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Principal's Corner

March 2018
As we approach the end of the school year we’d like to take a moment to thank all the parents and guardians who have volunteered their time and or resources to our students, staff, and building. It is your help and involvement that makes this community special and Oaklea a great middle school! There have been so many different areas that your help has had a positive influence in our building. Thank you again and we hope you feel that your endeavors were well received and appreciated.

We started the year off with some adjustments to our master schedule. Some changes that stood out were the addition of “selectives” to 7th and 8th grade and adding a third lunch. We anticipate that next year our schedule will be fairly similar to its current form, but we may make some minor adjustments if neces-sary. We always appreciate feedback so if you are interested, feel free to email me.

We still have track finishing up their season with the Regional Track Meet on the 9th of May. May 14th is a non-student day as we work on transitions from Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School for stu-dents. 6th graders will be making their trips to Newport in May. There will be no school May 28th in ob-servance of Memorial Day. Get ready for the OMS Talent Show on Thursday, May 31st at 6:30. Our students are gearing up for the event which is always amazing so you don’t want to miss it! 5th graders are putting the final touches on their Carnival, which is Saturday, June 2nd. 7th graders head South to the Rogue River for Jet Boating in June, and 8th graders hit the beach in June. If you would like to volunteer to be involved in one of our end-of-year field trips, please fill out a volunteer background form located on the district’s website, and return to our front office. As you can see, there is still many exciting events ahead!

Please note, June 15th is the 8th graders last day with the Recognition ceremony being at 6:00 p.m. in the large gym. The last day for 5th-7th graders is Monday, June 19th, ending at 12:52 that day. On behalf of the staff, we’d like to wish all Oaklea families an enjoyable spring and summer. This has been a fantastic first year as Principal and I have so appreciated the opportunity to work with this great staff and fantastic stu-dents. For my 20th year at Oaklea Middle School , I can honestly say it has been a great one!

Justin Corey (jcorey@junctioncity.k12.or.us)

February 2018
Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

After the February “fake out” of near 70 degree weather we finished with some snow and freezing tem-peratures. Heading into March we could still see some of those cold mornings and encourage everyone to be connected with our notification system of possible delays or closures. In order for people to plan, we want to inform everyone that in the event of a two hour delay we do not serve breakfast. The delay sched-ule does have our lunch rotation taking place after one period of students starting their day.

We have some dates to mark on your calendar. March 3rd Oaklea will be hosting the OBOB (Oregon Bat-tle Of the Books) Middle School Regional Tournament. Track is just around the corner and we are still tak-ing sign-ups for those interested in participating. There is a parent meeting for track athletes scheduled for 6:00pm on March 6th in the Oaklea Cafeteria. We will be having a number of substitute teachers in our building this spring. In anticipation of this we have had discussions and announcements regarding behavior and respect towards these guests in our building. Please take a moment and have a conversation about expectations with your student. It is imperative to learning for all students that we not miss a beat even when substitute teachers are here. We have great students at Oaklea and we want to showcase their abili-ties, but we also must hold students accountable for their actions if not making quality choices. Thank you in advance for your support of this important piece of our learning environments.

Again, our statewide testing begins this month. All students fifth through eighth will take the Smarter Balanced assessments in both Reading and Math. Like last year, students will only take the computer based assessments one time in the spring. If you would like to apply to opt your student out of testing, take a look at the district website under “Parent-Student Resources”, and click on “Smarter Balance Infor-mation.” Feel free to call me if you have any questions about testing or any other questions or concerns. Again, thank you for all your continued support of our students and staff.

It has come to my attention that parents are parking in locations that block access to homes when pick-ing up children after school along Rose St. Please be mindful of this when parking and avoid blocking driveways and mailboxes.


Justin Corey

The month of February is a sign that it’s the last half of the second trimester.  Progress reports have been mailed home and students need to push themselves to finish strong!  Staff are here to help, but the will starts with the student.  You can do this! 

We’d like to give an enormous thank you to Mark Christiansen and Rexius for the load of playground chips as well as MTS trucking for delivering to our building.  Our parent group continues to do so much for our school and there are many ways to help, so if you are interested in getting involved with OPG, here is the email to use oakleaparentgroup@gmail.com   If you would like to volunteer, or attend a field trip or other school activity as a chaperone, please refer to the district website at http://www.junctioncity.k12.or.us/.  Under “Forms”, click on “Volunteer Background Check Application.”  Since we are not able to take digital applications at this time, please drop off your completed application at the Oaklea main office.

It is nearing that time of year where we start planning for intra-district transfers, meaning transfer requests for those students already attending JC schools.  For Oaklea, this involves anyone who has 4th grader at Territorial and would like to attend Oaklea as a 5th grader.  If you are interested, please contact Stephanie White at the district office to fill out an application (541-998-6311).  The application deadline will be February 20th at 3:30 p.m. If there are more applicants than spots available, the district will do a lottery selection to determine which students are allowed to transfer between schools.

And lastly, statewide testing will begin soon.  Our fifth and eighth graders will complete Science testing in February-March.  Beginning in March, all students fifth through eighth will take the Smarter Balanced assessments in both Reading and Math.  Like last year, students will only take the computer based assessments one time in the spring.  If you would like to apply to opt your student out of testing, take a look at the district website under “Parent-Student Resources”, and click on “Smarter Balance Information.”  Feel free to call me if you have any questions about testing or any other questions or concerns.  As always, thank you for your continued support of our students!

Oaklea wrestling is wrapping up and 7th and 8th grade boys’ basketball is underway.  Track will be starting soon, so be on the lookout for sign ups.  Oaklea’s robotics team made it to state and competed well.   Oaklea is hosting OBOB Regionals Saturday, March 3rd.   We have made an addition to PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports) at Oaklea.  We are now giving out green tiger stripes that can be used in our school store!


Justin Corey

November/December 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,

November is a month of thanks, and so, on behalf of the staff at Oaklea, we’d like to thank each family for their support.  This has been a great year and we appreciate the hard work that goes into helping your children be successful.  I would also like to thank our entire staff who have been putting so much time and positive energy into our students to be the best they can be. 

Family Fun Night is Thursday November 9th from 6-8pm. This event is great fun for the whole family and our Book Fair will be open that night too, so bring your family in and have some fun with us! A reminder that Friday, November 10th we will not have school in observance of Veteran’s Day.  We also have an early release day on Wednesday, November 29th with school ending at 1:22.   First Trimester is coming to a close November 30th, so encourage your child to get all work completed and turned in.  There will be no school Friday, December 1st and Monday, December 4th as teachers work on final grades and professional development.  We will once again be having the Winter Giving Store December 5th through the 7th, where students can use earned Tiger Stipes to “purchase” items! 

Please help us to keep our students safe by observing the yellow painted areas in front of Oaklea on Rose St. and our parking circles.  We’ve seen an increase in cars stopping along the road in these yellow painted areas and it is making it more difficult for staff and motorists to see cars coming, see students walking, and in general more congestion at the entry of our South lot.  Please park across the street in the Laurel Field parking, The Latter Day Saint Church parking lot (which we appreciate), or further down Rose St.  If using the lots across the street please remind your children to use one of the painted crosswalks for crossing Rose St.  We really want to make sure everyone is safe and we appreciate your help in this matter.

We want to celebrate Oaklea once again for receiving a Level 4 ranking on our 2016-2017 building report card.  We increased our score by almost 10% and it shows that the great work staff and students are putting in is paying off.  We are continually working on strategies for making more gains this year!

Winter sports is gearing up and we are still accepting sign-ups for Winter Cheer, 7th and 8th grade girls Basketball, and Wrestling.  Please come to the front office for sign up information and get registered to compete as a Tiger!  Football has its final game on November 8th. 

We hope you and your family have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.  Oaklea staff knows that during the holidays some students may need a little extra and we are here to support them.  Please contact us if there are needs you feel we could address and support.  We welcome feedback so we can improve and we love when we hear we are doing a great job too.  Happy Holidays to all our Oaklea Families!


Justin Corey
Principal   (jcorey@junctioncity.k12.or.us)

August 2017
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

I’m excited for the start of my 20th year at Oaklea Middle School, my first as Principal!  We have so many great things happening that I know will make your time spent here valuable, enriching, and challenging.  I also want to take the time to introduce our new Assistant Principal, Joy O’Renick who is super excited to meet every one of you.  We will have a number of new staff this year that are eager to assist you in your learning.  The energy and positivity of this staff is poised to take us where we need to go, so I hope you’re ready!

Oaklea was one of three schools in the state of Oregon to be awarded the “Don’t Quit!” fitness grant.  This enormous grant is going to transform our “Cave” into a state of the art circuit training facility that will be used by our whole school!  In October we’ll have the giant ribbon cutting ceremony with Jake Steinfeld (Body By Jake) coming to work out with us.  Do you think you can do more pushups than Jake?

We’ve still got our Art going at Oaklea.  Miss Betsy will be back working with fifth and sixth grade and we’ve got another Art Weaver, Miss Schuessler, who will work with the seventh and eighth grades.  These two along with your teachers are going to help you find new ways to express yourself and develop your craft while supporting your core classes.  We want to see each of you attain the characteristics of an Oaklea Graduate and our art program is a huge part of that goal.  Oaklea has had some amazing art these past few years and we are looking forward to more!

For planning purposes, please note that new students to Oaklea (incoming fifth grade, sixth graders from Territorial, and any new seventh and eighth graders) are welcome to come in for supply drop off day on Thursday, August 31st from 1-3pm.  This is a great time to put supplies in your locker and to meet your new teachers.  The first day of school for everyone will be Tuesday, September 5th.  Open house is September 21st from 5:30-8:00pm.  Students will be getting packets full of information and forms on their first day of school.  Please take the time to fill these out and return them to the school.  If any students are interested in participating in Cheer, Cross Country, Volleyball, or Football you can still sign up and register with us.  We are all here to help you so if for any reason you have questions or concerns please contact the school.  As principal, I am looking forward to working with the staff and students to provide opportunities for all of us to grow.  This is going to be a great year!

Justin Corey

Principal, Brian Young
May 2017
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

As many of you may have heard, I will be moving to JCHS next school year to serve as co-Principal with Dina Marschall (current principal at Territorial). After serving staff and students for the past five years at Oaklea, it is difficult to think about leaving this special school. I will miss the "unpredictable interactions" with middle school students, their sense of humor, and the opportunities to help mold positive traits and character values, before they get to high school. I also look forward to continued work with students and families at JCHS. I'd like to thank all of the parents and guardians who have volunteered so many hours of their time to our students and staff.

Great things are happening at Oaklea! As you may have seen recently on KVAL news, we are work-ing on some amazing school-wide initiatives with our kids. Walking into the building, you will notice four new murals created by our students, our "Art Weaver" Betsy Wolfston, and another professional artist from Imagination International, Bayne Gardner. Bayne created the Tiger backdrops and students painted their own visual images to capture the following: Understanding Our World, Self & Social Awareness, Academic Grit & Goal Setting, Creative and Critical Thinkers, and Communicators and Collaborators. These are all traits and characteristics our staff has established as essential to instill in all of our kids before they graduate as 8th graders. This project is called "A Portrait of an Oaklea Graduate." The murals will help to remind us of our focus and vision.

For planning purposes, please note that the last day of school is now on June 21st. The last day for 8th graders will be on Friday, June 16th, with the Recognition Ceremony happening in the main gym at 6pm. An "after party", sponsored by the Oaklea Parent Group, will take place immediately following. If you would like to be involved as a chaperone for one of our field trips this spring, please remember to fill out a volunteer background form located on the JC district's website (under "Forms") and return it to our front office. As principal, it has been an honor to work with all of you to provide the best possible support for all of our students at Oaklea.

Brian Young

April 26, 2017

In a couple of weeks, we will be working with the University of Oregon to conduct an online Academic Wellness survey.  This survey will be conducted in health classes, and we feel it will give us important information regarding the barriers students may be facing to their education and academic focus/engagement. 

After reviewing the opt out forms below, please fill out the bottom portion if you would like to opt your student out.  They should return opt out forms to the Student Services office at Oaklea.

Please call Mr. Young at the office if you have any questions: 541-998-3381. 

Thank you!

Opt-Out - English
Opt-Out - Spanish

I’m sure many of you have noticed a new artistic feature on the exterior wall adjacent to our main entrance.   The Oaklea staff would like to thank muralist Bayne Gardner and the Imagination International group for the addition of our amazing “Eyes of the Tiger” mural.  As part of the Studio to Schools and ArtCore grants, Oaklea students are enjoying thousands of dollars in grant funding to enhance arts integration with our core subjects.  We would also like to thank our "Art Weaver", Betsy Wolfston, for organizing this connection with the Imagination International team.

March 2017
This month, our student body has raised hundreds of dollars for individuals dealing with leukemia and lymphoma in the “Pennies for Patients” program.  Our leadership team has worked on creative ways to inspire students to be actively involved.  After spring break, we will have two schoolwide assemblies to kick off the spring season: the JC School of Dance on Friday, April 7th, and the Rancho Luna Lobos Dog Sledding group (from Utah) on Monday, April 10th.  Please remember the last day of the term is now on Wednesday, March 22nd.  Smarter Balanced testing begins this week for students in all grades (math and ELA).  If you would like to know more about these required statewide assessments, or how to opt your student out of testing, please call me.  Have a wonderful spring break with your family! 

January/February 2017
Dear Parents/Guardians and Community Members,
The winter of 2016-17 is definitely one we won't soon forget.  With the number of school closures, you may have heard that the JC School Board recently approved some adjustments to our district calendar.  We WILL HAVE SCHOOL on March 16th and 17th.  The 2nd Trimester will end on March 22nd, and there will be NO SCHOOL on Thursday, March 23rd (Teacher Grading Day), or Friday, March 24th (Professional Activity Day).  The school year has been extended a bit in June, with the last student day now being Wednesday, June 21st (early dismissal).

Congratulations to Susan Goodin and Jessica Cook, who were recently honored at the Board meeting as Oaklea volunteers of the year.  Susan and Jessica have orchestrated the fund raising and vision for our "Oaklea Our Backyard Project."  Students are now enjoying half of the new playground, as well as an outdoor classroom and new swing set.  Soon, outdoor fitness equipment and the second half of the playground will be installed.  Thank you to the Oaklea Parent Group!  Our next parent group meeting will be Friday, February 3rd at 8:15am.

Congratulations also goes out to Mr. Davis and our 7th & 8th grade Robotics Team.  The team has qualified for the State Meet for the first time in the program's history.  The students will travel to Hillsboro in early March to compete against dozens of other middle school teams representing various areas in Oregon.

If you would like to volunteer at our school, or attend a field trip or other school activity as a chaperone, please refer to the district website at http://www.junctioncity.k12.or.us/. Under “Forms”, click on “Volunteer Background Check Application.”  Since we are not able to take digital applications at this time, please drop off your completed application at the Oaklea main office.

It is already that time of year where we start planning for intra-district transfers, meaning transfer requests for those students already attending JC schools.  In Oaklea's case, this involves anyone who has a 4th grader at Territorial who you would like to attend OMS as a 5th grader.  If you are interested, please contact Stephanie White at the district office to fill out an application (541-998-6311).  The application deadline will be coming up later in February, and the district will do a lottery selection to determine students allowed to transfer between schools, if there are more applicants than spots available.

Finally, statewide testing will begin shortly.  Our 5th and 8th grade students will complete Science testing in February.  Beginning in March, all students (5- will take the Smarter Balanced assessments in both Reading and Math.  Like last school year, students will only take the computer based assessments one time in the spring.  If you would like to apply to opt your student out of testing, take a look at the district website under “Parent-Student Resources”, and click on “Smarter Balance Information.”  Feel free to call me if you have any questions about testing or any other questions or concerns.  Thank you for your continued support of our students!

November/December 2016
We are approaching the end of the 1st Trimester, and I would like to thank you for the continued encouragement and support you are providing to our students.  The final day of the 1st term is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd, with no school the following Monday and Tuesday (5th & 6th) as teachers determine grades and take part in professional development.  Our Positive Behavior Support team is encouraging students to save up those Tiger Stripes for the Winter Giving Store coming up in December.  Students will have an opportunity to buy gifts for themselves, as well as family members.  Thanks to all of you who came out for Parent-Teacher Conferences and our Fall Fun Night this past week.  We are always looking for ways to connect our families to Oaklea. 

During this time of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all of our students and parents who have contributed to our Turkey Dinner and Clothing Drives.  This is an excellent way for our kids to continue to learn the importance of community partnership, empathy, and service to others. 
It’s not too late to help with both causes.  Clothing can be bagged and donated at the Student Services office.  For the turkey drive, we will be taking in dinner items or monetary donations through this week.

Exciting news!  The Oregon Department of Education released annual report cards recently, and Oaklea received a “Level 4” designation in the area of academic growth in Language Arts and Math combined.  This puts our students in the second highest category in this important area.  Although overall scores will not be issued until next year, we are excited about the progress our students are making. 

To follow up on the letter I sent out last week, we continue to work with our kids on understanding and respecting our differences during this election season, as well as treating one another with kindness and empathy.  I appreciate all of the support parents are providing with that process as well.  Along the lines of making positive choices, students took part in Red Ribbon Week recently.  Our kids had the opportunity to commit to making healthy choices and being alcohol and drug free.  Angie Elstone (counselor) and Carol Puderbaugh (district nurse) continue to provide Healthy Friday lessons in 7th & 8th grade classes.  As always, if you would like to know more information about what is covered in health classes, grades 5-8, please don’t hesitate to stop by or to contact us. 

I hope you and your family have an enjoyable holiday season.  We also know this is a time of year where many of our students can use additional support and encouragement.  Please keep us informed with any information that would help our teachers and counselors support students in this regard.  As always, please feel free to call or e-mail me directly with any issues, suggestions, praises or concerns.

Brian Young

October 2016
Dear Parents and Community Members,

Thanks for helping to make this a great start to the 2016-17 school year!  I’d like to thank many of you for attending our Open House Night in September.   It is one of my favorite activities of the school year, as we see the amount of parent and community support we have for our students.  We want Oaklea to be a “community school” where parents and students have ample opportunities to stay involved and connected.  If you have not been able to obtain your Home Access login for grade checks, please call the front office at 998-3381.  You can expect to see updated grade reports at a minimum of every two weeks.  Thank you to our OMS Parent Group and all who participated in the fall fund raiser that generated funding for enrichment opportunities, field trips, and technology in the building.  Parent group meetings continue to be the first Friday of each month at 8:20 a.m.

“College Knowledge Night” is coming up on Tuesday, October 11th @ 6:30p.m. in our main gym.  Please come and join us with your student.  This is open to grades 5-8.  It’s never too early to be thinking about college and possible career choices.  I would like to personally thank Mrs. Elstone for her work to organize this event, with many local universities and community colleges in attendance.

In October, we will be practicing our emergency procedures for lockdown, lockout, earthquake preparedness, evacuation, and fire drill.  Our safety committee values the importance of making sure our staff and students know the procedures.  Our resource office, Ken Jackson, and the JC police department will be present to evaluate our emergency plans and to provide feedback.  If you would like to learn more about the safety guidelines we use, please visit the “I Love You Guys” foundation website at http://iloveuguys.org/.  As always, please call or e-mail me with any questions.

Upcoming eventsFall Parent -Teacher Conferences will take place on Wednesday, October 26th from 4:30 – 8:00p.m., as well as Thursday, October 27th from 8:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.   Scheduling information will be coming home shortly.  Please fill out the times that work best for you, and have your student return the form to their TEAM teacher next Tuesday or Thursday.  Unscheduled drop-in conferences may be limited both days, but we want to make sure no parent gets turned away without an opportunity to schedule a request for communication from a teacher.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but Mr. Meskil (8th Social Studies), Mrs. Burke (8th Language Arts), and Mr. Thornton (7th Math) will not be available for conferencing that week.  However, each of them will have a form available at their classroom door for parents wanting a follow up conference by phone the following week.

Finally, we would love to have more volunteer parents involved at Oaklea.  If you would like to be a part of an upcoming field trip, chaperone a dance, or even help out in a classroom, please fill out the Volunteer Background information available under “Forms” on the JC district website.  You can bring your completed forms to the Oaklea office or district office.  Thank you in advance for all of your support this school year! 


Brian Young

September 2016:
Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, and Community Members:

I’d like to welcome you all to the Principal’s Corner portion of our school website.   Along with the“In The Middle newsletter, this websiteis one of the primary means used to communicate the happenings and updated schedules throughout the school year.  We will be implementing a revised version of our new master schedule from last year.  On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students will have an 8-period day with Enrichments and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs).  ELOs offer a chance for teachers to work with students who are in need of some additional support in math and/or reading.  This year, enrichment classes will last the entire 12-week trimester.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, students will have a 6-period day with an additional TEAM/Homeroom class in the afternoon.  Enrichments and ELOs are set to begin on Monday, September 19th.
Our Oaklea Parent Group meetings are scheduled for the first Friday of each month at 8:20 a.m. We had over 25 parents at our September meeting!  If you can’t make the morning meetings, but would still like to be involved or volunteer with the OMS Parent Group, please check out the Oaklea Parent Group Facebook page, or email a message to “oakleaparentgroup@gmail.com.  This school year, there will be all sorts of opportunities for parents to be involved at Oaklea.  If you would like to volunteer in our school, chaperone a dance, or even participate in a field trip, please start the process by filling out the district volunteer application: www.junctioncity.k12.or.us (click on “Forms” and then “Volunteer Background Check application).  We are transitioning systems, and do not have the online entry at this time.  Please drop off hard copy forms in our main office.  

Important Events Coming Up:

Thursday, September 22nd:  Oaklea’s Open House!! Please plan on coming to school with your student to enjoy hot dogs and refreshments in our front patio area and cafeteria from 5:30-6:15 p.m.  At 6:30, we will give parents the opportunity to travel throughout the building following their student’s schedule for 10-minute periods.  This is a great opportunity to welcome all of you to our school and meet teachers!

Fall Fundraiser: Kicks off with an assembly on September 21st.  Our Parent Group coordinates this annual fund raiser to provide supports for our kids and programs.  It will last through October 5th.  All proceeds go to field trips, technology, PBIS incentives, and other important needs we may have to support our students. 

October 7th: Parent Group Meeting @ 8:20 a.m. in the Seminar Room.

October 18th: Health Screening Day (main gym).  Thanks to our volunteers for coordinating this event!

October 19th: Picture Retakes

October 26th and 27th: Fall Parent-Teacher Conferences.  More information to come. 

Refocus Room: We will be starting a Refocus Room for behavior support and redirection.  We believe this will be a tremendous help in giving our students an opportunity to reflect, and to ultimately get back into the regular classroom.  Our administrative team will be working closely with the Refocus lead to ensure this will be a positive intervention room for our students. 

Home Access available:  The school district will again be using the Home Access program.  Information is included in your student registration packet. The information explains how to activate your account. Home Access allows secure internet access to your child’s progress in each of their classes.  Contact us at 998-3381 with any additional questions you might have.  Login information will be available at our Open House in September.

School Calendar Reminder: Please be sure to check out Oaklea’s revised calendar of activities in each newsletter. Our district web site will also include updates of all district activities. To access the district calendar use:  <www.junctioncity.k12.or.us> or Oaklea’s website at <www.jcoms.org>.

Oaklea Athletics:  Practices have begun for Cross Country, Cheerleading, Football, and Volleyball.  It’s not too late to have your student sign-up. Students interested in competing will need to have a physical within the past two years before they are allowed to practice.  Options are available locally, including the health clinics in JC and Monroe.

P. E. Update:  As Mrs. Cope and Mr. Surface incorporated last year, our physical education department will be requiring common Oaklea t-shirts for all classes.  Returning student may use their shirts from last school year, although there will be the $1 lock fee.  New students will need to pay $14 for two (2) t-shirts and a $1 lock fee.  Students will be allowed to wear basketball type athletic shorts.  You will find the registration fee envelope included with this packet.

Please remember to stop by the Main Office when you visit our school. We’ll ask you to sign-in and wear a Visitor’s Badge. This procedure helps us keep the building secure as well as assisting you with any questions you might have.

As always, feel free to email <byoung@junctioncity.k12.or.us>, phone (998-3381), or
e-mail/call specific teachers to schedule a conference to discuss any of your school questions or concerns.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2016-17 school year at Oaklea Middle School!

Brian Young

June 2016

The end of the school year is upon us, and we wanted to get one more newsletter out to you explaining some important information.  First of all, thank you to all who attended and contributed to the Oaklea "Our Backyard" Dinner & Auction on May 21st.  Guaranty Motors donated the use of their showroom, and our Oaklea Parent Group was able to raise close to $13,000 for our backyard project.  We call it "our" backyard because we want Oaklea to be a place families come to on evenings and weekends.  We will be finishing up our playground in the coming year, as well as putting in an outdoor classroom, swing set, as well as other possibilities including fitness equipment.  Special thanks to Susie Freeman who has served selflessly as our OPG president for the past four years, as well as Susan Goodin and Jessica Cook who organized the auction and are spearheading the project at our school.

I hope your student has enjoyed the schedule changes we have made this school year.  We added enrichment classes and Extended Learning Opportunities (ELOs) within the afternoon schedule to better connect students to our middle school, and support the needs of our kids. Next year, we will be changing our schedule slightly. We are looking at a model where we will have Enrichments and ELOs three days a week.  During the other two days, we will bring the TEAM period back into our schedule, and have traditional core classes with an elective. There will be more details to come as we return next fall.

Please plan on coming to our Oaklea Talent Show on Wednesday, June 1st, at 7pm in the main gym.  8th graders' last day will be Thursday, June 16th, followed by our annual Recognition Ceremony at 6pm that evening. Please note, our last day of school for all other students will be Friday, June 17th, with a 12:50pm dismissal.

As we conclude the school year, please take a look at the "Calendar of Events" section at the bottom of this page.  We have a variety of fun and engaging activities planned to conclude the year.  Finally, I would like to recognize members of our Oaklea family who have announced their retirement: Kelly Gabriel taught Language Arts for years, and following a planned leave recently, will be ending her teaching career.  Also, Cheryl West has been a long time Instructional Assistant in our building, and has made countless connections with our students.  We want to thank Kelly and Cheryl for their service and dedication to our kids and community.

Have a wonderful summer season with your family!

Brian Young

May 2016
On May 18, 2016, Junction City High School received notice of a threat to the campus via the Junction City Police Department. The campus was placed in lockout status during that notification call. Building administrators at Oaklea Middle School, Laurel Elementary School, and Territorial Elementary School were advised to lockout those campus buildings as well.

Lockout status directs staff to secure all exterior doors to prevent entry into campus buildings. When the campus is in lockout, individuals are able to move within each building, but are not permitted to exit or travel between buildings. This is in contrast to a lockdown which requires staff to shelter students in place by locking interior doors including classrooms and offices. JCHS conducted a lockdown drill of the entire campus in cooperation with JCPD and other law enforcement agencies on May 13, 2016.

At the time of the lockout, students were present in four separate buildings on the campus, and a physical education (PE) class was outside. Staff responded quickly to bring students inside and secure the perimeter. Because the lockout extended into two additional class periods, and students typically move between buildings during passing times, staff sheltered students in place by holding them in class for the duration of the lockout. At no time, however, were interior doors placed in lockdown status.

Junction City Police and the school principal canvassed the campus classroom by classroom to search for signs of possible threats and to assess the well-being of students while other law enforcement agencies remained on stand-by status.

The decision to lift the lockout was made after determining that the threat was not imminent.

School attendance is consistent with normal attendance patterns.

May-June 2016

As the end of the school year approaches, I’d like to thank all of the parents and guardians who have volunteered so many hours of their time to our students and staff.  Your continued involvement allows Oaklea to be a great middle school!  I’d also like to invite you to “An Evening in Our Backyard” on Saturday, May 21st at 6:30 p.m. @ Guaranty Motorhome Showroom.  The Oaklea Parent Group has planned this event as a fund raiser of the Oaklea backyard project.  Our hope is to revitalize our backyard area with additional play equipment, an outdoor classroom, and other highlights for kids, parents, and community. 

It has been an eventful year at Oaklea, with several changes to our master schedule.  We are currently working as a staff to discuss how the schedule will work next year, and I would appreciate any parent feedback, especially on Enrichments and Extended Learning Opportunity periods, block scheduling for 5th & 6th grades, and our SPED inclusion model.   Feel free to e-mail me at byoung@junctioncity.k12.or.us

Please note that the 8th Grade Recognition ceremony begins at 6:00 p.m. on June 16th in the OMS large gym.  If you would like to volunteer to be involved in one of our end-of-year field trips, please fill out a volunteer background form located on the district’s website, and return it to our front office.

Mark your calendars for the OMS Talent Show on the evening of June 1st.  Our students are busy practicing during enrichment periods, and the event is always a highlight of the school year.  On that note, I would like to thank Angie Elstone for organizing an amazing Oaklea Career Day this spring.  Students had an opportunity to meet  4 of the over 30 guests who came to share their career information, and the feedback we received was very positive.  Also, I would like to thank Susie Freeman for her 4 years of service to Oaklea staff and students as Parent Group President.  She has been instrumental in securing funds for technology, field trips, and incentives for kids, as well as further connecting our families to our school. 

As we work to wrap up this school year, I want to take time to wish you and your family the best this spring and summer!  As principal, it is a privilege to be working with you to provide the best possible support for our Oaklea students.

Brian Young

March 2016
Thank you to the many who attended the recent Rock Around the Clock With Reading Night at Oaklea.  Over 250 guests enjoyed an evening with dinner, literacy based activities, and family time.  We continue to work on strengthening our school’s relationship with our families and community, and the Oaklea Parent Group has been a huge help in this process. 

As part of our ArtCore grant funding, the Lane Arts Council has been working with us to provide engaging enrichment courses and schoolwide assemblies.  Graphic Design courses have been offered during the most recent rotation, and a Ceramics course will be offered for students at all grades after spring break.  This Friday, March 11th, a poetry “slam” artist from Portland, Alex Dang, will be presenting his skills to our students in an afternoon assembly.  Please read the attached letter for more information, as well as steps to take if you have any concerns or would like to opt your student out of this assembly. 

I’d also like to take some time this edition to let you know what our staff and students continue to do to promote a positive learning climate, and to address the issue of bullying.  One of the primary reasons I decided to transition to being an administrator at the middle school level was due to my belief that this time frame is crucial toward connecting students to school, and helping them feel safe and supported during a challenging developmental period in their lives.  We have been working with a local group called Ophelia's Place on a "Peers as Allies" classroom presentation for our 5th and 6th graders which addresses bullying, and more specifically teaching and modeling how to demonstrate kindness and empathy for our classmates.  We also have introduced a Steps to Respect anti-bullying program delivered by our school counselor, Angie Elstone, in 5th grade classrooms.

Our 7th & 8th graders take part in a “Healthy Relationships” course, and receive weekly lessons from Mrs. Elstone and our district nurse, Carol Puderbaugh, on Healthy Fridays.  In January, we held a schoolwide assembly on internet safety and cyberbullying, as well as a parent night to inform our community about this important issue.   During our 2nd Step lessons, we focus on the power of the audience and how bystanders can intervene and communicate issues with parents and adults.  Adults can model and teach appropriate behavior, but we also need our student leaders to help develop the positive culture we want in our middle school.  Our student Leadership team (5th-8th grade) has been working on a Kindness Initiative to give students a platform to stand up for positive treatment of all individuals in our school.  The Oaklea PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) model has been in place for 4 years, with positive incentives for respectful, responsible, and safe behavior. 

We take this issue very seriously, and I want to remind parents that one of the most important pieces is consistent communication between students, parents, and administration.  Additional parent resources can be found on the following website: http://www.pacer.org/bullying/resources/parents/. Please talk with your student, and never hesitate to let us know if concerns arise.

Brian Young

January 2016
Happy New Year!  As we approach the midway point of the 2nd Trimester, please continue to check the online Home Access program for most current grades and assignments.  Teachers update online reports at minimum every two weeks.  Please contact us in the main office if you have any questions about the program or need login information. 

This school year, we have been incorporating monthly all-school assemblies.  Topics have ranged from Oaklea spirit assemblies to guest speakers and even performing artists.  Last Friday, representatives from Ophelia’s Place (Eugene) came to talk with all of our students about keeping ourselves safe on the internet, and also the issue of cyberbullying and digital harassment.  Coupled with a parent night earlier in the week, we feel this information is valuable for our students to hear.  Lane Arts Council continues to partner with our school in bringing artists for our enrichment classes, and to integrate the arts with core subject material at the 6th grade level. 

As mentioned in this edition of the ITM, we are thankful to our parent and community volunteers who have been fund raising and now installing new playground equipment for “Our Backyard” project.  Many of our students were excited to see the initial stage of our new playground ready to play on after the holiday break.  I would also like to recognize Susie Freeman for her 4 years of dedication to Oaklea students, families, and staff as our Parent Group president.  Susie has spent hundreds of hours volunteering at Oaklea, fund raising for important projects, field trips, and technology, and helping us strengthen our connection to parents and the community with events and service opportunities.  She is being recognized at Monday evening’s school board meeting as the first recipient of the Junction City Public Schools “Volunteer of the Month”.  Thank you, Mrs. Freeman!!

If you would like to volunteer at our school, or attend a field trip or other school activity as a chaperone, please refer to the district website at http://www.junctioncity.k12.or.us/.   Under “Forms”, click on “Volunteer Background Check Application.”  Since we are not able to take digital applications at this time, please drop off your completed application at the Oaklea main office. 

Enrichment Classes: As you may be aware, we have incorporated afternoon enrichment classes into our schedule this school year, and students are rotating courses every 6 weeks.  Our teachers have been working hard to create engaging courses in a variety of fields: arts, physical education, music, foreign language, drama theater, and leadership to name a few.  As we rotate, students may be exposed to some content areas out of their preference areas, although we will try our best to schedule them for at least one within preference.  We want to encourage students to give these classes some time, and in many cases, we have found students growing to enjoy a new skill or enrichment area.  New classes will begin on February 1st.  This time period in the afternoon is also giving our teachers the ability to work with small groups of students on math and language arts support (Extended Learning Opportunities or “ELOs”).  These weekly ELOs are assigned to help students improve on a specific skill or learning target. 

Finally, statewide testing will begin shortly.  Our 5th and 8th grade students will complete Science testing in February.  Beginning in March, all students (5-8) will take the Smarter Balanced assessments in both Reading and Math.  Like last school year, students will only take the computer based assessments one time in the spring.  If you would like to apply to opt your student out of testing, take a look at the district website under “Parent-Student Resources”, and click on “Smarter Balance Information.”  Feel free to call me if you have any questions about testing or any other questions or concerns.  Thank you for your continued support of our students!

Brian Young

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