back to Top

Barton, Clara
Bell, Alexander Graham
Burr, Aaron

C     Back to Top

Chavez, Cesar
Columbus, Christopher
Cortez, Hernando

D     Back to Top

Davis, Jefferson
Douglass, Frederick
Drew, Dr. Charles

E     Back to Top

Edison, Thomas
Edison, Thomas (more)

F     Back to Top

Franklin, Benjamin
Franklin, Benjamin (more)
Ford, Henry

G     Back to Top

Grant, Ulysses S.

H     Back to Top

Hale, Nathan
Hamilton, Alexander
Harrison, Benjamin
Harrison, William Henry

I       Back to Top

J      Back to Top

Jackson, Andrew
Jefferson, Thomas

K     Back to Top

Keller, Helen
Kennedy, John F.
King Jr., Martin Luther

L     Back to Top

Lee, Robert E.
Lewis, Merriwether & Clark, William (Lewis and Clark)
Lewis, Merriwether & Clark, William (Lewis and Clark) (more)
Lincoln, Abraham
Lincoln, Abraham (more)
Lincoln, Abraham (still more)

M     Back to Top

Madison, James
Monroe, James

N     Back to Top


O     Back to Top

P     Back to Top

Penn, William
Polk, James

Q     Back to Top

R     Back to Top

Revere, Paul
Robinson, Jackie
Ross, Betsy

S     Back to Top

Sherman, William Tecumseh
Sitting Bull (Tatanka Iyotake)

T     Back to Top

Truth, Sojourner
Tyler, John
Tubman, Harriet
Tubman, Harriet (more)

U     Back to Top

V     Back to Top

Van Buren, Martin

W     Back to Top

Washington, George
Washington, George (more)
Washington, George (still more)
Weld, Theodore
Wheatley, Phyllis
Whitney, Eli
Wright, Wilbur & Orville
Wright, Wilbur & Orville (more)

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