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(Oregon Battle of the Books)
Region 3 South Champions!
The Rabid Unicorns competed in March in the Region 3 South Championship, and earned the title of champions as they beat out North Eugene High School in the finals and were undefeated!!  They will now travel to the State Championship this Saturday at Chemeketa Community College.  Please congratulate and encourage Alex Keathley, Jackie DeBoer, Beth Knope, Kieley Leatherwood and Brennan Leatherwood, as they compete against teams from across the state of Oregon in the hunt for the state title!

OBOB (Oregon Battle of the Books) is a reading comprehension quiz bowl that requires contestants to remember as much detail as possible literature represented in the competition.


Junction City School District is committed to Engage, Inspire and Educate all our students by offering physical education, music, comprehensive art, computer technology, as well as enrichment and academic support in before and after school programs.
Enrollment: 520
Student Teacher Ratio: 28.11/1
Licensed Staff: 21.3


Principal, Nadira Rizkallah

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We have had a wonderful first week of school and we are well on our way to dive into the weeks ahead. I really enjoyed meeting all of you, and your children, on our supply drop-off day. I went home reassured that this is indeed the community I want to be a part of. I really appreciate your involvement in your child’s education. Remember, you are you child’s first teacher, and your partnership with our school is crucial to the success of our students.

We have been working diligently on building systems and structures that support the learning of all kids. For example, we have built a master schedule that allowed blocked out time for social studies, science and writing, 3 subjects that have been under taught in our public education for years. It is our goal, here at Laurel, to prepare your children to be successful in elementary, as well as middle and high school. We consider all students in this district to be our students. We understand that we teach the majority of the community’s children at Laurel and the prosperity of the Junction City community rests on our shoulders.

Therefore, we had to create strong and cohesive structures to the normal day-to-day operations to implement a vision of equitable education and access to resources by all kids, including students with disability, English language learners and students with low socioeconomic status. This means that these groups will still be able to access instruction to all subject matters, in addition to extra services they receive in the Special Education room, English language development classroom and Title I services. 

On another note, I caught wind of a rumor that is going around with regard to our lunch time being cut to 10 minutes. This is inaccurate information. Our master schedule allows for 20 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes for recess directly after lunch. I have to say though, that the process of getting students to pass through the serving line, punch in their lunch number and be seated to start eating is normally slow the first two weeks of school. The Positive Behavior Support Team is putting on a “Lunch Rodeo” to explicitly teach the lunch procedures to students in all grade levels. This will train the students to be efficient with the process, and eventually create a smooth transition routine.  Once students get in the habit, and they are fully trained, the lunch time will be maximized. I appreciate your patience while we get this system worked out and get off to a great start.

I am so excited for what lies ahead for our students and staff this year. We are working together, as a staff, to provide our students with the best educational experience that builds on excellence, equity and maximum support as its foundation. Your support of our school is greatly appreciated.

Nadira Rizkallah, Principal

Important Dates, Information»
Welcome to Junction CIty Schools - Video Link Here
2012-13 State Report Card: English Spanish
Sept. 9 Laurel Kindergarten Group A attends.
Sept. 10 Laurel Kindergarten Group B attends.
Sept. 11 Laurel Kindergarten - All groups attend
Sept. 15 LES - Health Screenings, Grades K-4
Sept. 17 1.5 hour Late Start
Sept. 19 LES - Popcorn Friday
Sept. 22 School Board Meeting, 6pm - District Board Room
Sept. 25 LES - Open House, 5:30-7pm
Sept. 27 Education Together Gala
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