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Laurel Elementary School is located in the beautiful and historic community of Junction City, Oregon. As part of a smaller, tight-knit community, Junction City School District and Laurel Elementary enjoy a beautiful setting in the Willamette Valley just 20 minutes north of Eugene, home of the University of Oregon, and 30 minutes south of Corvallis and Oregon State University.

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Laurel Elementary has a proud reputation in the area as a school that not only focuses on high levels of student learning, but also as a community where a culture focused on all aspects of each child’s development has been established.

School Highlights:

Talented and Dedicated Educators:  While it can be argued that all teachers and support staff work hard for their students, Laurel staffs’ intense focus on student learning and development are second to none. We are a cohesive group whose lunch time conversations are almost always centered on how we can better serve our students.

Specialist Time: Each student receives five sections of specialists each week, including P.E., music, and technology instruction.

School-wide Title I:  In 2007-08, Laurel transitioned from a targeted Title I school to a school-wide program. This change has allowed us to direct Title funding not only to students experiencing reading difficulties, but also to those struggling in other core academic areas. As stated by law, parents in Title I schools may request information about the qualifications of their child's teachers.

Intervention Team (IT): At Laurel, we don’t wait for students to fail before we intervene. Each student’s progress is monitored in reading and math at least three times yearly. Students who are found to be struggling receive immediate monitoring and specific interventions are designed by the Intervention Team that meets every week.

Collaborative Approach to Student Learning:  Grade level teams meet weekly to review student learning, design group and individual Focus Group interventions, and share instructional strategies.

Focus Groups:  Scheduled into every day, these flexible and fluid groups are designed to provide extra time and support not only for students that may need extra help, but also those that require enrichment and extension activities.

Positive Behavioral Support (PBS):  This is a widely used research-based school-wide behavior system designed to teach students specific behavior expectations in each school setting. Students are rewarded for meeting expectations.

Media Center:  We have an outstanding selection of books and a newer computer lab, including a SMART Board. The Center tends to be a hub for many activities.

ELD:  Our English Language Development program serves approximately 12% of our population and helps create bilingual newsletters, announcements and other parent communications.

Special Education:  Our special education program includes three exceptional educators who provide services that include LD, Speech/Language, ASD students, and any other student on an IEP.

Family Resource Center and JC Connections:  These grant funded programs provide resources to families and students that include after school activities (like fiddle lessons!), parenting classes, and our monthly Family Night held the second Friday of each month.

Laurel Parent Group: Laurel’s Parent Group meets on a monthly basis to plan their support for our students and teachers. Each year their fund raising efforts provide activities such as Don the Juggler and OMSI assemblies for all kids, and all-school projects like the Tie-dye Shirts and Self-portrait Tiles. They also provide each classroom teacher with resources that help pay for field trips.

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